Thursday, 3 December 2009

The key point is illegal money circulation scheme

Corporate Frauds Watch is open for comments. Anybody can make comments and it is published without any changes. That does not mean, these Amway apologists could dictate terms.
One silly follow asks not to write on something and in another moment advises what should be the name of the blog. What these Amway adherents are actually doing is illegal business i.e. selling products at an exorbitant price and sharing the booty in the name of multilevel marketing. What these people do not realise is that a sizable amount out of the purchases made by them is going to the Amway top brass and these people are receiving only peanuts. No problem if they are happy with the peanuts. But they are inducing others also to join the scheme and making them also paupers. That is objectionable.
The main question here is the money circulation scheme. How much amount from the price of product is going to the Amway and how much is going to the downline members. If this calculation is revealed, the thieves could be caught. But this is the closely guarded secret of Amway which would never reveal it.


Tex said...

You need to back up your claims with product price comparisons.

dtytrivedi said...

again and again and again u repeat the same old thing.

don't u get tired of saying the useless claims.

do u support ur claims by writing anything u feel.

Still u haven't shown to us how nutrilite is worthless and sold at exorbitant price and when i ask u keep on jumping the different issues.

well this proving that u are not having sufficient information. u just keep on writing.

U only have substantial knowledge in legal cases but not when dealt with the products itself.

Are u going to show us how u find the products costly.

go with nutrilite as u know a lot about it.

what do u think about protein powder in india.

i give u a clue it costs about Rs 1700 for 500 gm and 800 for 200 gm.

now how would u compare with the other products available in the indian market