Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fraudulent Amway survives with its ingenious cunning methods

How Amway India is surviving in India for the last nearly a decade is a million dollar question. A number of answers may be given in this context.
A number of companies indulged in money circulation schemes openly have been closed after they reached a point. Criminal cases were filed against several such fraudulent companies resulting in their close down.
But Amway India has adopted an ingenious method of indulging in money circulation schemes in the guise of sale of products. It sells all its products at exorbitant prices and divides the extra money among its members. Several other companies are just following in the footsteps of Amway.
That is why the Andhra Pradesh High Court commented in its judgment, "It is thus evident that the whole scheme is so ingeniously conceived that the inducement for aggressive enrollment of new members to earn more and more commission is inherent in the scheme."
Another prominent feature in the modus operandi of Amway is that it encourages its members to enrol only their friends and relatives. Even if they suspect that the scheme is a fraud which resulted in their loss, they never prefer to file a criminal complaint against their own friend or relative who introduced them into the scheme. Moreover, The members would be told that it was their fault that they could not succeed because there was not enough motivation in them. That is how the Amway India make the failed members feel guilty even to think that the scheme is a fraudulent one.
That is why there have been no criminal complaints against Amway India though there are several millions of people who lost money in the scheme of Amway through out the country.
The only exception is Mr A V Satyanarayana. He suffered a lot at the hands of Amway India members who tried to break his marriage. He was thrown in prison on the pretext of demanding dowry from his wife. Theirs was a love marriage. There was no question of exchange of any money. He is the personification of patience and waited for his wife to come to terms and understand his love. Now they are united and recently the wife delivered a beautiful baby boy.
I appeal to the millions of Indians who lost their hard-earned money in the fraudulent business model of Amway India to come out openly and say what their experience was.


Tex said...

Please, tell your stories. Shyam's stories are like Brear and qiac's, part truth, part fantacy. LOL

Tex said...

See, this is how to get ibofb off your site, just keep hammering the facts, and he runs with his tail between his legs:


Since you are developing a habit of ignoring my posts that are a couple of threads old (not your fault for the new, lame thread part), here's the response from the prior thread:

LIAR. You stated that nobody has ever provided you a single example, even though you have asked numerous times for a single example. LIAR.

I don't feel sorry for Anderson, he's a (former) LCK.

It doesn't matter if you agree whether Amway can arbitrate former IBOs, it's in the current contract. Unless/until someone takes Amway to court (good luck, they will delay it until the plaintiff is literally dead!), it stands. The best current court case is the Pokorny, which is awaiting a court date, with no near-term expectations, according to a lawyer involved in the case.

Again, you inferred the ORIGINAL judge said it didn't matter what actions Amway took before/during the trial, by saying, "Tex - The appeals judge was referring to the original judges findings." Of course they were referring to the original judge's findings, that's what appeals judges do when they are reviewing a lower court case. Duh! The FACT is there is no language that remotely infers this concept in the original judge's decision, and it is apparent the appeals court was in error on this point. THAT is my point.

Also, the appeal judges' main responsibility was to determine whether the original judgment should stand or not, so whatever editorial comments they made are insignificant.