Sunday, 6 December 2009

Spineless, faceless, nameless Amway apologists come out in the open

It seems it has been the strategy of Amway apologists to simply deny whatever and whenever something is written against Amway. They simply, rather routinely, ask for what proof one has got for such statement. When I said Amway products are not that of great quality, immediately it was asked what was the proof, totally forgetting that necessary links were provided about the testing at the two laboratories.
The question of easy and quick money aspect of Rs. 56,500 claimed by Amway India website is just ignored. This is how these shameless apologists come to the rescue of Amway whenever it faced any critics. Instead of raising their bored voices here, they could contest the criminal case in the court of law and present their arguments to the Judges.
What is the point in trying to convince me when I have provided enough material about the judgements, et cet ra.
These spineless, nameless, faceless creatures should be thrown behind bars for supporting an illegal company. Probably that is their fear and that is why they are not coming out open.
A girl named Padma from Vijayawada told me that their monthly income is Rs. 68,000 but they live in a two-room asbestos-roofed house. Why don't they verify with their own members at Vijayawada.


dtytrivedi said...

its u dear who want to watch the way u want the amway to be.

In a nutshell there are two types of people u have met one which follows 6-4-3 plan the way u explained and the others who are taking it as a hypothetical example.

Examples are to be followed NOT IMITATED!!!!

u even don't have an idea that the way u are think about 6-4-3 is conceptually wrong.

listen, there is no complulsion to regarding to recruit the downlines also there is no particular type of structure which one has to follow and there is no obligation to purchase the product of particular quantity or price worthed.

its very annoying that the same when other people see the business plan in the website they don't think the way u think.

besides this u think that u are showing stories who are failed in this business well similarly i can write pages who are successful in the business.

i am sorry to say that u only take 3 to 4 countries in to consideration while explaining about amway.

1. Uk (ur favourite) regarding law cases against amway
2. India
3. US
4. Canada

what about the others.

its very easy for u to make other things similar

ur comments against amway are like a SUV convertible car!!! (sorry i couldn't resist to say)

Some times u can compare amway with Nazi, some times with Democratic government (India- US), some times with Italian Mafia, amway with corruption, hitler and many others which i can't remember.

Even the founders of the Amway have never thought regarding that.

Yeah here is another concept to which u can compare !!!!

According to my observation i think amway is far more succesful in government which are of communist type like china and russia.

do think on this and start writing regarding this on ur next post and spice it up with adverbs and adjectives!!!

it will look awesome!!!

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan i know what i am writing, u know its seems to be that u and shyam are like twin brothers.

u both think the same way, write the same quote like examples are to be followed.

even i am damn sure that in that affidavit amway must have mentioned words like more than/ around 'active' 450,000 distributors but u guys took it exact figure. And i am damn sure about it.

legal scan again look to the thing which is said in the post start reading from last para again

"my point is even if amway india distributors figures remains more or less stagnant and reports increase in sales figures in next few years its not
a big surprise!!! infact its good news for amway india itself.

even if we consider Rs 1128 crore and 500,000 distributors into account.

Per distributor contribution to the amway india turnover is shockingly low as $470 or Rs 22,560!!!"

IBOFB said...


Just because you keep repeating something isn't going to suddenly make it true. You've provided no evidence at all against Amway product quality. The "lab results" speak nothing about Amway's product quality. With respect, given you can't understand even Amway's simple brochure of examples I'm not surprised you can't understand a technical lab report either.

Shyam Sundar said...

What a funny argument Trivedi. No compulsion to enrol people. No compulsion to purchase products. Still, you can make a lot of money achieving 'total financial freedom'. If there is no compulsion for anything why join the business model. One can purchase products from any distributor.That is why I call you nitwit.
Business Model of 6-4-3 is only example not to be followed. And the adulterated and misbranded comments of Food Laboratory is a mere comment. And the wise IBOFB, the masked genius only understands how to rob people. It is a simple thing and you claim that nobody understands it.

Tex said...


I understand it, what's your problem? Got soap in your eyes? LOL