Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Amway's Proven Business Opportunity is a camouflaged closed-market swindle

As ever, what the bosses of the 'Amway' mob, and their bleating little flock of Internet propagandists, steadfastly pretend to be reality and what can be proved to have been occurring within their criminogenic organization (for more than 50 years), are two completely different things.
The 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw (Mr. Steadson) first indignantly squawks that, in 10 years, he's never personally encountered the 'Amway' myth of 'total financial freedom is 2-5 years' being propagated by 'Amway' itself. Although he is forced to accept that there has been at least one video of a naughty 'Amway Diamond' preaching the '2-5 year Plan' removed from Youtube, Steadson now steadfastly pretends that the existence of the 'Amway' myth is actually a myth invented by me. Amazingly, the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw then goes on to claim that he knows persons who have achieved 'total financial freedom' in 'Amway', one in less than one year and another in two decades.
Just before writing this comment, I took a brief look and found 32, 200 (thirty two thousand two hundred) hits when I Google -Searched 'Amway 2-5 years'.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, the bosses of the 'Amway' mob have used their so-called 'Proven Business Opportunity' (which is a camouflaged closed-market swindle) as the bait to attract vulnerable persons into an allied advanced fee fraud in which victims are peddled mythical places in a secure, future, Utopian existence. This puerile fiction only exists in the form of pretty words and images which are constantly fed to the 'Amway' faithful. In order to keep this minority of core-victims enslaved for as long as possible, they have been told by the even smaller minority who occupy the higher echelons of the 'Amway' paramilitary hierarchy (and who are schills) that, 'although some persons take less than one year and some decades, 2-5 years is the average amount of time it takes to achieve total financial freedom.' All 'Amway' whistle blowers testify that this is so.
At the beginning of the 'Dateline' NBC programme (which again exposed the 'Amway/Quixtar' fraud several years back), 15, 000 unquestioning and tearful 'Amway' adherents were filmed in an American convention hall being showered with fake dollars. Many had travelled, or queued, all night to attend and they were hovering between exhaustion and hysteria. An 'Amway Diamond' was filmed screaming his typical mantra to the receptive congregation:
'This is the Best Business Opportunity in the World, Period! Period!
This frightening event (which had generated several millions dollars) was a hybrid mixture of rock concert and 'Nazi' rally. Each one of the crowd had paid hundreds of dollars to attend what was only an orgy of deluded self-gratification. For, by 'Amway's' own figures, not one of these 15, 000 hopefuls will have made an overall profit out of 'Amway' and not one will be involved with the organization today.
David Brear


Tex said...


I'll give you 2-5 years to get a clue, and I'll bet you can't! LOL

dtytrivedi said...

he just likes to jump on different topics when he feels as if he is losing the ground!!!

he lack analysis, he doesn't know that one cannot get the world among top 5 prestige brand status (artistry)

one cannot be among top 10 OTC health care companies (nutrilite)

any one can write any thing...
when u write in google amway scam 128,000 hits.

when u type nutrilite u get 447,000 hits.

this doesn't mean any thing.

i would definitly look for its credentials and its position in their respective market!!!

which many of u guys don't know and u don't want to know about it!!

Tex said...

True, Brear has lost so much ground he's under water! LOL

dtytrivedi said...

why are u jumping from one market to other!!!!!

whats the problem with u.

first u were talking about nutrilite and then 6-4-3 plan and now closed market swindle!!! can't u stick on a particular issue, but u won't as u were losing ur ground.

ok when u consider the amway as closed market swindle then Avon would be leader in that.

Avon is the largest direct selling company in the world which focuses on cosmetics.

In year 2008 it reported sales of $10.69 billion.but according to ur concept of closed market swindle it would be biggest closed market swindle in the world which is still running!!!

the company which is among top 5 companies in cosmetics and toiletries (bigger than Estee lauder) is closed market swindle leader!!!

for ur kind information cosmetics and toiletries market is valued over $300 billion according to Euromonitor.

Don't u think ur analysis lacks analysis which leads to lack in common sense!!!

dtytrivedi said...

what really shocked me is that being journalist and advocate, he thinks that he can reach to any sort of conclusion without any sort of calculations which he thinks.

shyam my friend ur calculation and concept of mathematical impossiblily applies because u are keeping forward ur own baseless conclusion.

I was shocked when i said there is no compulsion to recruit, to do business like buying and selling producst.

he said that "It is another thing that there is no compulsion to sponsor people. Then there would be no business at all"

from where in the world he came to that outcome!!!!

And now i realise how he is portraying it as fraud scheme.

Is there any sort of compulsion when i start my own business!!!!

Even he didn't bothered to address when i nullified his result that the first sponsorer will earn the highest money.

he just molding the 6-4-3 plan the way he wants and then telling that its fraud or money circulation scheme.

LEGAL SCAN NOW I CAME TO UR MONEY CIRCULATION TOPIC- now don't tell me talk about products !!!!

dtytrivedi said...

if any one wants me to prove again that what claims made by shyam

like the first person whom comes earns the highest money.


if there is no compulsion then there would be no business at all

again i can prove it any time.

And yeah i won't deviate i won't then jump to other topics.

however i may use other subjects relatively to prove my point but i will stick to the topic

IBOFB said...

Ahh Brear, you're a barrell of laughs! Did you actually bother to look at the links on your google search? Number 10 was a list of jobs at Amway Corp. Number 6 with this very site from last month! It's apparently such a big topic of conversation you can reach page 1 of google in less than a month just by mentioning it!