Monday, 14 December 2009

Amway's business model is money circulation scheme

In respect of 'Amway,' the term 'Direct Selling' is a ritualized inversion of quantifiable reality. Core-'Amway' adherents, such as your naive young friend , Trivedi, are constantly told that they are involved in the 'Direct Selling Industry'. They are also constantly told that they are 'IBOs' ( 'Independent Business Owners.' ) Self-evidently, all this thought-stopping 'commercial' jargon has been maliciously introduced to control the reality of 'Amway' adherents and that of casual observers. Trivedi has apparently swallowed so much of this hypnotic drive that he is now unable to think, or communicate, using accurate deconstructed terms. Indeed, it would be a very interesting excercise for Trivedi to sit down and attempt to explain on paper exactly what he believes he is involved in, but without using any of his habitual '100% Positive Amway' terminology.
Unfortunately, Trivedi is currently unable to face the fact that 'Amway' core-adherents are the de facto slaves of billionaire American racketeers. They are unpaid proselytizers for an economic pseudo-science, commonly referred to as 'MLM' ('Multilevel Marketing'), but which is actually a camouflaged closed-market swindle or money circulation scheme. The evidence for this, which is staring Trivedi in the face, are his own 'Amway' accounts.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, for more than 50 years, virtually no products have ever been retailed by 'Amway' adherents to non-'Amway' adherents, and no one (not even 'Amway's' aggressive echelon of attorneys) can refute this simple fact. No matter how you divide up the money in any closed system of economic exchange, it is an absolute impossibility for the majority of its contributing participants to receive a profit. Anyone claiming the contrary is a liar, and lying to people in order to take their money is fraud which is a form of theft.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

did i ever mentioned that once u get in the business u will be millionaire in the next year!!!

did i told that stuff like u guys always mention that within 2-5 yrs u will achieve financial freedome. (However i always tell to me prospects that as its business one cannot make commitements but I can assure that if the business [business turnover ]is done with
structure with the structure i propose to them its for sure they can achieve that).

And by the way who told u that I have been constantly told that constantly told that we are involved in the 'Direct Selling Industry'.

There are ample of evidence which shows what is direct selling, it requires common sense. However I would say that u guys are programmed to prove $113 billion industry nothing but scam or money circulation scheme. Now that fits better.

Legal scan u are too small to understand my point. I would just tell u that tell ur honest innocent friend shyam to please the read the lab results or just copy and paste it over here. i will do the rest of the thing.

Because in the Andhra high court judgement also u and ur shyam told that amway was guilty and did the grave mistake by showing the whole document to prove that u were wrong.

Again show me the lab results, i am not telling u that lab test were fake but they did not concluded that u guys concluded. legal scan think sharp, the test was neither conducted in Andhra high court nor by andhra high court lawyers that u can conclude the results the way u want. It never concluded what u have said.

It will be a lot lot better if just show us the conclusion of the lab results. However i know that u won't because if u will then again ur innocence will be proved again that u r again reaching false conclusions.

And if i am surrounded by bunch of naive people who don't understand what i am saying and they are laughing that doesn't bothers me.

dtytrivedi said...

here is the fact

And legal scan for u tell me if this news are wrong incase if u have something different from the news.

Guys let me know if i am weak in understand what i says. According to me it never concluded that Amway is selling inferior quality in India, infact it was later reconciliated by the amway by paying fine of Rs 1 lakh

dtytrivedi said...

when i saw the heading that "Amway's business model is money circulation scheme", i thought Shyam showed something regarding amway regarding judgement given by andhra high court.

But it was essay on my behavior, infact i would say shyam should rename it by writing dtytrivedi is running money circulation scheme.

There little mention regarding amway. Its same old thing that he is accusing, infact there is nothing in the name of evidence or judgement but his opinions which he thinks that matters.

shyam likes to name amway business owners or its supporters as core adherents. Similarly i can say he is no different from those anti-amway core adherents which misleads people by making wrong statements or false judgments on behalf of high court, but when one checks it, its filled with opinions and zero facts.

He is similar to other bloggers, the difference is only in his profession but he uses same thing write anything in wall and then reference it. That doesn't make it authentic or credible source at all.

He thinks the public is dumb head which can believe anything one writes.

dtytrivedi said...

guys check another reality that will expose these to nitwit guys.

These guys often rely on opinions, i know that in one their posts they mentioned people nowadays don't fall under these scams like amway.

But the fact is that direct selling is not a scam, it is an industry (which these two guys fails to understand) which employs 1.8 million people

for more details take a look

i appeal to my fellow people, don't just blind foldedly follow the opinions, because u can't decide want u want to do on the base of opinions backing no or zero facts.

Tex said...

This blog is a word circulation scheme. LOL

dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

exactly it tells nothing about money circulation scheme, it tells everything except money circulation scheme.

now in next topic shyam would write something like amway is cheating people or doing organized crime and in that there will be nothing regarding the topic but essay on me and on Tex regarding our behavior, our psychology and how we are victims of the amway. but nothing regarding Amway

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi, I just sent the High Court to you. Go through if you can understand it with your small brain. Most of the times, your verbal diarrhoea doesn't make sense at all. It is only the labs that conduct tests on any products but not courts. Courts only order the labs to conduct tests.
I have written umpteen times what money circulation scheme is and how Amway is cheating people. Your small brain cannot comprehend simple English. That is why I wonder what is the point in sending the judgement to you. Anyway I sent it now. Please go through it and have a nice time. If you can understand it. Write back.