Saturday, 12 December 2009

Amway apologists conveniently skip many a question

Amway apologists conveniently skip the aspect of the question that from whose pocket the Amway pays for the foreign jaunts of the IBOs. The IBOs get only peanuts and sizable amount is pocketed by Amway worldwide. A small part of the money pocketed by the Amway is spent for foreign jaunts of the IBOs.
People who lost money in the scam of Amway never prefer to file a criminal complaint because they are introduced by their kith and kin. They think that they have already lost money why lose relationship too. But the crucial point is that they never trust the person who introduced them into the 'proven business opportunity'. That is why it is all the more dangerous and damaging to the social fabric of the civil society. That does not mean the crime had never taken place.
Amway apologists also conveniently skip the question why the Consumers Forum of Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh slapped a fine of Rs. 1 lakh on the basis of Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory Report. Instead, they simply attempt to discredit the lab report. But people know well about the tactics of these crooks.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Throw these crooks out from your respective countries.


Tex said...

Shyam, when are you going to post some times/dates to call, or do you want me to just try at various times of the day and night? By the way, your last post was terrible. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

dear shyam my answer to ur question is why they fined only 1 lakh rupees if ur claiming that nutrilite products are sold of inferior quality.

why it is leading brand in india otc health care industry!!!

the point which i making that lab result did not concluded that nutrilite products are of inferior quality, it was particular batch or quantity of products were adulterated.

that never concluded regarding the quality of nutrilite as whole which u are concluding.

To whom u are making fool.

if u can conclude the amway as anillegal company without any judgement of andhra highcourt against amway, u can also concluded the same in case of nutrilite lab report

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, It is irrelevant if the fine Rs. 1 lakh or Rs. one crore. Once a fine is slapped, it did mean it is guilty.
Every one is laughing at you for saying that there is no High Court judgment against Amway. Ha Ha Ha.

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, You can call me at 9 am IST.

Tex said...

I'll try tomorrow. Be ready to lose your arguments.