Saturday, 21 November 2009

Amway is an ongoing, organized crime group

I observe that your resident 'Amway' apologists continue to give the perfect demonstration on your Blog of the powerful effects of cultic, intellectual castration. It is frightening to observe how, in their own distinctive styles, the closed minds of Messrs. Steadson and Johnson systematically exclude all free-thinking individuals and any quantifiable evidence challenging the authenticity of the comic-book 'Amway' myth.
How dare we think? How dare we express our thoughts?
Despite the fact that (for obvious reasons) I'm not attempting to conduct a debate with either of them, Steadson and Johnson continue arrogantly to assume that I am addressing them directly. Yet, all my observations, Shyam, are clearly only directed to you and your free-thinking readers.
The 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Steadson, cannot put forward any rational argument to refute my unambiguous analysis of

'Amway' as a 'Nazi-style', camouflaged totalitarian movement which has churned tens of millions of unwary people through a closed-market swindle and exploited a significant, vulnerable minority of core-adherents by peddling them exclusive places in a (non-existent) future, secure, Utopian existence. Instead, Steadson denies reality by adopting his usual arrogant pose and squawking that what I'm saying is beyond everyone's understanding. Notice, however, how Steadson
admits that there are crooks and liars within the paramilitary hierarchy of the 'Amway' mob, but he steadfastly pretends that these few wayward individuals are not representative of the organization as a whole. Unfortunately for Steadson, his sophistic arguments are identical to those put forward by the apologists of 'Scientology.'
'Amway' is an ongoing, major, organized crime group. Steadson is one of its de facto agents whose extensive Internet propaganda activity (including his many reality-inverting contributions to your Blog) continue to confirm this analysis. The more he squawks, the more damage he does to his bosses.
Johnson is a puerile and abusive irrelevance trying to drag your Blog into the gutter. He should really be banned from it Shyam.
David Brear


IBOFB said...

Actually Brear,

My dealings with sophists like you has caused me to have some sympathy for Scientology and wonder if they really are unfairly under attack and perhaps they should indeed be treated the same as every other (equally bogus) religion.

IBOFB said...

ps before you engage us in another historical rant, I'm using "sophist" in the modern sense of the word.

quixtarisacult said...


I notice that you aren't making any over the top defenses of Amway but choose instead to sympathize with Scientologists, who are proven swindlers of their own cult adherents exactly in like manner to your own beloved 'Amway.' You are the chief 'Amwayologist' littering Shyam's blog with your insane defense of criminals who choose to hide behind your skirt like a child fearing a spanking.

Yes, Scientology and Amwayology; both corrupt crimonogenic organizations; both seeking to take charge of the property of their own adherents.

Steadson, your baldfaced defense of criminals--in the end--makes you just as guilty as they.

"Steal a little and they call you a thief; Steal a lot and the call you Amway!"

Tex said...


The gutter would be a step or two UP for you! LOL

Still afraid to talk on the phone, aren't you? LOL

Tex said...


Before your ego explodes from over inflation, I think you are severely over estimating how many people view this blog. Therefore, only a small handful of people having any consequence are even looking at this blog, so if you don't address me and ibofb, you are merely pissing into the virtual wind! LOL