Thursday, 12 November 2009

A day of coincidences for the Amway accused

November 12 could be described as the Day of Coincidences. Mr William Pinckney, the managing director of Amway India and other accused in the money circulation scheme criminal case did not attend the court. The Magistrate who became serious when they did not attend the court last time, surprisingly has taken leave of absence. It is not clear whether the magistrate has taken leave knowing that the accused who are currently out of the State or country might not attend the trial or the accused did not attend the court knowing that the magistrate went on leave.
Meanwhile, the Corporate Frauds Watch filed an implead petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court in the writ petition filed by Amway India appealing the State's highest court to quash the Government Order which restrained it from advertising in the media. The visibly shaken counsels of Amway India pleaded the Division Bench to refer the writ petition to a larger bench.
The Division Bench happilyagreed to refer the writ petition to a larger bench. Anyway, it is a blessing in disguise for Corporate Frauds Watch as it got an opportunity to present their case before a larger bench.
Meanwhile, the spineless bureaucrats and the police remain mute spectators as the Amway India continues its advertisement spree.
A brighter point is the CID police have agreed in principle to include the names of other distributors of Amway in the money circulation scheme after some more investigation.


IBOFB said...

for "visibly shaken" read "visibly irritated" at having their time wasted by a guy who has again and again demonstrated his clear ignorance of the Amway business model.

But hey, enjoy making a fool of yourself it front of a larger bench! :/

dtytrivedi said...

shyam pls tell the figures what amount of tax is paid by the company.

my point is does he even know the amount of tax paid by goldquest or even a turnover of gold quest in india!!!

Pls comes with figures u just can't go away just by something u like. do u have the accurate information regarding turnover of goldquest, and tax paid by the them.

don't tell the fairy tales... come with some figures now.

i know very well that u asked me to reveal in exact figure, and i did. Now its ur turn dear and incase if u don't have then from now onwards do come with figures.

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi, do I have to tell time and again paying tax is no excuse to claim that the business model is legitimate. And I don't care for the figures because the figures prove nothing. I am talking about the business model and I am going to present the judgment of Madras High Court which stated the same thing.

Shyam Sundar said...

IBOFB, the hahahaa idiot, thinks he is intelligent. Don't forget the judgement of Supreme Court India which stated that there is no merits in the special leave petition filed by Amway India. And you crooks can't get away all the time because you have had enough of it.

Tex said...

You should have talked with me first, I could have saved you from a lot of wasted time/effort in front of the court.

Tex said...


Here's the statement again. Tell me how this means the actins Amway took prior to (and during) the court case were immaterial to his decision, or any other portion of the 69 pages that would infer the same.

"On balance I do not consider that the need to punish Amway for its past wrongs or the need to deter other multilevel companies from inducing the public to become purchasers and retailers of its products by misstatements requires that the serious consequences I have identified be visited on Amway: and as a result of the undertakings now offered (including that offered at trial) I consider a winding up order to be disproportionate."