Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Amway's retail/wholesale price list maliciously fabricated

I observe that the poor little lobster, Trivedi, is still happily basking in the initial warmth of the 'Amway' cooking pot. However, the previously unquestioning creature has now posed a question, albeit it written in thought-stopping 'Amspeak' .
Roughly translated into plain English, Trivedi wants to know :
Why, if no 'Amway' products have ever been sold to non-'Amway' agents, have the 'Amway' bosses introduced a range of different prices for their products to 'Amway' agents and to non-'Amway' agents?
The simple answer to Trivedi's question is:
Reality-inverting documents like 'Amway's Retail/Wholesale Price List' have been maliciously fabricated by the bosses of a major organized crime group to contininue to deceive their victims (like you) and casual observers (like journalists, legislators and regulators) into believing that 'Multilevel Marketing' has authentic external retail customers and is, therefore, economically viable for its participants, when all the independent quantifiable evidence proves so-called 'MLM Schemes' to be premeditated closed-market swindles in heavy disguise!

David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

david brear nice quote, where did u get this conclusion.

oh i understand that its ur blog, when u are unable to prove ur point u just write anything which u want.

ok now lets focus on a point brear what do u mean by closed market swindle.

say it in general.

dtytrivedi said...

brear u talk too much

show me one quantifiable evidence which proves amway's retail/wholesale price is malicously fabricated.

And yeah one thing more, show some credible evidence. don't show any body's comments or blog posts.

Tex said...


It is obvious you haven't seen the graphs showing retail sales growth or the price decreases, therefore your points need to be sharpened, with facts. LOL