Tuesday, 1 December 2009

All Amway adherents brag like that only

One has to laugh at the outrageous claims made by deluded 'Amway' core-adherents. However, as you know, in the end it's not funny. The poor Indian woman whom you have encountered and who was living in a shack, but behaving as though she would soon become a millionaire, doesn't surprise me in the least.
Perhaps the most bizarre 'Amway' adherent I have personally encountered was a former 'Emerald Distributor.' He had been continually presented (along with his wife) in reality-inverting 'Amway' propaganda in the UK as a shining example of 'MLM Prosperity, Freedom and Happiness.' Typically, once all his related 'Amway' expenses were deducted, he had never even managed to make his living out of 'Amway.' He apparently financed his financially-suicidal activity by borrowing. It took him almost 9 years to escape. However, despite the fact that this former 'Successful Emerald' now accepted that 'Amway' was a fraud, he tried to convince me that he had recently discovered a 'fool-proof investment strategy' to make millions out of 'financial derivatives.'
He wanted to know if I had any spare capital I wanted to invest, or if I knew wealthy people who might be interested? This was about 12 months before the Bernie Madoff scandal hit the headlines. Typically, when I challenged his latest narcissistic delusion, the former 'Emerald' resorted to 'Amway' tactics and he posed as an innocent victim. He told me that I would always be poor, because I had a 'problem with my personality.' He accused me of being a 'negative person' who wouldn't listen to what 'positive people' had to say.
Sadly, there have been many similar examples of 'Amway' victims who have lost everything in pursuit of 'Total Financial Freedom' and who have then clung to equally crazy beliefs. Indeed, it is quite common for vulnerable former adherents of cults to fall into the clutches of other charlatans bearing gifts. This perhaps explains why so many 'Scientologists' have become involved with 'Amway' and vice versa.
David Brear


Tex said...

I don't know a single IBO who is a scientologist, or a single scientologist who is an IBO. Can you name a single one?

dtytrivedi said...

Joe cool, no one can say it regarding the customer base as no one has credible proof. okay so we should talk regarding what information one has

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan there are two options which i would suggest, if u don't have information about nutrilite then tell ur friend shyam to not to write on his blog.

it is almost like a person writing whatever he wants in a bathroom. i know its his blog he can right it.
but then don't mention ur name or change the name of his blog.

should keep corporate opinions blogs!!!!

one thing i am making a statement one cannot make sales on the base of false products.

u cannot be a leader in $60 billion dollar vitamins,minerals and detary supplements industry just by selling fake products with exorbitant price!!!!

dtytrivedi said...

my friend shyam is well known when it comes to story telling.

I often wonder why there are so many case pending are pending in the Indian court.

these guys are saying the Nutrilite product are exorbitant and when question is being raised they will suddenly take a topic out of blue

now they will say regarding the claim of financial freedom (which they have been repeatedly saying in the blog and i even guess that they will keep that saying till one get hypnotized by this).

And now legal scan says that talk about money circulation scheme.
Hey i tell u this,when this issue gets this over i will go to this topic as well others which u want me to refer to...

so legal scan and shyam my simple question to u. can u prove it how the $3.1 billion company nutrilite
is selling fake products with exorbitant price.

I wonder i how it managed to survive for more than 70 yrs!!!


Nutrilite is also leader in Indian Rs 2556 crore market vitamins and dietary supplement market.

Joecool said...

After a lawsuit, Amway the corporation said only about 3.4% of their products are sold to non IBOs.

dtytrivedi said...

well joecool i appreciate ur answer can u tell me in which year this statement was made

Joecool said...

It came from an Amway corporate blogger:


Over on the Ada-tudes blog there was an article by Todd Krause which seemed to address some comments made on an earlier article he wrote about Quixtar sales. Anyway I found it a bit funny that he was addressing those who made statements to the effect that the corporation does not have the credibility to tell IBOs how to sell or build Quixtar/Amway businesses. Todd Krause agreed with the statements saying it was not their intention to go around IBO leaders.

Well in my opinion the corporation is doing more to teach IBOs how to sell a product then IBO leaders are. IBO leaders are concentrating on teaching IBOs how to sell a "system". One look at the numbers that only 3.4% of all Quixtar sales were sold to actual customers tells you how good the IBO leaders have been at teaching selling techniques. So I don't think the IBOs should concern themselves so much with where the teaching is coming from, 3.4% isn't exactly a high bar that has been set.

quixtarisacult said...

Makes me wonder what cult Tex was involved in before he got suckered by Amway?

Joecool, glad to see you are back in action.

Joecool said...

Thanks QIAC.

I was on a trip to Europe and Japan in November. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to drop by at IBOFB's house for tea and crumpets. A fabulous vacation paid for with income from my J-O-B.

dtytrivedi said...

to be frank its impossible to guess. i also talked about this with one of the senior amway employee in my area.

i had a conversation with him regarding this.

how can it be possible!!1

because he told me in amway office billing is done on the wholesales and not on the basis of mrp.

So it is not possible even to get right estimate of it.

take a look at this

As u can see till 1999 amway was reporting Estimated retail sales and after that it shifted to wholesale sales.

so thats the point

dtytrivedi said...

joecool another one another thing, it came from California lawsuit transcript, these data are not provided by the corporation and as i said the facts above so it is pretty clear that one cannot get the details retails done by ibo.

Tex said...

The 3.4% was for North America, not the rest of the world.

qiac is an idiot.

quixtarisacult said...


I understand that there is a group of (free) Scientologists that have spun away from Scientology and that they more or less repeat your tired 'tool scam' theory whereby Amway is just great absent the Amway kingpins and the tool scam. These Scientologists claim that without all the 'scamming' Scientology is just wonderful. They recognize there is incredible abuse going on in Scientology, but like your published thoughts about the Amway Scam, think that once Scientology is cleaned up, it is a truly wonderful 'religion.'

Textard, you think that once Amwayology is cleaned up it will be a truly wonderful business. Folks desperately wanting to believe in Sceintology or Amway are badly deluded.

"Steal a little and they call you a thief; Steal a lot and they call you Amway."

Joecool said...

The tools system is a breeding ground for greed. Yes, the tools scam is a problem, but removal of the tools scam will not make Amway a viable business option. On this point I believe Tex is absolutely mistaken.

Prior to the invention of the systems, people walked around with their radio flyers selling Amway door to door. Of course now we have the internet but because Amway charges too much, finding enough of a cutsomer base to make a steady income is difficult at best.

Tex said...


You understand? That's a good one! LOL


I think you are exaggerating the "radio flyer" analogy, and with the internet/shipping systems now in place, it's not like we would go back to the "pull the wagon" mode if the tool scam went away.

You obviously haven't seen the price reductions or the statistics on increased retail sales. The retail sales are nowhere near where they need to be, but it is trending in the right direction.