Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Buying burger is not like buying Amway products

Amway apolgists are really funny fellows. A youngman equates McDonald with Amway. His irrational argument is just laughable.
McDonald has no 6-4-3 Plan for its customers and it never induces people to become members by paying some amount and it never promises 'total financial freedom in 2-5 years. Still, McDonald's business is like Amway'as business model, this youngman insists.
Anybody can walk into any McDonald restaurant and buy any thing they sell there. But nobody can buy anything from any distributor point of Amway. He would simply be directed to a person who sells the products without giving any receipt. Even if he finds any fault with the product he cannot complain because there is no receipt for his purchases.
Moreover, nobody at the McDonald harass the customers to become a member by paying a sum, compulsorily purchase products everymonth to claim commission and renew his distributorship every year by paying fee.
The Amway with its dubious business model has been cheating people all over world and these hopeless apologists support it unabashedly with the hope that they would become millionaires in near future. They realise soon it would be a mirage. Still, after realising the truth, they only blame themselves for not working hard. They never realise that the scheme is inherently deceitful. Even if they realise they never come out openly for the fear of people laughing at them.
Anyway, Trivedi did not disclose whether his mother who is his upline has achieved total financial freedom or not. He also did not say for how long she has been the distributor of Amway.


Tex said...

Do you understand the purpose of an analogy? Do you even understand what an analogy is? LOL

Tex said...


You still haven't addressed the below statement by the UK judge. I also challenge you to find a statement in his ruling that would support your position that the actions taken by Amway prior to or during the court case had no bearing on shutting them down.

On balance I do not consider that the need to punish Amway for its past wrongs or the need to deter other multilevel companies from inducing the public to become purchasers and retailers of its products by misstatements requires that the serious consequences I have identified be visited on Amway: and as a result of the undertakings now offered (including that offered at trial) I consider a winding up order to be disproportionate.

dtytrivedi said...

ur comments reveal that u don't know what is difference between franchising and private level franchising.

and would u know about that, let me tell u this is Amway business model is based on mcdonald franchise model.

but when the founders of amway studied mc donald's franchise model they found some limitations in the model.

The franchise model has 4-5 limitations

Investment --- is high
Products are limited
Limited geography
Single level franchise - only franchior has rights not the franchisee.
Full time business

And amway covers it all.

another thing is that amway products has 100% money back guarantee and also virtually risk free as distributor can claim his Rs 995 money in 90 days of his starting of business if didn't like the business

dtytrivedi said...

and one another thing, can u give me specific figure what do u mean by financial freedom. looks like u are advocating more than any amway distributors.

be specific, then tell others to be specific.

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, The word 'Total financial Freedom in 2-5 years' was not coined by anyone other than Amway. How can anybody say specifically what is total financial freedom and the specific figure for achieveing it. Either you or your bosses have to reveal the specific figure. Nobody else is authorised to say it.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan i have said it dozen times till now that its the distributors of amway who often make it overstatement.

And i don't have any boss, u are still believing that old days....

And i again and again say that this is business no one can guarantee regarding the amount.

Even after more than 10 times telling u in 6-4-3 business plan that how it works and for what its meant for, but still u don't even believe it.

i am surprised that previously if people who often make over statement has led to believe at that time u didn't had any doubt and at the same time when i saying that many of things said by such people it false with reference to credible source and inturn u guys point the finger on mee!!!!

when it comes to financial freedom, show me a single post or comment in blog mentioning that!!!!

dtytrivedi said...

But still shyam and u (LEGAL SCAN) will advocate that its 6-4-3 plan a plan where every one has to by 100 pv and they are compelled to recruit the people.

I know u like it even after my and ibofb's frequent attempt in telling u that its wrong information with reference but still u won't believe.

I am telling u both of u, did any one of us have made such claims what u were mentioning? instead u started teaching us how to do 6-4-3 plan.

dtytrivedi said...

next time legal scan tell u r friend shyam to show some figures when he says it and then tell that ask some one to show the figures.