Friday, 18 December 2009

Clueless Amway apologists are real cheats

This is for waking up Clueless Amway apologist. Of course, a pretending person could not be woken up. In a nutshell, in the case of (2008) 8 SCC 2008), Kuriachan Chacko and others .. Versus State Of Kerala, The Supreme Court of India categorically stated why a multilevel marketing or network marketing is a crime of cheating under Section 420 of Indian Penal Code.
"The promoters of the scheme very well knew that it is certain that the Scheme was impracticable and unworkable making tall promises which the makers of the promises knew fully well that it could not work successfully. It could work for some time in that "Paul can be robbed to pay Peter" but ultimately when there is a large mass of Peters, they will be left in the lurch without any remedy as they would by then have been deceived and deprived of their money. If it is so. It could be said to be a case for application of Section 420 read with Section 34 IPC. of course, at this stage. (Paras 47 and 41)"
The same is the case with business model of Amway. These Clueless Amway apologist could not clarify why he is supporting a fraudulent company and what is his stake in it. These faceless, nameless, dishonest people have no right to question the authenticity of court judgements.
My humble appeal to people all over world is to throw these fraudulent companies like Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, MyVideoTalk and so many others.


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...


India is also one of the few countries where it manufactures its products.

ok when u said the shipping fees, then let me tell u this, i also consider shipping cost against the cost of vehicle say a bike or rickshaw to go the mall.

ok lets say if i am staying at walking distance near the mall. And if i have to buy the amway products, through shipping it costs me 25 Rs.

so even i take it into account, still i am at the profit or better off.

for e.g it would cost me more than Rs 20 for buying a surface cleaner even if it is of reasonable quality. When i compare to that with LOC it would be atleast 7 times cheaper. (i am taking rrp into account)

besides this, LOC is multipurpose cleaner.

dtytrivedi said...

as far i know the latest information

the government is working favor of direct selling.

u must be knowing the Union Government’s proposal for a legislation to control `direct selling’ business in India.

the main problem is that u don't understand and don't want to understand the difference between direct selling and pyramid schemes.

Shyam look around the world, there are more than 120 countries where direct selling is running and many of the countries there is legislation regarding direct selling

Joecool said...

I have yet to see an unbiased price comparison factoring in shipping costs where Amway is competitive against big retailers.

I also understand that the people who are your target audience in Amway may not be the big box shoppers.

But still, overall, WalMart or Costco is a better value for most people and the sales figures clearly shows this.

burned said...

amway is american way? the whole
purpose about opportunity is you
and money
The acronym should be

Any Money Will Attract You

that is the marketing message for past 50 years
ie 100 $ a month a 1000$ a month
or drumrolllll 10000$ a month

dtytrivedi said...

dear joecool,

u are right, i don't follow the shot gun approach.

there is different approach for different types of products.

but hey, i don't think that amway is competing those big retailers. If it was then it wouldn't have chosen direct sales medium.

Through this medium it gives an opportunity to its distributors to share income generated.

For e.g. amway gave more than 30% of its revenue generated to its distributors in form of bonus and commissions. Note: the income was distributed according to business structure and volume generated by distributors.

now when i compare that with company like walmart, the best way to compare is not sales it would be dividend paid.

and u better check it out.

when it comes to amway i think they are not selling products, they are selling the medium (business) to the people through which they can sell their products.

u just better check it out the net income and dividends paid of walmart and costco.

check out their netincome its terrible, so u must be getting an idea what if i own a walmart store

do u think that people in US turned to direct selling companies just for the sake of products!!!!

Tex said...


Your "...humble appeal to people all over world is to throw these fraudulent companies like Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, MyVideoTalk and so many others" shows your cluelessness, as most countries accept MLM as a legitimate business model. LOL


I posted price comparisons 3 years ago on qblog, and now we have reduced prices and free shipping for orders of $75 or more.

Joecool said...

People join direct marketing opportunities because they think it will make them rich. The product is not even relevent.

I can prove this. How many ex IBOs are hard core Amway customers? Very few because people don't mind paying for Amway products when they think Amway will make them rich. When they realize Amway will not make them rich, they quit Amway and they stop buying Amway products.

Joecool said...

Then post up updated price comparison, Tex.

dtytrivedi said...

i think the problem itself is in that thought.

I accept that fact that many amway reps have made over statements like u can get rich in specific time.

personally, i have never made such commitments. Infact i tell to them there is no guarantee of reaching particular income at particular time. however there is always a chance or an opportunity to increase ur income which has potential to accommodate ur income and even replace ur income in future.

by the way joecool,mainly people join the direct selling industry for supplementing their income. The reason why it is gaining popularity is because one can start it at their onw flexible time and it has low start up cost. I don't think that there are such opportunities available in the market where u can have that sort of benefit.

Are u sure that direct selling industry in US which employs more than 15 million people are after becoming rich quick? the answer is bluntly no...

dtytrivedi said...

one cannot say that more than 65 million people in the world are madly after becoming rich in few period of time.

If i would involve my friends and relatives on the base of that then i playing with their dreams.

thats why i follow the 3 cardinal rules which is shared through BWW education system.

1.Never mess with anybody's income
2.with spouse
3.with ego

if i maintain this i can maintain the relations even if relatives don't join amway or even after they have left the business.

I would never mess with my friends ego by putting them down by asking their income against the successful people in the amway or direct selling business.

Right shyam!!!

Joecool said...

1.Never mess with anybody's income
2.with spouse
3.with ego

Hmm, they tell you tools are needed for success so they mess with your money right from the start. Many diamonds had marital problems. Many uplines want you to submit, thus messing with your ego.

Tex said...


I agree with you on the BWW comment, and it can be applied to all the other LCK Amway tool scam systems as well.

Actually, I've been meaning to update the prices. I'll post here if you agree to post the prices for the same products in Hawaii. Do you agree?

Joecool said...

I'll agree to post prices in Hawaii but I cannot promise a timeline as to when I will go to WalMart or Costco. The stores are crazy this time of the year.

dtytrivedi said...

dear joecool,
regarding the cardinal rules which i mentioned was said for different purpose.

And by the way the people who are successful does not ensure that they are following the rules strictly. Even there are many incidences where the successful people who have built their business on wrong foundation will ultimately have to suffer.

Thats why u will see many successful diamonds, emeralds or even some crown pin holders went down.

many people think that amway is place where once u get rich there is no possibility of falling down. but when they fall they have nothing to blame except amway.

dtytrivedi said...

and by way did u check some of the profitability ratios of walmart and costco.

i am sure that u will get very good idea when u compared that with direct selling companies like avon and tupperware.

its better for me to start a business which starts with low start up cost and i get reasonably good margin.

Joecool said...

WalMart and Costco are just fine. And it has nothing to do with how poor of an opportunity Amway is.

Tex said...


You obviously don't understand the point being made, which is nothing unusual. LOL