Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's still money circulation scheme Clueless Tex

Amway apologists could not answer to the issue of Amway selling products at exorbitant price of several times. A Rs. 16 Glister toothpaste is sold for Rs. 120. Even if it is sold for Rs. 60 as suggested by the Clueless, Nameless, Faceless Tex, it is still several times more than its original cost. Then it is certainly money circulation scheme. This simple analysis goes above the head of Clueless Amway apologists. That is why I said many a time, one could not wake up a pretending person.
Even after presenting quantifiable evidence that Amway India is indulging in illegal money circulation scheme in the guise of selling products. It has been cheating people on a large scale all over world.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Throw such illegal and dishonest companies which are out to rob your hard-earned precious money from your respective countries.


Tex said...


Are you aware that most products are sold for several times what the manufacturer of the product is paid?

Are you aware Amway pays tax on the price they produce it for, and if India is like most other countries, tax is also paid by the buyer on the retail cost, just like any other product.

You STILL haven't answered the original question.

Here's another question: What is the price range for toothpaste in India?

dtytrivedi said...

it costs around Rs 55 - Rs 65 of 150gm.

dtytrivedi said...

but when u compare it with other toothpastes, majority of them offer two things mainly or three at the most

1. whitens teeth
2. freshens the breathe
3. fights cavities

against glister which gives 3 more benifits other than this

1. safely cleans that teeth. did u know majority of the tooth paste are harmful to your tooth enamel. do one experiment take a tooth paste and rub it approx 5 times on plastic bottle, or polythene bag u will notice the reality of toothpaste.


this will give u some idea.

2. enamel safe brushing

3. removes cofee, tea and tobacco stains. (which many toothpaste fail to remove the stains)
4. removes plaque

5. kosher certified: http://www.quixtar.com/Documents/IWOV/VIS/010-en/pdf/KosherLOC-6.pdf

dtytrivedi said...

recently i found that coca cola is also fined Rs 1lac as a consumer when consuming soft drink named "maaza" found two dead flies.


the point which i making is that does it means that coca cola is banned in india and from that onwards coca cola should shut their business. does this mean that coca cola's product quality is similar (having dead flies in their products) overall the country???

U must be knowing amway was also fined Rs 1 lac on similar grounds.

lets see how do u judge the situation.

Tex said...

I'm surprised there's not a larger price range. Are you looking at the most expensive/least expensive? Also, the price often varies based on where you buy it, do you have discount stores and convenience stores (usually higher priced)? I'm not suggesting you compare to only the highest price, just put all the facts on the table.

How many grams is the Glister?

dtytrivedi said...

its 100 grams a glister