Friday, 11 December 2009

Intellectually castrated Amway apolgoists

The arrogance of your little band of resident 'Amway' apologists is again self-evident. They remain convinced that I am addressing them directly when, quite obviously, I am addressing all my comments to you and to your free-thinking readers.
Typically, when these unquestioning 'Amway' adherents can't follow what I am saying, because they have been intellectually castrated by a totalitarian cult, they systematically retreat into their group-delusion of absolute moral and intellectual supremacy. They have been conditioned never to consider that there might be something radically wrong with their ego-building, controlled model of reality.
Indeed, the puerile and abusive comments of Mr. 'Tex' Johnson put me in mind of members of the 'Ku Klux Klan' from the 1920s, or proponents of the Apartheid regime in S. Africa. In both these cases, a fictitious scenario of absolute moral and intellectual authority was used by wicked imbeciles to justify criminal activity.
David Brear


Tex said...


The way you write, I doubt there is much of an audience outside of the "little band of resident 'Amway' apologists." LOL

IDIOT. Hey, do you want to get in one the telephone call between me and Shyam, or are you too chicken? LOL

By the way Shyam, I left a message to propose a couple of times to call. I'm waiting....

Tex said...

And waiting....

dtytrivedi said...

shyam the main problem is that it is globally accepted direct selling, if i am not wrong its an industry which is successfully working in 125 countries!!!

And you guys don't even know and don't want to know (thats where the issue lies) what is the difference between direct selling and pyramid scheme.

Its silly to consider that it is an industry which has been fooling of government officials of 125 countries atleast.

if i want to know or where it clearly shows the guidelines regarding direct selling and also shows whether the company is legitimate business or not.

i won't search in blogs to see whether the business opportunity is shown to me fake or not?

dtytrivedi said...

again couple posts back u said the no one complains against amway because many few know about the business.

i tell u this is one of the oldest concepts and type of business prevailing in the world.

just for knowledge go to this website

infact any damn person can file a complain against the company

it took me 3 to 4 steps to reach at this point

dtytrivedi said...

besides this i have also read the guidelines for when went through procedure for complaining against the company

dtytrivedi said...

u know shyam as there is difference between pyramid schemes and legitimate direct selling business.

there is also difference between the website or reference the people give who supports or who is against the direct selling industry.

for e.g people like u (i am sorry to say that journalist and an advocate) often relies on blogs and opinions. thats shame that if people like u who can rely on such thing without checking the credibility and authenticity of the source u just copy and paste it.

for e.g citing from

(the point here i am making is not that this website is anti-mlm, but its just a blog and some of the facts shown over there are true but half true, for e.g amway andhra case)

the owner of this blog often mentions his blog for the sake of reference but from where is the orignal source,and is that source credible?

I would rather go for

which has good credentials like uu can see on.

the point is very simple whenever i ask them for their famous claims like shyam always tell nutrilite product is nothing in quality charged at exorbitant price.

my point is thats fine but from where did he concluded

and here is the reply what i get from him or from his colleague "talk about money circulation scheme"

or they will show me andhra food lab results i say its fine but can they tell me conclusion of the document or the source the answer totally different.

many of u guys anti- nutrilite don't even know that

Any ingredients used in Nutrilite products from outside manufacturers must pass a stringent quality checklist. Nutrilite meets or exceeds industry Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in every operation we perform.

incase if u don't know what is significance of GMP

go through it

dtytrivedi said...

here is another thing which u won't find it in andhra high court.

check here some of its publications:

So that shyam and legal scan get an idea regarding nutrilite and its products.

dtytrivedi said...

now incase if any one still says that nutrilite is nothing but a worthless product sold at exorbitant price.

U can get an idea regarding my reaction. I would just say the person is innocent or he is being misguided and still if he knows all these claims the above statement then i would say he is pure nitwit or refined nitwit.

quixtarisacult said...


Haven't I said to go ahead and scam thy self. It's okay. What you advocate isn't a business, but the pyramid selling our 'business opportunities,' a significant scam that you've not only fallen for, but you advocate for others.


It's okay for you too. The one nice thing about some of you Amway apologists, you get exactly what you deserve. You listen to Amway whispering its Siren's song into your ear while you get screwed. Of course, you attempt to gather personal information from anyone who calls you which you seem to think you can use to somehow blackmail them with. Isn't this true?

"Steal a little and they call you a theif; Steal a lot and they call you Amway!"

Tex said...


No, it's not true. What IS true is you are an IDIOT. LOL