Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Madoff also made large donations to charity like Amway

Naive young Trivedi seems to think that giving money to good causes is a mark of honesty. The following is just part of a list of donations made by Bernie Madoff and his wife to numerous charities in the 10 years prior to his arrest.

Name of Donor ---- Minimum Confirmed Amount------ Recipient Name ----Year
Bernard L. Madoff------ $2,500-----American Liver Foundation-2003-2003
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 Brandeis University
National Women`s Committee 1999-2000
Bernard L. and Ruth
Madoff Foundation $10,000 Center for Jewish History 2006-2006
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 City Harvest 2005-2006
Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 Educational Broadcasting
Corporation 2006-2007
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Madoff$10,000 Fountain House 2005-2006
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $25,000 Girls Inc. 2005-2006
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $2,500 Global Camps Africa 2007-2007
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L.Madoff $5,000 God`s Love We Deliver 2004-2004
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $10,000 Hillel Foundation for
Jewish Campus Life 2006-2007
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $10,000 Hofstra University 2005-2006
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $1,000 Jewish Federation of
Palm Beach County 2006-2007
Ruth & Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 Learning Leaders 2004-2005
Bernard L. Madoff
Investment Securities LLC $5,000 Lower East Side Name
Tenement Museum 2006-2006
The Madoff Family Foundation $1,000,000 Lymphoma Research
Foundation 2007-2007
Bernard L. Madoff $40,000 Metropolitan Museumof Art 2007-2008
Bernard L. Madoff $2,500 Museum of Name
ModernArt (MOMA) 2005-2006
The Bernard L. and Ruth
Madoff Foundation $25,000 New York Public Library 2002-2002
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 New York University,
Harris Obesity Prevention
Effort (HOPE) 2007-2007
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Madoff $1,000 North Shore - Long Island
Jewish Health System 2003-2003
Bernard L. Madoff Investment
Securities $10,000 Pace University 2002-2003
Bernard Madoff $250 Police Athletic League
of New York 2001-2002 Bernard L. Madoff $25,000 Prostate Cancer Foundation 2007-2007 Bernard L. & Ruth
Alpern Madoff `61 $25,000 Queens College , City
University of New York 2006-2007
Bernard L. Madoff $5,000 Ronald McDonald House
of New York, Inc. 2007-2007
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $1,500 Wildlife Conservation Society 2006-2007

It is also interesting to note, that (exactly as in the case of Bernie Madoff) any money given by the 'Amway' mob to charity, has actually first come from the victims of a fraud.
David Brear


Tex said...

What is the source of your information?

dtytrivedi said...

very nice information, well give me 48 hours to collect information regarding charity about amway.

Tex said...


That's not the point. The point is being charitable does not guarantee the person/company is otherwise running a clean business. We KNOW Amway is charitable, we also KNOW Amway has benefited from the ATS (Amway Tool Scam), because they didn't have to pay as much of the product profit to the IBOs, as the LCKs are cleaning up on the ATS.

dtytrivedi said...

u are right, i am not proving that being charitable proves the legitimacy of the business.

Infact any company whether it is legitimate or not they do make charitable contributions.

but i just want to show brear that amway and its founders have done great for the betterment of the society.

brear showed me, that how madoff carried his illegal operations and hiding its ugly truth behind charitable contributions.

roughly madoff made contribution around $1.256 million.

But i don't think so when it comes charity done by amway. Many readers will find the reason behind my upcoming post

Anonymous said...

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