Sunday, 8 November 2009

Crooks keep on asking what is wrong with Amway business model

Some people are stupid enough to ask what is wrong with Amway business model apart from the tool scam after one and half years of hundreds of posts and elaborate discussion on 6-4-3 business plan and equally elaborate discussion on the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court. When it is clearly evident that several millions of people lost their money in the Amway India business model and the crooks are out to cheat several millions of people with the false promises of 'total financial freedom in 2-5 years', these crooks are stupid enough to ask what is wrong with the Amway India business model.
Under 6-4-3 plan. the members have to enrol new members and encourage their downline to encourage more members to achieve total financial freedom in 2-5 years.
That is what is called mathematical impossibility which the Supreme Court of India highlighted in its judgement in a money circulation scheme scam. Still these crooks ask once again what is wrong with the business model of Amway.
The other day a government offical said that all these schemes are dead and no one is interested anylonger to join such schemes. Surprisingly, he also said that Amway India is almost dead and the company is hardly finding new persons to get enrolled. I really do not know what his source is nor what is the basis for his conclusion. Anyway, he did not elaborate it. He simply concluded that people have become cleverer and they do not fall for these schemes. When pointed out that these crooks are coming out with new cunning ideas, he just brushed them off.
It is sad to note that some comments are going personal and it is not healthy. If anybody wants to discuss the issue, one is welcome. Otherwise, he might be barred from participating in the discussion. It could be taken as warning.


Tex said...

If nobody is signing up, why is the India volume increasing?

Tex said...

If you want personal attacks to stop, start answering questions.

Legal Scan said...

Yet another oneliner. This Tex fellow has no self-respect that is why he has no respect for any other humanbeing.

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, read the post and post your comments. Answer to your question is in there and still you insist that you need answers. You can't wake up a pretending man.

dtytrivedi said...

latest updates regarding direct selling.

one of the reports is prepared with Ernst and Young

for latest news regarding direct selling in india

dtytrivedi said...

here are IDSA members

dtytrivedi said...

ooops i for got the link.

and here this one is bonus.

Amway invests more in India

dtytrivedi said...

even there is also information that the southern region of india is more pro direct selling!!

And if i am not wrong the state in which u live in shyam is the southern part of India. No wonder why there are so many critics against direct selling

dtytrivedi said...

just in case if anyone thinks that i am bluffing that andhra pradesh falls in south part of india

then wikipedia will work as a guideline

dtytrivedi said...

ok guys i want a feed back from u because i also do such survey however not accurate like this one, but hey i have plenty of critics here.

so when this information is represented to u how would u rate the credibility of the information.

it would be better if u would state the reason.

Tex said... LOL

dtytrivedi said...

tnx for that Tex,and i want to add with u that Amway officials spoke to media delagation of ANDHRA PRADESH in Himachal Pradesh.

so thnx to them for spreading the information and I quite sure Our fellow critics in living in andhra pradesh would be well aware of that!!!!

dtytrivedi said...

Hey so can i say that legislation for direct selling in india has finally introduced!!!!

IBOFB said...

It hasn't been introduced yet, it's just finally getting some attention so it will happen.

Shyam - you claim nobody is joining any more. Doesn't that mean you've "won"? Aren't you happy?

Amway clearly will collapse any day now as with nobody joining, and nobody being able to sell, that means they've no revenue at all! Yet they're ramping up production, opening more outlets and employing more people. They must be losing millions a minute! And just think ... all those Amway products MUST be getting buried somewhere .... maybe you can find them and get it all on TV when you dig them u! You'll be famous!!


Tex said...

C'mon Brear, we need another one of your adjective/adverb laced meaningless posts, show us some love, man! LOL

dtytrivedi said...

hey and one more thing i found, check out the latest direct selling philanthropy report 2009 prepared by World federation of direct selling association

dtytrivedi said...

here is the link where i found

quixtarisacult said...

Tracy Coenen has a great article on her Fraud Files blog describing the real nature of MLM schemes like Amway and other clones. It describes the endless pyramid selling of empty promises. Click HERE.

(Trivedi, pay extra close attention. When I snap my fingers you will wake up... snap!)

dtytrivedi said...

qiac i feel sorry for u mate.

that u don't understand the difference between an individual who is forensic accountant and fraud examiner in Chicago and Milwaukee who investigates white collar crimes

against Ernst and Young which is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the Big Four auditors, along with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte) and KPMG. And not to forget its 9th largest private organisation in Us having presence in more than 140 countries

Ok thats fine but did u look at her refernce she made when she wrote an article in a blog she made the author pyramid schemes alert like you made reference of joe cool. A

I think u must read this an article which is published (it is not written in blog) by Djack Smith.
go to this u will like it

he clearly explains what is the difference between direct selling and pyramid schemes.

u know what, when u will see such an article published u will search against direct selling and mlm in google then when i find some thing new (which is in blog) u will cite it here.

You should understand the credibility of the article.

so next times when search an article against direct selling find some credible article because i can find any thing on blogs like i can write anything on my bathroom.

dtytrivedi said...

qiac i can also write an article on blog and i can take the reference of any damn blog or website like amquix website, would this mean that mine article is more credible?

