Thursday, 5 November 2009

Clear-thinking people are there in India

Congratulations, your Blog has received perhaps the ultimate 'Amway' inversion of reality.
According to the squawking 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson, courageous whistle-blowers, like Eric Scheibeler, lost money in 'Amway' simply because they refused to obey 'Amway's' rules. The fact that over 10 years, Eric Scheibeler, and his 'Emerald Group(s)', recruited thousands more adherents all of whom were maliciously indoctrinated to hand over a fixed sum of money every month (arbitrarily defined as 'Sales' by the 'Amway' bosses) and to recruit their friends and relatives to duplicate the same economically- unviable system (on the pretext that this would bring them 'Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 Years'), is completely ignored by Steadson, because he pretends that such an illegal money circulation scheme is forbidden by 'Amway's' rules.
In brief, although there are piles of destitute victims of the 'Amway' financial holocaust and a handful of billionaire profiteers, according to Lord Haw Haw Steadson, it was all the fault of the these victims: not the profiteers.
Indeed, when Eric Scheibeler began to re-enter reality he actually approached the big 'Amway' bosses in Ada Michigan to inform them of what was happening. This resulted in Eric being booted out of 'Amway' and his being subjected to all manner of indirect intimidation in a typical attempt to silence him. Unfortunately, we all know that the 'Amway' rules have been put there to fool casual observers (including: Judges, law enforcement agents, legislators, journalists, etc.). These rules are just a part of a much greater inversion of reality. They are not, and never have been, enforced.
The 'Amway' bosses undoubtedly run a major organized crime group. This sanctimonious little gang of racketeers have acquired billions of dollars via a closed-market swindle and related advanced fee fraud. Their counterfeit rule book is simply more evidence of how they sustain their shameful activities by obstructing justice. The document is part of a pattern of racketeering activity.
Fortunately, it seems that there are plenty of clear-thinking people (in authority) in India who have worked out what really lurks behind 'Amway.'
David Brear


Tex said...

When the tool scam is taken away, there's nothing wrong with the Amway business. Period.

quixtarisacult said...


Oh really? Not in my opinion, and certainly not in the opinion of the high justices of the world's largest democracy.

dtytrivedi said...

this is the link and new example of amway's sales and marketing plan.

now try make it a pyramid scheme !!1


And for u qiac

u think that euromonitor does consumer surveys let me tell u this

euromonitor is not a person or an organisation consisting people like u who just tell their opinions

ok let me share u its METHODOLOGY.

Each Euromonitor industry report is based on a core set of research techniques:
National-level desk research, company research and analysis, store checking, trade interviewing with national players and market analysis
International-level desk research, multinational company research and analysis, trade interviewing with national players and market analysis
The same in-house team of analysts which conducts the complementary international-level research also co-ordinates, controls, edits and finalises the work of our research associates in each country under review.

And here other methods which does

Desk research
store checks
trade surveys
company analysis
market analysis
data standardisation

well what do u think about methodology Qiac.

dtytrivedi said...

they are not taking reviews from bloggers.

IBOFB said...

Wow Brear, talk about inversions of reality and leaps of illogic.

I never said Scheibeler "lost money in Amway simply because he refused to obey Amway rules"

Far from it, I think there were several issues involved

(1) He clearly had problems with his upline
(2) He clearly had problems with his own understanding of the business. It is for example unfathomable that he could reach "pearl" level without knowing how the pearl bonus works.
(3) Simple math will show you that group and individual profitability increases dramatically if people are retailing to customers.

quixtarisacult said...

Steadson, you and Bridgett then need to explain why so little of Amway's crap is actually
'retailed' to non-Amway customers? Do you deny that only a relatively small percentage of total sales are made to outsiders?

IBOFB, you never did respond to my question about whether it was your name so far down on the list? You are David Steadson aren't you?

Riddle me this, where does the b.f.y.a.t.o.t.d.t.s. modus operandi originate?


There you go again.

Tex said...


