Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Book Exposes Amway from the Inside

We have all read about the extraordinary deception carried out by swindler, Bernard Madoff. He disguised a classic pyramid scheme as a "hedge fund". He claimed the money he paid his investors came from profitable securities trades when, in fact, he was only transferring later investors' money to earlier ones, while keeping a lot for himself. When the Recession caused some investors to ask for their money back his fraud was finally exposed - after running more than 15 years.
Government regulators never even investigated the scam despite repeated warnings and alerts from whistle-blowers. Only when Madoff failed to return funds did the investors realize that their money was gone. In reality, they had lost their money the day they invested. All the story about trades and profits and the quarterly statements detailing their accounts had been a hideous lie.
Eric Scheibeler, who was a high-level distributor for Amway for nearly 10 years, tells a story of deception carried out by the Amway Corporation and its top promoters that makes Madoff look like an amateur. For any consumer wondering about the income promises of Amway or any other "multi-level marketing" company, Scheibeler's book, Merchants of Deception will shock, amaze and educate.
Whereas Madoff ran a fake business disguised as a legitimate one, Scheibeler describes how Amway runs a fake business in full view and convinces its victims that the pyramid scheme (paying earlier investors with money from new investors) is legitimate, legal and viable. Madoff concealed his pyramid. Amway trumpets and parades its pyramid and dares its victims to question the plan. Wherease Madoff hid from regulators, Amway hires them. But while Amway openly flaunts a pyramid recruitment program - with virtually no retail revenue, just a steady stream of investor capital from new distributors - it does engage in Madoff-style secrecy and coverup.
At the heart of the recruitment program is one BIG LIE that requires audacious deception at all levels and in countless ways, as Scheibeler's book painfully shows. The BIG LIE is the claim of an "income opportunity" for the new recruits. Scheibeler's chilling story boils down to revealing false claims, false promises and a huge cover-up about the income opportunity that Amway promises new recruits. When the FTC prosecutes multi-level marketing schemes, this type of BIG LIE is classified as "business opportunity fraud." That is what Scheibeler's book is all about.
Ironically, it was the Recession that brought Madoff's scam down. In Amway's case, the Recession drives even more consumers into pyramid money traps.
Amway's scheme and Amway clones will collapse not by an external economic force, but only by the power of the truth and proper law enforcement. Eric Scheibeler's courageous account of his insider experience, matched with painstaking research, and now backed by signed testimonials from thousands of others who were similarly harmed in the Amway "system" thunders the truth, stops the spin, and reveals the emperor with no clothes.
No consumers and no government regulators can ever again claim they did not know what was really going on behind the facade of "direct selling." The whistle has been officially and defiantly blown.


dtytrivedi said...

legal scan i am waiting for your reply regarding your statement

" The Amway India is almost dead in Andhra Pradesh with no takers for its products. Trivedi depends upon the false figures supplied by his Amway bosses"

Can show us the figure of amway sales in andhra pradesh

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, Amway India is notorious for lying as it lies offering its members total financial freedom in 2-5 years. And you expect everybody believe that Amway India is doing well in Andhra Pradesh. There used to be long queues before Amway distributor points all over Andhra Pradesh. Now go to any point, there is hardly any crowd let alone queues. That is enough evidence to show that Amway India is dead in Andhra Pradesh. Anyway, how long is your total financial freedom is due. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

i repeat my point

" The Amway India is almost dead in Andhra Pradesh with no takers for its products. Trivedi depends upon the false figures supplied by his Amway bosses"

what is the figure of amway sales in andhra pradesh.

Or u judge the business by crowd gatherings? Is that how u judge amway presence in hydrabad.

This is again i am asking u question, donot deviate from it.

I don't mess with any body's ego money and designation. As i said it again i focus on the issue and not the person.

And so far ur reactions are very same of those who only know few about amway but when "SPECIFIC QUESTION IS ASKED" they will try to deviate from it like this one

Tell me if u don't know the anwser or ask ur loyal believer or legal scan adherent incase if he knows the answer.

And tell him its just in figures not in 2 page. Otherwise he will write whole biography on me and people like me.

So again do u know any specific figure.

And if u still not reply i would expose it.

You are not the only person who i have dealt with. So with due respect please tell us do u have any information about amway's business in form of figure on Andhra pradesh.

IBOFB said...

A 5r old book about a group and people that have already been pretty much kicked of Amway is news?

Legal Scan said...

With what else you estimate, Trivedi. With the blatant lies of Amway India or anything else you have? Do you have any government records of tax payment to claim that it is among top ten.

rocket said...

IBOFB, you can minimize all you want. Because that's what you do.

The fact is, Scheibler was at a higher level than you.

Fact is, it's still going on in North America. I have deception in this business as recently as YESTERDAY. First hand attempt to deceive.

You can keep spinning away, but the fact of the matter is that Amway is and WAS fraught with deception and scandal.

Just because you don't want them to be there, it doesn't mean they aren't.

By the way, how long ago did Amway release their NA sales figures?

Tex said...


You are full of shit. The issues Eric describes are still being practiced in the U.S. today. Did I mention that you are full of shit?

quixtarisacult said...


I thought you and Steadson had kissed and made nice? hehehe

ditto Rocket.

Legal Scan said...

I repeat, Trivedi, Amway India is notorious for releasing lies systematically. Even if you think you have the data of Amway, it is given by your bosses at Amway and they are all lies. I challenge Amway India to allow an independent auditor to check the figures claims by you and your bosses. The turth will come out. By the way, your English it seems has a bit improved. Who is your ghost writer? LoL.

dtytrivedi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dtytrivedi said...

yes dear legal scan i do have information about the direct tax and also i have the information about the total direct tax and indirect tax paid to exchequer.

See Legal scan.... thats what ur reality is u won't talk straight. This is the last time i am asking you do have it or not. Afterwards i will show it to all.

Dear legal scan i have also information regarding tax payment by amway.

Tex said...


Where did you get that idea? hehehe

Ditto rocket.