Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Central Food Laboratory confirmed the poor quality of Amway products

Amway India has chosen to appeal in a judicial court to send its samples to the Central Food Laboratory to get them tested there as it did not believe the findings of the State Food Laboratory. The Magistrate ordered the Central Food Laboratory to test the products sent by Amway India. Not surprisingly, the Central Food Laboratory confirmed that the Amway India products are of poor quality. Now, the Amway apologists know that Amway products are not superior quality as claimed by the Amway India.


Tex said...

You're stupid. Every single test was within specifications, and the only things found was OPINIONS there may be some artificial coloring and the "invigorating" words, which may or may not conflict with India's labeling requirements. NEITHER of these would I consider "poor quality." You're STUPID!

Legal Scan said...

Tex, pigheaded fellow, knowing fully well all these specifications, Amway India has chosen for re-testing of its products by another laboratory. Cannot you understand a simple thing like that. That is the point it was made here.

dtytrivedi said...

shyam as far as my opinion is concerned i never said that what u were saying regarding this case was a LIE.

If u show the same information in five different ways it will remain the same it won't change the impact and infact amway products were found adulterated.

Amway paid the fine of Rs 100000 thats just around $2000. And do u think that if amway was found selling adulterated products in India then Amway India would be this much less. amway would be charged in millions of dollars for this.

And here its not even a million rupees. Do u think government of India was so general on Amway.

You should also know one thing that amway's nutrilite product are not grown in India they are exported to india. And packaging of that is done in India. Moreover it manufactures more than 8.5 billion tablets in the world. Globally nutrilite products are sold in more than 50 countries.
So this one of the few incidences where the products where found adulterated. You must have come across the concept of statistical quality control!!!

and please read the news again

Especially last few lines


"The district forum directed the company to immediately withdraw from the market the products declared as ‘adulterated’ or ‘misbranded’ by the State Food Laboratory, and also levied a fine of Rs. 1 lakh"

The case is over!!! why are u stretching the matter

dtytrivedi said...

ok what was the result of retesting of amway products!!!

IBOFB said...

I'll go futher than you dytrivedi - Shyam *is* lying. The paper he supplies speaks next to nothing about the quality of Amway products. First, it's not an Amway manufactured product, it's one purchased from an Indian company and resold under the Amway brand. Secondly, there were two issues raised. One was an opinion claiming that by saying food can "invigorate you" means it's a "medical claim". That's pretty absurd. The second was a minor amount of a food colouring. According to Rule 26 of the PFA, Ponceau 4R is an allowed food colouring and is permitted in a wide variety of products, and Rule 29 says this includes "candied crystallised or glazed fruits" such as exist in Muesli (source) - in other words it's almost certainly allowed. The fact the tester in question challenges the idea that food can "reinvigorate" you suggests this may have been a politically influenced analysis. The second fact that Muesli contains preserved fruit, and thus this colouring is allowed, but the tester says it's a violation (presumably because it's a bag of muesli rather than a bag of fruit) seems to confirm this interpretation.

NONE of this says anything about "quality" at all. It's a pretty minor technical discussion over bureacratic definitions. The fact the court imposed such a small fine is evidence of how minor an issue the court found it to be.

The fact that this is the best Shyam can come up with is further proof of exactly what a weak platform Shyam is standing on.

Legal Scan said...

This hopeless IBOFB claims again that everyone is a liar because he is a habitual liar. He sticks to same old argument of 'technical discussion of bureaucratic definitions'. I pity these apologists.

IBOFB said...

Are you denying that Ponceau 4R is an allowed food colouring for glazed fruit?

If that is true (which it clearly is), on what basis was the claim made that the product violated rule 29?

Are you supporting the idea that saying that eating food can invigorate the body is a "medical claim"?

quixtarisacult said...

This post got me to thinking about the report I read on carb blockers. Amway's brand is made from 'beans' which the lab said might have some minimal effect of blocking carbs, but one would have to swallow the entire bottle at one time. They also observed that just eating beans alone tended to have more of a desired effect in the end. Gas and the quick passing of undigested matters from the colon being the only (not so desirable) effect.

Amway tends to rely on suspect pseudo science and more significantly pro-sumer psycho-babble to 'take in' the gullible.

Can you say "Nutri-Scam?"

Unknown said...

this post is tottally rubbish. every product of amwy is high quality product not in india even in usa amway creates a milestone in all over world. this is only a publicity stunt we all stupids try to put down amway

SFTSLSB said...

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