Your opinion sucks. You're a PROVEN idiot.


As described on another thread, doing more retailing without getting rid of the tool scam is a step BACKWARDS, because a higher percentage of IBOs can obviously afford to pay into the tool scam.

quixtarisacult said...


You are a Amway apologist that happens to also be an embarassing bigot racist as well.

Tex said...


You just reinforced your IDIOT label. Have you read my blog recently, IDIOT?

Of course, I am neither a bigot or racist, IDIOT!

Legal Scan said...

Aditya, In India, Amway India operates on the same old lines and its website says so. I do not know which country you are now living in. The same old business model of Amway India offers to earn Rs. 56,965 per month if you can complete on leg i.e. 102 persons under you.

Tex said...

Legal Scan,

Are you saying you make that much from a SINGLE leg?

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, why don't you just go to Amway India website and find out yourself. That is why this business model falls under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning)Act, 1978 and that is illegal.

dtytrivedi said...

its clear that no damn person has clue against the euromonitor or other data base website!!!

and the best way is to avoid the question its funny when these facts shown against them they totally ignore it.

alteast i would say when nutrilite in Vitamins, minerals and dietary segment. is even bigger then
Wyeth even after pfizer acquired it.

According to latest information update nutrilte has 3.8 market share and nearest competitor is centrum of wyeth which not even half of nutrilite having market share of mere 1.6% in vitmains, minerals and dietary segment.

and still people say its closed market swindle

Legal Scan said...

When the illegal business model is being discussed, Trivedi blabbers about the quality of products. The business model is out to loot people and destroy families. Nuts like Trivedi never understand it.

Tex said...

Shyam/Legal Scan,

Why can't you answer my simple question?

Tex said...

Shyam/Legal Scan,

Why can't you answer my simple question?

dtytrivedi said...

dear tex they will not anwser ur question?

when i even say to them that even sales and marketing plan 6-4-3 is an example it is not compulsary at all follow 6-4-3 plan but still they don't believe it.

infact it is against code of conduct for abo to tell others that they to recruit people in 6-4-3 way or even they have to do 100 pv compulsary.

despite after telling them one cannot compel above mentioned things they only listen what they want because when they take this into consideration there is no point to argue further!!!!

And after this saying also they will say wrong.

When i showed them that it is against the code of conduct not to do this way then also...

quixtarisacult said...


Why would anyone want to get involved in such a pyramid scheme in the first place? All that 6-4-2 nonsense is just to dupe suckers (like you) into a scheme that enriches racketeers in a far of land. You, young Trivedi rehash Amway 'tape-speak' like a pal-parrot. Wake up man, I'm snapping my finger you hypnotised drone.

You are a perfect example of how Amway operates by shutting down critical thought. You advocate insane ideologies like they were the gospel of some insane religion. Wake up, I say. Snap out of your trance man! In the name Jesus be healed.

I can understand Textard, but he is merely insane, but maybe there is hope for you.

dtytrivedi said...

ok i want qiac that for few post stay in this issue.

well i can prove that ultimately sales which matters in compensation plan.

another thing if i generate my turnover (for e.g $10000)through more immediate downlines say five i earn more than i generate the same through 2 immediate downlines.

and in this business anyonce downline surpass their upline or even upline's upline.

As far as tools are concerned, there is no linear relationship between tools and business turnover. For e.g in bww Cds it is mentioned that there is no gurantee that applying the things said by speaker will build ur business.

Tex said...

To be called insane by qiac is a compliment. LOL

However, the Amway tool scam does not to be shut down in the U.S. I don't think it is as much of an issue in India, and definitely not an issue in the UK, as the UK government banned it over a year ago.

quixtarisacult said...


When I snap my fingers, you will wake up. Snap!

Tex said...

Correction (which you didn't even pick up, you must be in a transe - LOL): However, the Amway tool scam does need to be shut down in the U.S.

Did you wake YOURSELF up when you snapped your fingers? LOL