Friday, 4 December 2009

Amway's business model is cheating, only cheating, nothing but cheating

Amway apologists conveniently skip many questions. When the point of money circulation scheme is raised, they talk about quality of Amway products. When it is pointed out that the Central Food Laboratory and Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory have already conclusively proved that the quality of Amway products is not great as exaggerated by the Amway, they brag about other things.
The major question and the only question is money circulation schemes. From which pocket the Amway is paying its IBOs the sizable amounts of commission. Its website clearly states that an IBO who enrols 102 members under his downline would earn a monthly income of Rs. 56, 500. How do they earn so much money? Don't ask. Simply become a member and find 102 sheep (bakara) to join. Bingo you are going to be a millionaire soon.
People with less intelligence and lots of greed believe these words and become members of Amway. This monster is eating away the vitals of economies of many countries and still there are no criminal complaints. The criminal cases pending against them take several years to reach a logical conclusion. Meanwhile, companies like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, Hindustan Uniliver Network and others continue to exploit the gullible people of many countries.
My dear fellow humans all over world throw these crooks out of your respective countries. Tell everyone you come across that the business model of these companies is nothing but cheating.


Tex said...

You are the one who has left many questions unanswered.

dtytrivedi said...


did u ever know that one does not need to enrol 102 members.

what i mean is it is not compulsary. And shyam i tell if u were distributor i can tell u ur distributorship would have been suspended or even cancelled as ur violating the code of conduct of amway by making this as compulsion.

ITs u who spreading the wrong news, who knows better than us, who doing direct selling business in amway?

And then u tell us that business should be done in the way u are showing and after that confirming that this is cheating!!!!

well i say its even cheating to show wrong about the company.

As far as u claim regarding "Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory" those particular products were of such quality not nutrilite as whole.

If u have the proof which confirms that relating to the fact that nutrilite is selling adultrated proof than show that.


If u have then show the proof

dtytrivedi said...

Shyam people are not as blind as u see them, show them the proof what u are saying that nutrilite is selling adultrated proof or the food laboratory has reached to that conclusion.

U must know the difference between particular products found to be misbranded and selling such products to whole country!!!

And even a layman can understand that if company was caught then penalty would be in crores of Rupess and not in lac

Joecool said...

Most people who join Amway and put forth effort do not make a profit.

What more do you need to know that it is not a great opportunity as some would like you to believe.

What's more, as IBOs only sell 3.4%of Amway products to customers, it tells me that mainly IBOs who think Amway is their savior who purchase these products.

dtytrivedi said...

again joecool pls i would request u to check the link which u showed me

it was not said by an employee i think it was claimed in lawsuit regarding 3.4%

it is impossible to for a company itself to get an estimate of retail sales.

Joecool said...

The 3.4% was confirmed by an Amway Corporate blogger. Go ask him yourself if you don't believe me.

Tex said...


Which Amway corporate blogger? The 3.4% originally came from the TEAM lawsuit, and addressed Quixtar (North America), NOT Amway (world-wide). You probably missed that little tidbit while you were fucking a Hawaiian whore, or writing about it on the World Sex Guide. LOL

Joecool said...

Over on the Ada-tudes blog there was an article by Todd Krause which seemed to address some comments made on an earlier article he wrote about Quixtar sales. Anyway I found it a bit funny that he was addressing those who made statements to the effect that the corporation does not have the credibility to tell IBOs how to sell or build Quixtar/Amway businesses. Todd Krause agreed with the statements saying it was not their intention to go around IBO leaders.

Well in my opinion the corporation is doing more to teach IBOs how to sell a product then IBO leaders are. IBO leaders are concentrating on teaching IBOs how to sell a "system". One look at the numbers that only 3.4% of all Quixtar sales were sold to actual customers tells you how good the IBO leaders have been at teaching selling techniques. So I don't think the IBOs should concern themselves so much with where the teaching is coming from, 3.4% isn't exactly a high bar that has been set.

Tex shows he's a liar once again. He only insults when provoked. Right.

Tex said...

Just like your logic, your link doesn't work, either.

I would be happy to insult you at any time, even when not "provoked." By the way, it wasn't an insult, the statement merely described YOUR behavior. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

often when it comes to blog i often review their disclaimer section
which says "The authors of this blog are Amway Global employees. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual authors. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the view of Amway Global or any other person or company".

Unknown said...

I totally agree with Shyam and appreciate him for his efforts to bring awareness about such money circulation business which has cheated lot of innocent both physically, financially and psychologically. Keep it up Mr. Shyam.....

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, if you got a point which you seldom have, make it. Otherwise, tuck your tail and slink off. Don't indulge in personal comments. Anway is this your original name or not? It shows you are also coward to come out open with your name and face.

Tex said...


I take it as a personal insult when you and others don't answer questions, instead you tuck your tail and slink off.

You can find my real names on the internet. LOL

There is nothing to be gained by promoting myself when the issue is not me, it's the tool scam. If you want to talk on the phone, let me know. Otherwise, SHUT UP!!!

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, I need not check for your name anywhere else. It is you who gatecrashed into my blog with fictitious name. I have already given you my telephone number. If at all you are bold enough and honest enough call me. Otherwise, SHUTUP and GETLOST.

Mack said...

Dont worry bro, U r not alone in ur fight against such corporations. I have witnessed similar braggings by the amway people itself. Thanks for the great information on the site..


Vikram said...

Hey you fools, What do you people knows about amway. It has more than 50 years of experience worldwide. If you people really have any proof that these products don't have quality then prove it. Do you know how many patents amway has and no other can have it. The people who are just started they could not understand the business morals and ethics. Ask any AMWAY ABO who have achieved their goals, they will tell you about amway. If you have any queries go and ask the successful people not the failed one. There are lot of things we need to understand in this business, without experiencing you people are simply saying it's a cheating. NOT at all by dears..

Shyam Sundar said...

This fool did not know that Amway's CEO William Pinckney is arrested in Kerala.