Sunday, 20 December 2009

Another racketeer a la Amway style

Recently, another racketeer entered the Indian market with yet another scheme. This is time, the racketeers targeted women. Every woman, particularly from middle class and upper middle class purchases sanitary napkins. Winalite, a USA-based company launched its product LoveMoon sanitary napkins in India. They have chosen the network marketing and are target ting women. Now, women are being approached to become member of the scheme by paying Rs. 4,400 and she would be given 16 sanitary napkins. She can use them for herself and sell to others. What is more, she has to recruit five members and they in turn have to recruit five members each. So, the chain system started.
Rings any bell. Yes. This is the duplicate business model of Amway India. That is why I branded Amway as the mother of all scandals.
Now, these women, out of overzeal to recruit more women, do not hesitate to rope in their friends and relatives and wives of their husband's subordinates into the business. Eventually, the endless chain breaks somewhere, leading to the great rupture in the society.
My dear sisters all over world! Just reject this offer of easy and quick money business model. It is going make you lose all your money and lead to broken relationships. Just say NO.


dtytrivedi said...

shyam and brear are having the same brain,

they will keep on saying old stuff.

they will blame me for all those superficial comments which i have never made.

goood keep on saying

dtytrivedi said...

these guy david brear doesn't know what is difference between direct selling and pyramid schemes.

if direct selling was illegal it would not have been legalized in many developed countries.

very sad to say that even if the with assitance of FTC, have clearly pointed out the difference. but these bunch of guys consider themselves far more knowledgeable.

dtytrivedi said...

guys the reality is always difference compared to what this nitwit guys say.

david brear and shyam think that they are showing the real news.

But the fact is they don't know the difference between the direct selling and pyramid scheme. As many of u must be knowing that there are constant talks with the government officials for legalizing the direct selling.

here is the link

i would say misleading people through which an opportunity which can generate self employment on part time basis is avoided is also a crime.

now don't tell me that this website is corrupted.

Joecool said...


Amway is called a pyramid scam because there aren't sufficient sales to customers. Therefore, all the "diamond" income is from downline IBOs. Very simple.

Tex said...

Female sanitary napkin MLM! LOL

Looking for women on the rag! LOL

Monthly repeat business! LOL

Why not order these when you get your other Amway products? LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, your callous and insulting contribution, in response to my serious warning about the latest MLM scam to infect India (which is deliberately targeting women) is worthy of a smutty little schoolboy. In fact, it's difficult to believe that you are a grown-up.
The sexist slang term, 'on the rag,' which you used to describe menstruation and to snigger at my poor sisters victimized by a classic closed-market swindle taking exhorbitant monthly payments in exchange for a cheaply-produced monthly neccessity, reveals much about your severe personality problems. You have absolutely no concern for the targets of his puerile insults, and you would go to almost any lengths to get adults to take notice of you.
It is high time you mend your ways otherwise you would be banned from this blog.

dtytrivedi said...


very improper answer for proving amway pyramid scheme.

i tell u one strong reason why it is not.

the business plan is made in such a way that any downline can surpass its upline.

and to verify the business is pyramid or not i have other government and other well credible websites rather going through blogs and opinions

dtytrivedi said...

and one thing in pyramid scheme often when u see there is no repeat business its often focuses only on enrolling people

Joecool said...


That is a fallacy. Just because you can pass your sponsor means nothing. You will never surpass the likes of bill britt or one of the duncan brothers.

dtytrivedi said...

there is still chance i can pass but for right now its an over ambitious statement.

but u are making extreme statements any way.

similarly i can also say that what are the chances to that one can go ahead of John B. Menzer of walmart whose pay is 12.75M p.a or H. Lee Scott, Jr. of walmart whose pay is 19.51M p.a.

the reality is that there very slim chances that an employee can surpass his/her immediate boss in wlamart

Joecool said...

And there is no chance you can surpass one of the tenured crown ambassadors.

dtytrivedi said...

well i can surpass,

not even me any one can surpass thats why it is called an equal opportunity.

and u know the anwser how?

tell me what is the qualification criteria for crown ambassador

Joecool said...

You think you can surpass a crown.

Why hasn't anyone been able to do it then?

Tex said...

They have, overseas.

dtytrivedi said...

i have the list where they have surpassed the crown.

some of them are of korean, but ok one simple way to give u example is dexter birdie yager.

okay what is his achievement in the business.

let me explain u in simple language. the highest pin in amway is crown ambassador. what is crown ambassador's qualification? Founde Crown Amba€ador*
A Founders Crown Ambassador is a qualified Platinum who has sponsered 20 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the
performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 30 FAA Points. (Note there is no mention of how many people one has to enrol)

dexter yager has achieved 60 FAA points.

in a celebration of that pin he was given cheque of $3.36 million.

what i can say in other words is that under his team he has 40 qualified founder platinums.

dtytrivedi said...

well this for all of u legal scan, shyam , brear and joecool.

according to my knowledge dexter yager is the higest income earner.

as many of think that as it pyramid scheme, so their upline would be earning more than them!!!!

well the answer is simply wrong their uplines are crown ambassador or 27 FAA points Marsh, Charlie & Elsie.