Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fellow Indians, people all over world save money, enjoy life

India is the land of 1.2 billion population. That is what is mouth-watering for most of these crooks. China is more populated but that is not a democracy. These crooks may face tough problems if they step in China. That is why most of these crooks are turning to India. With dwindling business in Europe and the United States of America, fraudsters like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, et al, are now concentrating on Indian people.
These fraudsters try to encash the weakness of people to get rich quick and easy by offering 'total financial freedom in 2-5 years' or 'good business opportunity' or 'earlly retirement'.
Not to lag behind, some Indian crooks have also joined the bandwagon and trying their best to line their pockets. Hindustan Unilever Network is only one of them.
Apart from these product-based multilevel marketing companies which indulged actually in money circulation scheme, there are several other thieves who are out to make fastbuck by raising deposits from public in the name of real estate, tree plantation, limousine purchase, tube choke manufacturing, paper plate making, so on and so forth.
The main problem in the whole scheme is the educated elite in the society. They do not mind to cheat their own friends, relatives and neighbours to drag them into this web. Instead of bringing awareness among people about the pitfalls of these schemes, these educated self-centred thieves never think twice to cheat them to line their own pockets.
All these educated persons are highly placed in the society working as lawyers, lecturers, professors and top bureaucrats in the government. It is really strange that there are some police officers who join such schemes knowing fully well that such schemes are criminal in nature.
I believe that people by and large have already understood the scheming of such thieves but still it is a long way to go. Let us continue our campaign against such fraudsters and bring awareness among people about these nefarious schemes.
Let us not throw our hard-earned money into such schemes blinded by our greed. There is nothing like early retirement or total financial freedom. One has to work hard and save money. Indians are famous for their saving habits and that is why Indians quickly recovered from recession though the rest of the world is limping back to normalcy. Let us save money and enjoy the life instead of giving the same away to these crooks.


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

when u say about china, amway has generating more than 10 times revenue than that in India. Amway generated $2.5 billion in year 2008.

IBOFB said...

Oh wow .... I burst out laughing within the first few seconds of reading this post.

Shyam, you have completely destroyed your credibility. You clearly know nothing at all about the business and industry you spend so much time criticising.

Amway has been operating in China for nearly 15 years. It is Amway's biggest market. Amway has been named one of China's Top Consumer Brands and as usual Nutrilite is topping consumer surveys there

Herbalife and Forever Living have also had operations in China for many years and are very successful companies.

How can anyone take you seriously?

quixtarisacult said...


Amway represents their 'revenues' somehow as everyone's success. Amway succeeds by disconnecting their 'core adherents' from external reality and making these unfortunates believe that Amway's 'revenues' taken from them as their own success. Isn't this a reality inverting scenario?

Your friend trivedi regurgitates the Amway propaganda the same way a bird regurgitates worms for younglings in her nest.

Amway propagandist (apologists) in the end brag about how much money they've swindled from places like India, China, and elsewhere.

People believing in the U.S. based racketteers, for all intents and purposes, do all the paying out. The swindled are taught to believe that the money extracted from themselves represents how wonderful Amway is, while it really represents how Amway extracts cash from their pockets; cash better spent or saved elsewhere.

Here again, comes the 'Swedish Swindler' with his theiving mask to support the assumption that Amway's take represents 'distributor' (heavy irony) success. Intent to 'fraud' your fellow man continues. As always, they represent the props like Nutrilite as successful while the selling of business opportunities fraud continues.

Tex said...


You're an idiot. Why don't you join the Indian woman and set yourself on fire? LOL

Tex said...


Ditto. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

wow what a nice way qiac, i love ur story but i don't think it has any reference. offcourse i forgot its a blog and u can write any thing.

but hey what are views regarding euromonitor.

for e.g. in OTC healthcare its among top 10, ahead than procter and gamble

Any ways u said to me that

"our friend trivedi regurgitates the Amway propaganda the same way a bird regurgitates worms for younglings in her nest".

Yeah u rite i believe that and i am one of the younglings and from where i get information is Euromonitor, internet retailer or other well known, credible and awarded business intelligence website and database.

well what source of your information qiac.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan i didn't got ur reply ok i will be soon posting the tax of all idsa members

quixtarisacult said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
quixtarisacult said...


You believe all the mind numb propaganda all designed to make you the sucker in a game of greed.

Have you ever read about the Teary eyed Quixtar/Amway True Believers?

You advocate a fraud. Hopefully you haven't targeted your own family and friends?

dtytrivedi said...

ooh what a great authentic stuff u have written ur blog. Interesting spicy stuff.

