Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Funny IBOFB wants to be the judge in Amway criminal case

What a wonderful offer we have received from an unabashed Amway apologist! This IBOFB wants to judge over a case which he wants to decide in his favour. IBOFB opened a new era of jurisprudence with such offer. LoL.
What is his locus standi? What qualities a judge should have? This fellow, it seems, has little sense or no sense at all to blurt out such offer.
A judge is one person who should look at things objectively above self and decide whether there is truth in it or not. This self-appointed judge is going to decide if we present our arguments to claim that his Amway bosses are the most straight-forward people and their business model is the best one in the world.
He is not ashamed of talking such nonsense and doesn't think that people would laugh at him.
For the readers who might have missed the comment posted by IBOFB, here is his offer. This IBOFB wants to sit over as judge and we have to put forward our arguments which would finally be decided by the IBOFB. This spineless fellow who is least courageous to come out open with his name or face wants to judge the case. LoL.
One thing I can't understand is why he is so afraid of my blog writing against Amway. Does one blog make such difference against a plethora of blogs in favour of Amway. This clearly shows that these crooks are a frightened lot that their crooked veil would be lifted if my blog is continued. That is why so many people are trying to convince me and my readers that everything is alright with Amway.


dtytrivedi said...

hey guys check this out, Amway is now 39th largest private company, previously it was 44th largest private company in America.


Awesome work by Amway employees and distributors.

what u say shyam, what does this fact tells to u, can u show me other mlm companies in India who are listed in forbes magazine atleast.

I suggest u search forbes global 2000.

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi, A fact is a fact. I do not dispute that it is largest private company in the world. That doesn't make it legitimate. My question is how the 6-4-3 plan is legitimate. I say it is unworkable and an endless chain. That is why it is cheating. Instead of explaining the business model of Amway India why do you refer such issues. That is why I call you nitwit, youngman

IBOFB said...

That wasn't what I suggested at all. I'll assume you just misunderstood rather than deliberate story telling.

dtytrivedi said...

i tell u what shyam when it comes to 6-4-3 model, u bluntly believe that one has to do in the same 6-4-3 way which is again not possible.

kumar shivaram who was 4th depth of kanti and lata gala, was qualified diamond before them.

like this i have endless real examples which will question ur thinking that the business operates in 6-4-3 way only.

A simple fact u don't understand that 6-4-3 model was made to understand network marketing.

and according to example what if person sponsors 6 and what if those sponsor 4 and those later sponsor 3.

in this business no one is compelled to do purchase and/sell any specific amount of worth products.

Even after telling u that any downline has equal chance to surpass its uplines and there are plenty live examples.

but why u guys don't think in that way?

I have never told to any of my prospects in the way u are thinking. However there are also many people who do the business in the faulty and they tell in the similar fashion the way u are telling.