Saturday, 19 December 2009

Amway apologist regurgitates sugar-coated poison

Some of your readers must now be wondering if the naive young character, Trivedi, who keeps making his pathetic scripted interjections on your Blog, really exists. For how is it possible that any adult can thoughtlessly continue to regurgitate this endless stream of sugar-coated poison carefully-prepared by the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth?
The answer to is, of couse, that the poor fellow still needs to remain living in the closed-logic 'Amway Dream' world where only unquestioning believers in 'Multilevel Marketing' can achieve its promised Utopia of 'Total Financial Freedom .' In the classic 'Amway' fashion, Trivedi will have almost certainly been trained to fix a poster depicting his 'Dream' (usually, an exotic and macho sports car) in a prominent place in his home, and to focus completely on this (so-called) 'motivational image' for an extended period each day. The 'Amway' myth systematically categorizes and condemns anyone challenging its authenticity as a 'Dream Stealer.' Indeed, one of the most-peddled books within 'Amway' is entitled, 'Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream' - a typical instruction manual in how to stop thinking critically, disguised as 'Motivation/Self-Betterment.'
Sadly, down the years, all the vulnerable people who have swallowed this sugar-coated poison -and focused all their attention (and effort) on their guided 'Amway Dreams' (ignoring the common-sense warnings of their friends and relations) whilst handing their money to the billionaire 'Amway' bosses - might as well have been praying to the 'God Mammon.'
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, if we set up a simple money circulation scheme, where we persuade 6 people to pay us $200 per month by telling them that 'if they recruit 6 more $200 monthly contributors, who then recruit 6 more $200 monthly contributors, etc., ad infinitum, they can soon retire on a percentage of the take,' we would be breaking the law. However, if we persuade the same 6 people to pay us $200 per month by telling them the identical lies, but (at the same time) give them boxes of (effectively) worthless merchandise and record all these pointless transactions as 'sales,' then, according to Trivedi, 'this is a perfectly viable and legal Direct Selling Scheme.'
Perhaps, in order to stimulate his snoozing critical and evaluative faculties, we should ask Trivedi if he can first accept that:
- major organized crime groups exist ?
- it is possible for the bosses of a major organized group to camouflage and sustain a money circulation scheme (or pyramid scam) by steadfastly pretending that (effectively) worthless merchandise is 'good-value' and that illegal payments are 'sales' ?
David Brear


Tex said...


Actually, I was thinking the same thing about the below statement when it comes to YOU and Shyam! LOL

Some of your readers must now be wondering if the naive young character, Trivedi (Brear and Shyam), who keeps making his pathetic scripted interjections on your Blog, really exists. For how is it possible that any adult can thoughtlessly continue to regurgitate this endless stream of sugar-coated poison carefully-prepared by the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth?

dtytrivedi said...

well joecool,

i was not asking ur feelings.

i was asking what is the profit margin or net income compared to that with direct selling companies like Avon and tupperware.

when u understand these things u will also understand that if i do business in millions in walmart then i will see profit which is reasonable sustainable for the business.

whereas in the direct selling companies it is open for majority of the population as investment is the biggest constraint.(thats there are less than 8000 store owners of walmart worldwide)

direct selling is not a cup of tea for every one but one has opportunity to try it atleast. There is free entry and exit without no sort of compulsion.

Even no one can force regarding particular buying the products and recruitment. (As u can see in direct selling code of conducts)

It is reasonably easy to earn an income in such a level which plays a useful role to supplement anyone's mainstream income.

dear joecool when u say its fine regarding walmart and costco plz check the netincome compared to its sales revenue

Legal Scan said...

Tex has a reasonable doubt about the existence of two people even after talking to Shyam on telephone. Because he has no face, no name, no clue. The number to which he made a call is his permanent landline one. So he is an existing entity. The clueless is non-entity. He may be actually a ghost. He mixes up his writings on this blog with many a name. LoL.

dtytrivedi said...

'Total Financial Freedom'
an exotic and macho sports car)
'motivational image'
Dream Stealer

my god when did u saw me doing all these stuff.

And as far as what i am seeing is that u have been hypnotised to believe that in network marketing
one has to

"set up a simple money circulation scheme, where they persuade 6 people to pay them $200 per month by telling them that 'if they recruit 6 more $200 monthly contributors, who then recruit 6 more $200 monthly contributors, etc., ad infinitum'.

tell me where in the world did i said that, just check ur blog atleast.

please don't fool the viewer around, people are not fool as u think as they will believe what u bluntly write.

shyam being a journalist and advocate thinks that he can fool around any one by writing anything regarding me.

when did i said that, when did i said the word financial freedom in 2-5 yrs.

enrol 6 people and..... things u frequently post. And in reply what did i said.

It looks like shyam wants that amway apologists to think in that only which he has heard for from few bunch of people.

another specialty of urs is that u love to generalize but only negative of amway apologists.

