Friday, 27 November 2009

Amway's distributor figures are exaggerated

I'm sure you, and your free-thinking readers, are fully-aware that trying to conduct a rational debate with obedient 'Amway' crew members, on the outward tack of their guided-cultic voyage to ruin, is a pointless waste of time. Although they have been given the illusion that they made a free-choice to sign-up, unquestioning 'Amway' cabin-boys, like young Trivedi, have been subjected to coordinated devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion designed to shut down their critical and evaluative facutlies. Trivedi has self-evidently been programmed only to accept misinformation coming from the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth. Typically, core-'Amway' adherents are like persons who have fallen head-over-heels in love. They misinterpret the ego-destroying fact that no one makes money in 'Amway' (apart from its bosses) as a threat to achieving future redemption in the 'Amway' Utopia. In the closed-logic 'Amway' belief system, the truth and truth-tellers are systematically condemned and excluded as 'Negative.'
The narcissistic bosses of pernicious cultic groups like 'Amway' and 'Scientology' always project their fantasies of unlimited success and power as reality. Currently, 'Scientology' proudly proclaims '8 Millions Believers Worldwide': 'Amway, 3 Millions'. The former poses as the 'World's Fastest-Growing Religion and Self-Betterment Movement,' the latter as one of the 'World's Largest Direct Selling Companies.'
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, the best available estimates (from European government agencies) are that there are less than 50 000 long-term adult core-adherents of the 'Scientology' myth. Indeed, a significant percentage of 'Scientology's' claimed 'believers' turn out to be persons unfortunate enough to have been born into the movement. Since its instigation in the early 1950s, the overwhelming majority of individuals who have become involved with 'Scientology' have abandoned the organization. They have, in fact, been churned through one of the most profitable pseudo-scientific swindles and related-advanced fee frauds of the modern era.
Similarly, the best available estimates (based on 'Amway's' own figures) reveal that since the late 1950s, although tens of millions of annual contracts have been signed with 'Amway', the number of persistent core-adherents (who have continued to renew their annual contract for more than 5 years) has never been more than 1% of the current, overall numbers claimed. In other words, 'Amway's 'Distributor figures' are meaningless drivel, maliciously exaggerated in order to perpetrate fraud and shield a pattern of racketeering activity. For, in the end, even the tiny few 'Admired and Respected' members of the core-group mysteriously vanish from the '100% Positive Amway' propaganda. Sadly, Trivedi's chances of passing the rest of his days basking safely in the future 'Amway' Utopia (where everyone is 'prosperous, happy and free') are (effectively) zero.
Currently, Trivedi is unconsciously both perpetrator and victim of one of the most profitable pseudo-scientific swindles and related-advanced fee frauds of the modern era. His emotionally-driven ego prevents his higher intellectual faculties from facing this ugly reality, and perhaps it always will.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

did u know whats the attrition rate of the door to door marketing!!!!

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, do you know in the door to door marketing, you lose nothing but here you lose money, time, relationship and friendship by becoming Amway distributor.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan don't teach me what is door to door marketing.

i did door to door marketing 6 months.

if u don't earn money u lose time and money which includes travelling costs.

however u are right that it doesn't affect the relationship and friendship.

but it does affect the corporate reputation if people does dummy sales.