Thursday, 5 November 2009

It's like Mein Kampf re-enacted

It is truly frightening to read the words of your naive young friend, Trivedi. He dismisses the ugly reality lurking behind his totalitarian group and describes the standard, guided-fantasy of ordinary men transformed into supermen after 'Struggling' and achieving success in the 'Amway' movement
Many years ago, a hitherto unremarkable individual re-invented himself as a 'Great Leader' - an expert in all fields of human endeavour (political, economic, military, scientific, etc.) This fellow wrote a book called 'My Struggle' in which he offered anyone, no matter what their station in life, a place in a future secure Utopian existence. All they had to do, was follow their 'Great Leader' without question. The book became a best-seller and its author a multi-millionaire.
This was Adolf Hitler, his book was 'Mein Kampf'.
Prior to his taking power in Germany, Hitler's vast personal fortune derived not only from the sale of publications, but also from the sale of recordings of his speeches and from the sale of tickets to 'Nazi' rallies. These materials were supplied via (apparently independent) corporate structures which were, in fact, centrally-controlled by the 'Nazi' leadership.
For obvious reasons, all that the leadership of the 'Amway' movement have done is change the external presentation of their totalitarian group. Their advanced fee fraud, in which places are peddled in a future secure Utopian existence (portrayed in pretty propaganda), remains exactly the same.
Sadly, there will always be naive people like Trivedi who (for what ever reason) need to believe in this seductive fairy-tale.
David Brear


Tex said...

What are your favorite drugs, Brear? LOL

quixtarisacult said...


Obviously it is 'truth serum'.

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Obviously you guzzle "IDIOT serum." LOL

Legal Scan said...

Tex is never tired of his idiotic blabbering. LOL.

Tex said...

Legal Scan is never tired of his idiotic blabbering. LOL.