Anyone can easily get the idea if they just look around couple of posts back and go through ur posts and comments to its reply.

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi, do not glorify yourself. Can't you understand what is written by Mr David Brear in simple English. That is why I call you nitwit youngman.

Legal Scan said...

Nitwit Trivedi is a funny fellow. When a comment is written by Tex, he addresses Joecool. He doesn't make who is who. Pity him.

dtytrivedi said...

because u have nothing to argue with legalscan.....

Joecool said...


You have to be joking. You actually want to compare direct sales to WalMart? LOL

dtytrivedi said...


sometimes u miss the point by huge margin.

when u compare the business model, one should also focus on how much possibly one can earn profit at max compared to its turnover.

Remember sales revenue does not always show the success of the business.

when u compare the possibility of earning profit with walmart and costco with that of public ltd companies like avon and tupperware u will see that one can have relatively more profitable business in direct selling.

but joecool, when u typed 'lol' i understood that u didn't understood what i am saying

dtytrivedi said...

look i am giving u hint, correct me if i am going wrong.

I am telling u from the common man perspective.

for a common man an investment is biggest hurdle but on top of that entrepreneurship ability is biggest hurdle.

let us assume if the person has equal entrepreneurship ability, then still investment will be hurdle and another more important factor which i would include is that what is net margin in the business.

when u see the net margin in walmart from 1995 to 2008 the highest is 3.57% and in case of avon is 10.92%.

So from that one can get an idea that if one does business one has to do business volume in millions to visualize profit in walmart case. (if one owns walmart store)

But in the later case one can earn more than 10% to even more than 30% depending upon ur business structure and volume. As u can see their business plan.

but it is for sure that u cannot get net margin in double figures (not even 10%).

dtytrivedi said...

in case if any one has doubt regarding business and entrepreneur ability let me share u this.

recently there is an article which stated that one in ten businesses will ultimately succeed in entrepreneurial start up!!!

Joecool said...

WalMart has over 400 Billion dollars in sales. These sales are to customers.

Amway has 8 billion in sales, primarily to IBOs.

Are you seriously making this comparison?

Tex said...


You are hopelessly lost in your (lack of) logic. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

dear joecool,

read again i am not talking about sales.

i am talking about net income or net margin on salest

Joecool said...

So am I. WalMart makes much more net income than Amway. Walmart's net might be more than Amway's gross income.

dtytrivedi said...

well joecool,

u are comparing corporation VS. corporation.

My point is different, my point owning a walmart store vs. amway business.

which business a comman can start taking in mind the net profit part which i said.

when u are favoring walmart u don't think that there are only less than 8000 store owners who can afford to buy the store. Is it an equal opportunity

dtytrivedi said...

And joecool just check it out how much of the total revenues of walmart is given in forms of bonus and dividends to its share holders.

(you know those who have more shares will share the benifit/loss)

similarly compare that with amway's 8.2 billion to its distributors (as it is private corp it does not has share holders, this is closest way to compare that with walmart)

how much of 8.2 billion money goes back to the distributors against that of walmart's 400 billion revenue to its shareholders in form of bonus and dividends.

the best way to judge is to compare the return of both the company against their revenue.

let me know if u get the figures of both.

i do this because it will let me know what is the benifit to be the part of walmart or amway

Joecool said...

What does WalMart and Amway profits have to do with IBOs?

IBOs are still broke regardless of how much money Amway pays out. Only the select big pins make any real money.

How much do you make from Amway dytrivedi?

dtytrivedi said...

amway has given out more than 30% of it sales revenue to its distributors on the basis of their business structure and volume.

tell me how much did walmart paid the dividend

Joecool said...

Where did AMway get the 30% to pay out? From their IBOs.

Walmart dividends are paid from customer sales.

Tex said...

If the products are competitively priced, it doesn't matter where they get it from. That's the primary purpose of retail sales, to prove the products are competitively priced.

dtytrivedi said...

dear joecool,

read it.

dtytrivedi said...

and by the joecool,

i know what u say regarding customer sales.

please read the lines again how compared walmart with amway.

simple, inform of bonuses & dividends (walmart) against bonuses and commissions (amway).

And yeah one thing u will also find that they have mentioned the wholesale sales, i.e. income is given on the basis of wholesale sales and not the retail sales.

this is especially for u shyam and legal scan to clear ur doubts.

dtytrivedi said...

joecool, the point is not to whom the bonuses, dividends and commissions are given.

the point is what is the percentage of revenues are given.

again, i am not talking about the end figure to make mu point more precise.

and yeah name any one corporation (private or public) which gives 30% of its sales revenue back to shareholders (in case of public) or to its distributors (in case of private).

Joecool said...

If Walmart charged 30% more for their goods, they could pay 30% more in dividends. That's what Amway does with their bonuses.

Joecool said...


I followed your link. Who care what Mr Devos thinks about gay marriage?

dtytrivedi said...

As i said it before amway is not selling products its selling the businessr