IBOFB said...

dtytrivedi, you don't understand. The likes of Brear, Shyam, and QIAC claim there are no credible sources defending MLM companies because, by definition, if someone defends an MLM, they're not credible!

Doesn't matter if they're head of a prestigious business school, or President of the United States or a Professor of Marketing or a well-regarded professional journalist or Executives at top companies ... none of them are credible sources about anything. Clearly they cannot be, since they support MLM!!

A disgruntled former distributor though ... well, they know what they're talking about! They're experience clearly outranks the independent judgement of insignificant people like Professors, CEOS, and Presidents, not to mention the millions of people with different experiences. Those people clearly aren't credible either. Or they've been brainwashed. Or something.

Tex said...


Smith doesn't explain very much in his article.

dtytrivedi said...

hello tex for that u have to purchase like that of euromonitor.

quixtarisacult said...

Many people from 'all walks of life' are taken in by the Amway ruse. Just as many people are taken in by Scientology. Tom Cruise doesn't make Scientology anything more than a sham, and neither do the supposed 'prestigous' personalities David Steadson (IBOFB) points to for support.

Amway, Herbalife, Monavie, and so so many other Amway clones all are basically disguising their pyramid 'dream' selling 'product' (an endless chain of business opportunities) with their mundane, mostly generic products. They only manage to sell these extortionately priced items (like vitamins and berry drinks) because they've already sold the 'believer' on the idea of success in the 'bidnez'. Retailing is merely a myth, especially in Amway.

It seems to me that at the present time Amway is attempting to disguise their supposed 'independents' as retail consultants (customers) to avoid the embarrassing questions that their 'closed market' operations entail. (I suspect that there may be some very embarrassing developments emerge out of the United Kingdom soon related to court mandated Amway profitability statements.)

Trivedi: Go ahead and hate your neighbor; go ahead and cheat a friend; It is you who must deal with these former family and friends in the end.

People have lost face (honor, respectability) here in the U.S. over this con-job of a 'bidnez.' that has now come to the good people of India in a TROJAN HORSE looking for fresh, naive victims.

Scoundrels can advocate these U.S. based racketeers if they wish, but in the end, they should be held to account for intent to defraud before the bar of Indian justice. After-all, Amway has been adjucated to be in violation of India's laws against money circulation schemes. A fact.

For those Indians investigating the Amway 'opportunity,' just relying on the 'blarney' dished up by Amway and the small group of 'apologists' that 'troll' this blog would be a major mistake. That is why I provide some links to give 'prospects' a view that these apologist scondrels like IBOFB and Tex don't want you to see. For instance, here is another link which provides possibly the largest online library of information about Amway available and a true look into the Amway 'heart of darkness.' Click HERE.

"Steal a little and they call you a thief; Steal a lot and they call you Amway." qiac

Tex said...


Where did you cut and paste that from?

dtytrivedi said...

this is what i can expect from u when there is no explanation is left.

Even if among top auditors in the world gives u report it takes only few minutes to write against them.

And when government of india is brought the proposal in regards to legislation in direct selling what else would say against that.

I know u will tell that Indian government is corrupt. its very simple for u to write on blog. so far there has been no credible evidence shown by u, u show only blogs and comments.

And i know u will easily escape from it by saying u don't believe all these figures.

dtytrivedi said...

did u know qiac amway global is among top 250 global retailers according to deloitte!!!

but first u will go and search blogs searching comments and posts against deloitte or u will just say all these are just gimmicks!!! and again such answer from u expected when u don't have anything left to justify!!!

quixtarisacult said...


You seem to be going to the ends of the world to find justification for your involvement in Amway. Hey, like I've told you before, if you believe, then just go for it. Come back after the 5 year plan's time is up and let me know how you've done? I have no problem with you or your dreams. Prove me wrong I guess is what I'm saying. Just be warned that your Amway diamond dreams have fleeced several generations of believers in the U.S.A.. I have no problems with the Indian government. Indeed I have the highest degree of respect for the high justices that deduced that Amway is indeed a money circulating scam.

dtytrivedi said...

the matter is not yet solved dear, soon in this november will see the results.

but right now what i can seen is government is in favor now for direct selling.

and yeah do watch this new article nutrilite

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan any comments regarding the direct and indirect tax paid by the idsa companies in india

quixtarisacult said...

Trivedi... I go again! (Trying to reason with you.)

You seem to be falling for one of most mind numbing, reality bending aspects of Amway: the products and the Amway myths.

I realize that you run a pro Amway blog whereby you (more or less) repeat pro-Amway tape speak information about things like 'Nutrilite' and 'Artistry' as if it were 'gospel' truth. You use various ad' agencies for support of your arguments that Amway isn't a scam. You seem to have fallen for the ploy of believing that Nutrilite and Artistry are somehow number 1 in some supposed 'catagory' or another.

Don't you see, Trivedi, that Amway is always making these claims for themselves, and they have billions of dollars to basically insure that other ad agencies repeat the very same theme. Sadly, these 'white lies' aren't true, and at best these 'blatent lies' must be 'qualified' in some manner.

