Thursday, 17 December 2009

Clueless Amway apologists have no point to prove their case

The clueless Amway apolgoist proved once again that he does not have any thinking brain. It is not me or Brear who is saying the business model of Amway India is an illegal money circulation scheme. It was the Andhra Pradesh High Court conclusively proved that the business model is nothing but money circulation scheme following the writ petition filed by Amway India. The High Court also directed the police to file the criminal case and take it to logical conclusion. These pigheaded Amway apologists cannot say anything but only are trying to discredit the writings of Brear and me.
But my readers are well aware of the cunning ways of these apologists and they laughing it off.
My fight against these fraudulent companies would continue whatever these chicken-brained write because of my transparent blog.
I reiterate my appeal to my fellow human beings all over world to throw such fraudulent companies out of their respective countries. Do not fall prey to these cheating schemes and lose the hard-earned money.


Joecool said...

Sadly, it appears that Amway's growth is primarily in foreign countries. Most of North America is saturated (in reputation) and growth appears to have slowed or declined.

quixtarisacult said...


At least the bad history of Amway is now around to help keep the good folk of India from falling prey. Amway hopes that Indians will liken Amway with other good American companies and fall for the initial deceptions. Indeed, Amway has nothing to brag about in their North American Market. In the face of all the bad, you might think by reading the Amway blogs that Amway was just as great as mom and apple pie.

Tex said...


YOU are the clueless one. I asked a hypothetical question on the telephone: If the Amway products were half the price of those in stores, would Amway still be a money circulation scheme? You droned on and on, never saying yes or no, just repeating your "money circulation scheme" mantra. Here's my post:

I was waiting for you to put it in writing. By definition, if Amway products cost less than comparable products in the market place, it CAN'T be a money circulation scheme. LOL

I explained why the products aren't allowed in stores, it's to level the playing field for all IBOs. LOL

The MLM business model is approved in virtually every country, yet you and Brear continue to squawk "money circulation scheme, money circulation scheme!" LOL

As I said on the phone the Amway tool scam is a MUCH larger problem. LOL

Joecool said...

If Amway products were half the price, it would be easier to find customers and perhaps the business could work in theory. But then there would be questions about whether or not Amway could afford to pay their current bonus structure.

dtytrivedi said...

hey qiac,

did u know that since last consecutive 6yrs amway global is #1 in internet retailing regarding health and beauty.

dtytrivedi said...


i was not proving anything when i was asking closed market?

I just wanted to know for what reasons it is considered closed end market. thats alll

Tex said...


You also missed the point of the question. Try again, and answer the question. Here's a clue: the answer is either yes or no.

Joecool said...


Try counting Amway's health and beauty sales to customers (non ibos) and then tell us where Amway ranks in sales.

Tex said...


That number is low, but rising rapidly. LOL

Manpreet Singh said...


Try checking where Amway's Health and Beauty stand in the world. LOL