Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Masked Man's ignorance is astounding

You will have observed that the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. Steadson, has managed to raise another feeble squawk. This time, his ignorance of the object of his unquestioning affection, 'Amway,' is astounding. He pretends that I can't know what I'm talking about, because the first 'Amway' product was called 'LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner)' and was not a soap powder.
Unfortunately, for your resident masked 'Amway' propagandist, the first product peddled by Messrs. DeVos and Van Andel (using their 'Ja-Ri Corporation' and 'American Way Association' ) was originally called 'Frisk', which they later rebranded and described as an 'Exclusive Concentrated Biodegradeable Liquid Detergent'. However, at this time 'Frisk' was manufactured by the (failing) Eckle Company of Detroit Michigan. 'Frisk' was, in fact, sold by Eckle in a variety of forms including a liquid cleaner and a soap powder. In November 1959, DeVos and Van Andel bought the Eckle Company (using the 'Ja-Ri Corp.') and moved its manufacturing equipment across Michigan to the town of Ada where they rebranded it 'The Amway Manufacturing Company'. De Vos and Van Andel then dropped all varieties of 'Frisk' except the liquid cleaner which they rebranded, 'LOC'. They began to introduce a whole host of mystifying pseudo-scientific complexities around what was once a very average, simple and reasonably-priced formula, as the false justification for exorbitant price rises. Soon, 'LOC's' new presentation in 'Concentrated' form rendered exact price comparisons with traditional products almost impossible to make without complex calculations. This set the style for many of 'Amway's' (effectively) unsaleable products.
Some of the pseudo-scientific claims which De Vos and Van Andel's first followers were trained to make about 'LOC' were as ridiculous as those which the followers of Carl F. Rehnborg had been trained to make about 'Nutrilite XX.' In keeping with this absurd tradition, according to Steadson, in producing 'LOC,' DeVos and Van Andel were motivated by the altruistic desire to save the planet. How all this 'early green altruism' ties in with their perpetrating the largest tax fraud in Canadian history (estimated to have cost Canadian citizens more than C$100 millions in total), the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw does not attempt to explain.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

well shyam don't deviate the issue, focus on what is asked.

ok i know that u are among those persons who know the so called "reality" that how amway is charging products at exorbitant price.

ok take LOC now do u rate with other products in terms of price and quality.

dtytrivedi said...

i know what u will reply, because anti-amway bloggers have same tendency to do, they will ask ur personal income, how much u have succeded.

by this way they will deviate the whole matter and take the issue in the other way.

So what is ur reply shyam.

Don't worry shyam i will not ask u what designation are u holding in ur field and ur income (with proof of income ).

I respect the ego of the people, as i said earlier i don't focus the person but the issue.

not like those reckless people who asks now and then what is ur income and what is ur designation.

Rich shyam?

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, it is not shyam but you who is deviating from the issue. The issue is the illegal money circulation scheme. The business model of Amway India is illegal and the modus operandi of all money circulation schemes is sell the products at exorbitant price and share the amount among them. Be it V-Can Network or Apple FMCG or GoldQuest International, they are all alike. You are deviating the issue with the quality of products.

IBOFB said...

So Brear, in that little rant, where did you point out my ignorance? The first product was the liquid organic cleaner (yes, called Frisk for less than a year ), not a washing powder.

Anyone then, or today, can do a price comparison of LOC with other concentrated cleaners and LOC comes out well on top most of the time. It's really not that hard, even you could do it Brear!

Tex said...

I wouldn't count on Brear being able to do a simple ratio calculation.

But you won't respond to this post, so it's all the same kind of characters on this blog. LOL:

Since you are developing a habit of ignoring my posts that are a couple of threads old (not your fault for the new, lame thread part), here's the response from the prior thread:

LIAR. You stated that nobody has ever provided you a single example, even though you have asked numerous times for a single example. LIAR.

I don't feel sorry for Anderson, he's a (former) LCK.

It doesn't matter if you agree whether Amway can arbitrate former IBOs, it's in the current contract. Unless/until someone takes Amway to court (good luck, they will delay it until the plaintiff is literally dead!), it stands. The best current court case is the Pokorny, which is awaiting a court date, with no near-term expectations, according to a lawyer involved in the case.

Again, you inferred the ORIGINAL judge said it didn't matter what actions Amway took before/during the trial, by saying, "Tex - The appeals judge was referring to the original judges findings." Of course they were referring to the original judge's findings, that's what appeals judges do when they are reviewing a lower court case. Duh! The FACT is there is no language that remotely infers this concept in the original judge's decision, and it is apparent the appeals court was in error on this point. THAT is my point.

Also, the appeal judges' main responsibility was to determine whether the original judgment should stand or not, so whatever editorial comments they made are insignificant.

quixtarisacult said...

The masked pundit of deceit seems to be getting pounded by more than one 'critic' at the moment? What say ye oh blunderer of Amway wonders, the I Bend Over For Buddies fellow? You are still out peddling your bag of deceit, much like the kids on the block with their bags of pooh, lighter fluid and a match.

Obviously Brear is 'frisking' IBOFB down in this post, and then on top of all this, 'Insider' is continually being hounded by Internet troll 'Textarded' who continually calls this con man of all things a liar?

Tex said...

I call him what he is. ibofb is a liar, and qiac is an idiot.

quixtarisacult said...


You indeed are all alone out on your limb.

Tex said...

No, I'm not alone. I'm just glad I don't agree with you, the IDIOT. LOL