People falling under the Amway 'spell' are disconnected from reality and are lead down a prim-rose path seemingly with race horse style Amway blinders on their heads.

David Brear has spent considerable time and thought explaining how the successful Amway swindle operates. It actually began with Nutrilte; although Nutrilite (the vitamins) only serve as a 'prop' in a pyramid chain recruitment swindle which is cleverly disguised. Things like vitamins and makeup and so forth aren't really all that important in the end. These mask the 'pyramid' selling of 'business opportunities,' the only marketable product of all MLM-direct selling schemes, regardless of their name. These are the Amway 'clones.'

Amway wants you to believe their products are 'number 1' and so forth, but seriously, Trivedi, are they really number one in the 'categories' as they claim? The Amway corporate officers know they aren't 'exactly'. But they want the recruits 'believing' in the 'business plan' to think they are--regardless of the actual truth.

Nutrilite, as a vitamin supplement, in terms of actual real world sales, ranks way down the sales revenue rankings list behind the more popular brands sold through all common retailers (the brick and mortar stores) that Amway cult drones are taught to denigrate and hate.

I will give you just the first 'for instance.' The retailer GNC. (Doesn't carry Nutrilite vitamins) but they do carry their lineup of brands to include their 'home' brands. Any number of these offerings dwarf Amway's 'Nutrilite' sales many times over in the same time period. Now, GNC, although a large retailer in the U.S. competes with the Wal Mart chain stores, who also offer a competing market place for vitamins and supplements of all varieties, and the brands they represent dwarf Nutrilite in sales volume. Now, I am not advocating that people run out and buy any of these vitamins, but I am representing that brands such as 'One a Day' and 'Centrum' and 'Flinstones' all (in the long and short of things) dwarf the sale of 'Nutrilite'.

To sum up, all of the claims that Amway makes about their products being number 1 (in any category) are just lying boasts, all many times supported by ad agencies paid to further back up these (mythical) claims with 'consumer research' and 'surveys.' In effect, these are paid commercials making supposedly independent claims. The truth is not found in their squakings, some of which you pal-parrot as if these claims are somehow the gospel of the Universe.

(I must break this comment up into two parts at this point--proceed to next comment)

quixtarisacult said...

(Part II)

I can now describe how the same trick is pulled using 'Artistry' as an example. Suffice it to say, I'll not even have to look to traditional brick and mortar stores to find a competitor that outsells Amway. There is another company that actually leads Amway in makeup sales, Avon. Artistry missed the boat. Avon, a 'true direct seller,' albeit one who also offers 'business opportunities' actually distributes and retails makeup. By far and away, Avon sells more lipstick and eyeshadow and face paint than Amway's Artistry. Now, to put this into prospective, even Avon isn't 'number 1' in anything related to real world makeup sales except possibly in the category of 'name recognition,' because here again, the traditional 'brick and mortar' stores (that Amway loves to hate and denigrate) offer all the top marketed and sold products, any of which dwarf 'Artistry's' puny sales revenues.

The long and short of the deception you repeat is that all of the marketplace competitors spin these 'number 1' stories about themselves. All ad agencies 'spin' their products. Amway spins these Nutrilite and Artistry products because they have to. They need them as 'props' for their real 'bidnez,' which--as you should know by now--is the 'pyramid dream selling' of scam 'business opportunies.'

Amway represents that they are the 'number 1' online retailer in health and beauty. I suppose they point to their 'web portal' (where ABOs and IBOs) submit all their orders. In reality, these orders are the only significant 'retail' sales Amway makes. Amway considers all orders from these 'true believer' 'retail sales consultants' to be retail sales, although only a very small percentage of these items are ever resold outside of the Amway 'distribution' chain to real world customers. In other words Amway 'independent business owners' (heavy irony intended) are expected to raid their own 'warehouse.'

Amway apologists like David Steadson (IBOFB, Icerat, Insider), Bridgett Baron (the world according to Bridgett) make claims that people sign up to be distributors only to receive the puny discount offered by Amway so they can be 'retail' customers. There is very little truth in this argument, but one they make none-the-less. The real and sad truth of the matter is that these arguments serve to hide the fact that people are first sold on the 'business opportunity' fraud, and the sales of these products then disguise the excessive 'fees' that Amway claims they don't require. They are actually hidden in the excessive, exhorbitant asking price of these goods.

Everyone in Amway pays and pays and pays. They pay for mostly mundane, generic overpriced products, and they also pay for exhorbitantly priced 'tools' in a secondary scam known as the 'tool and function' business ran by the Amway 'kingpins.' (Tools are mostly useless props disguised as training materials.)

David Brear describes how the Amway 'closed market swindle' operates. People believe in the soviet style '5 year plans.' These erstwhile believers pay and pay and pay into what merely amounts to a 'land of will' advanced fee fraud--all operated psychologically in the same manner as Jim and Tammy Bakker's advanced fee swindle, where non-existent 'time shares' were sold in their own carefully disguised 'land of will' paradise.

"Steal a little and they call you a thief; Steal a lot and they call you Amway!" qiac

Unknown said...

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