Thursday, 19 November 2009

Amway distributors only claim total financial freedom, says apologist

Now Amway apologists change their tack. They claim that total financial freedom is just an overstatement by distributors. They want us believe that the distributors are indulging in all types of activities without the nod from their Amway bosses. They also want us believe that the 6-4-3 plan mentioned in the website of Amway India is just an example not to be followed. Still, the distributors, they claim, could make Rs. 56, 500 every month. Don't ask HOW.
These cheating crooks have been all around us to make us believe that theirs is the best business model. They never reveal how much they are investing in purchasing products and how much they making every month in the 'great business opportunity'.
They never understand the reality and keep on trying to hoodwink people. They always look for new distributors because India is a vast country with more than one billion people that is mouth-watering for these crooks.
If their products are really that quality, they could sell them in the regular business. They just do not do it. Because they could not line their pockets like in 'the great business opportunity'.
We have plenty of Mir Jaffers among us who betray our own people and help the invaders to loot us.


dtytrivedi said...


u don't understand, are u trying to be naive..

look 6-4-3 was an example.
and according a person can earn income of Rs 62250 (because now 1pv = Rs50 or 50 bv)

month provided if retails/purchase or both of rs 5000 and he generates the business of Rs Rs 510,000 from first 6 downlines.

similarly in case of 5 downlines it would be Rs 46950
incase of 2 downlines it would Rs 31650

and in case of 1 it would be rs 1050 plus 20,400 as royalty = 21450 (4% of Rs 510,000. He will get this royalty until his immediate downline generates business of Rs 500,000 or more than that)

Am i right ibofb....
it is an example

if the person generates the busines of Rs Rs 510,000 from initial five downlines he

thats how model is however if the person earns

dtytrivedi said...

again word of caution this is just an example not a compulsion to do. its just for understanding purpose

IBOFB said...

It even says it's an example in the brochure -

Let’s take few examples to illustrate how Amway Sales & Marketing Plan works.

It then goes on to show "e.g.1","e.g.2", and "e.g.3"

e.g. means "exempli gratia", that's latin Shyam - "for the sake of example"

What's more, Shyam's assertions are prima facie absurd. If this was "to be followed" then I sponsor 6, but those 6 can only sponsor 4!! Must we do a separate presentation for them? "I'm sorry, you're one of my 6, so you're only allowed to sponsor 4. Oh, and you ... your a 4 so I'm afraid you're not allowed to sponsor anyone. Oh, and his your "plan" 3 - yes, that's right, I'm afraid you're not allowed to sponsor anyone at all!