Thursday, 3 December 2009

Amway apologists follow Scientology-style 'Positive' script

With kind the permission of its author, the following extract is taken from a confidential letter I received earlier this year. At that time, I was contacted directly by some former cult adherents in the USA. One had lost a large amount of money in a counterfeit '$600 millions Investment Scheme' (ostensibly) run by Reed Slatkin (out of California), a 'Minister' in the 'Church of Scientology.' Slatkin (the eqivalent of an 'Amway Diamond') was sent to prison, but the evidence proved that he had passed at least $150 millions to a small group of preferred persons who were all fellow, core-'Scientologists.' Indeed, one of them was 'Scientology's' own tax-attorney. However, Slatkin arbitrarily defined this money as 'investment profits.' These initial beneficiaries had then passed bundles of stolen cash to various 'Scientology' associations by arbitrarily defining it as 'donations'. Obviously, the leadership of 'Scientology' insisted that they were completely unaware that any of this money was stolen, and they 'excommunicated' Slatkin ( formerly a 'Scientology' poster boy) as a liar and a thief.
This was after he confessed in court that his actions had been controlled by his own leaders in 'Scientology.' My correspondents (one of whom was part of a lawsuit seeking multi-million dollar compensation from 'Scientology') were interested in how the mystifying labyrinths of (apparently independent) corporate structures, which comprise 'Amway' and 'Scientology,' continue to isolate the wealthy bosses of these (essentially) identical cultic frauds from criminal liability.
"Read your posts on Quixtarisacult.... Wow! You guys really hit straight and hard. You see it clearly, the same twisted strategies in Quixtar and Scientology parting the faithful from their money with addictive lies then personal information to load them with guilt and shame, but did you know that Scientologists are told to get into Quixtar? Was approached five or six times myself by friends wanting to help me. They really thought Hubbard's technology and Scientology's 8 million global reach would guarantee rapid MLM network growth. Positive thinking, disconnecting from negative friends and family, controlling prospective recruits with the positive words and body language, helping others to better themselves, all makes perfect sense to a convinced Scientologist - it's so familiar - Hubbard might have invented it."
Laughably, Shyam, your resident 'Amway' apologists will follow their 'Scientology'-style 'Positive' script, and systematically (and illogically) deny that any of this is true.
David Brear


Tex said...

Nobody has yet named a single example of someone an Amway IBO and a scientologist from a previous thread.

dtytrivedi said...

well do u have even any idea what roughly diamond pin qualifier can earn.

say for e.g. in India

quixtarisacult said...

David and Shyam,

The modus operandi of both Scientology and Amwayology are obviously exactly the same. Both use the same psychological arm twisting to put the screws to their cultic victims.


I don't really think you ever really read any of the posts on this blog? It would seem that you advocate becoming a criminogenic type like this Slatkin fellow simply because there is money in it? Why not aspire to being a mafia boss? I'm sure there is some money in that as well?

Aspiring to be a diamond in the Amway business, as you obviously do, not only makes you a 'mark' to be 'shook down' by these very same 'diamond-jim' crooks that you seem to worship, but in the end makes you just as criminal. You pal parrot their lies as if they were the gospel of Christ.

"Go ahead and cheat a neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend; Scientology does it in the name of religion, while Amwayology does it in the name of business. Of course these labels (religion, business) mean nothing in the end because what these cults do is criminal in the final analysis."

dtytrivedi said...

so far whatever i have asked u dear u didn't showed me the valid reasons.

u just show ur opinions and opinions doesnt matter to matter.

I have even went to the extent some of the academic papers which they have mentioned!!!!

for u its just a useless thing, u just keep on typing regarding ur feelings about amway and nutrilite