I will stick to my point so legal scan, qiac, shyam you guys always keep on talking on amway is this and that. but when it comes to narrowing focus u just try to deviate it.

very annoying though, first you ask regarding stuff like tax, their market presence and then i read the reports and some of them when u buy it will cost u more than 500 dollars. and after that when i represent the data to u, u will just try to deviate the topic.

Whenever i showed u regarding euromonitor facts none of u were able to answer that and u often show stuffs regarding blog comments or suffering of eric the bankrupt emrald.

well i tell u eric or not even dexter yager will have this information. This information is prepared by 3rd party.

when there is in organisation who says that there is OTC healthcare market and categorizes various sections in that like vitamins and dietary supplements ----- and they claim that amway is having strong presence in some of the sections.

But for these people it takes hardly few words to describe regarding amway. 'Amway is closed market swindle'. I wonder to whom they are making fools

Whenever i show some facts from market research organisation they tell that i am advocating fraud.

and when they consider these facts as encouragement to fraud i definitely laugh because they are not doubting me, they are doubting these facts. as qiac rightly said i am just 'regurgitating' the facts.

so far till now accept shyam in some instances i don't find any credible source of information.

qiac even don't know that he showing me his post which is on 22nd November 2008 whereas i am showing him & his friends the latest data of October 2009.

just tell me one one reason or statement said by any damn person questioning these facts with appropriate evidence that these are faulty datas. i will stop showing it.

the real truth is that any of u have never ever responded to such information!!

if any one does they will show a link on blog.

u showing me blog and a video of different people who have failed in amway.

Well if it comes to videos, i have plently of videos where people have faced enormouse struggle in amway and they have succeeded in it but thats the different topic.

i will get back to it.

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, it is clearly evident this is not written by you. Who is your ghost writer?

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, the stupid and idiot, of course both are his surnames, comes out once again with his one line blabbering.Why don't you shut your both ways (top and bottom) and sit tight when you cannot deliver more than one liner.

quixtarisacult said...


Your insane rantings about your so called facts don't deserve an answer. You follow and believe what merely amounts to pro-Amway propaganda (supposed consumer surveys and the like--I can only wonder who these supposed consumers really are? Obviously they are dream duped cult adherents who are the only market for the Amway crap wares.)

Amway goods are 'props' used to entice people into a swindle, the heart of the issue at hand. It is only you who want to drone on and on about Nutrilite and Glister, while the discussion should be on the real issue: the chain selling of insane 'business opportunities.' You believe you can distract readers (propective recruits) into a discussion about 'products' which are merely 'window dressing' props of the Amway closed market swindle.

I could care less what some 'euromonitor' propagandist sham 'authority' thinks about 'nutrilite' or 'glister.' I really do believe you would think that a turd sandwich tasted good if 'euromonitor' said so? It matters not a wit to me.

You dodge the issue made about Amway swindling people into their reality inverting plans of 'financial freedom' in their 2 to 5 years (soviet style) plans and drone on endlessly about how legit Amway is simply because of what some sham advertising agency propagandist says about one or another of Amway products. You miss the boat here intellectually? You sidetrack and obfuscate to divert argument. These, mostly overpriced, generic and otherwise unremarkable AmScam wares aren't important at all.

If you want to believe all the crap you read about the Amway props and then victimize yourself, go forth, oh true believer,

"...hoist they self on the your own petard if you wish!"

I'll not stop you. I may point out your folly to others though so they can see how ignorant your arguments truly are. You and IBOFB merely preach to the deceived Amway closed minded, duped drones who want to believe the reality inverting lies anyway. I speak to those who have been exposed to your lies.

dtytrivedi said...

ooh dear qiac u think that euromonitor does consumer surveys.

And euromonitor is not a person or an organisation consisting people like u who just tell their opinions

ok let me share u its METHODOLOGY.

Each Euromonitor industry report is based on a core set of research techniques:
National-level desk research, company research and analysis, store checking, trade interviewing with national players and market analysis
International-level desk research, multinational company research and analysis, trade interviewing with national players and market analysis
The same in-house team of analysts which conducts the complementary international-level research also co-ordinates, controls, edits and finalises the work of our research associates in each country under review.

And here other methods which does

Desk research
store checks
trade surveys
company analysis
market analysis
data standardisation

well what do u think about methodology Qiac.

quixtarisacult said...


In other words they rely on a crock of 'Bridgett'. 'Euromonitor' is full of it and so are you, Shyam's youthful but naive friend.