Tuesday, 3 November 2009

This is how Amway cheats people in USA

This is a forwarded message from BWW group.
Look at the contents how shamelessly and tactfully, just these crooks are looting their downlines by raising the entrance fee for seminar where the guest/qualified speaker will teach them secrets of success. And amazingly this same secret is delivered every 2-3 months for same people for same price, and still they don't get it?!!! On the top of that a CD will come out with the same/similar speech sold to same people at a whopping cost of $ 8-9 a piece. AND people still don't get it !!??? How out of sense one could be not to get it....?? If these Amway/BWW crooks can deceit in the USA public, it's a piece of cake for them in India and other countries looking for opportunities and hopes.
I sincerely pray and hope with the stand taken by persons like you and more supporters these crooks must be thrown into trashes.
To throw out the garbage we might have to pass through the trashes like IBOFIGHTBACK, Trivedi and gang..
Its still worth it...
Dahya Patel

Following is the message:


Dear BWW Diamonds,

Please remind your downline IBOs that the ticket price for the U.S. BBS events will be $15, beginning with the November BBS season.
The BBS events help to fuel the solid growth of BWW IBOs from coast to coast, so encourage your teams be on the front row of the BBS in their area. Have a wonderful day.


dtytrivedi said...

ohh yeah absoulutely right, these should be sold for free but BWW are crooks indeed. infact they should start teaching this for free for when it comes to Business building seminar.

however its fine if we pay double than that in entertainment like when popstar like madonna comes.

dtytrivedi said...

people have problem with amway and amway only. they don't even know the fullform of BBS

Yes it is indeed shameless if people find $15 injustice for BBS business building seminar.

whereas at the same time thousands of people go for their entertainment to watch shows like WWE once or twice in a week - where the minimum cost is $15 dollars.

Just incase if anyone want to see the price.



Legal Scan said...

Look Dahya, how shamelessly this Amway apologist is supporting the daylight robbery by Amway and its cronies. He equates Madonna's entertainment programme or WWE programme with the dubious business building seminar of Amway. It seems withhis little knowledge he did not understand fully what was written in the posting.

dtytrivedi said...

well back to again same old arguement................

when u don't have any thing left to support the arguement the simplest and easiest way to say. Amway is scam.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan i expected more from u. opinion from a legal scan is very odd. Having a name of legal scan, u have only displayed ur opinions so far.

U think that The Hindu news rejected to show the real news against Amway!!! what an intriguing information u have.

It would be better that u start your own news agency i am sure, you will gain lot of popularity.

Anyways i am back to ur statement to me in an argument you said to me that:

"With what else you estimate, Trivedi. With the blatant lies of Amway India or anything else you have? Do you have any government records of tax payment to claim that it is among top ten"

Well i have information about the tax information of all the 15 direct selling companies who are the member of IDSA.

Well before that let me ask you before. Do have any idea that how much % of revenues does these 15 companies pay inform of direct tax and indirect tax to the Indian government.

Well tell me specifically in regards to my question, i will reply to ur comments later.

Waiting for your answer?

IBOFB said...

Right ... so a company offering people tickets to a seminar for $15, which they can elect to purchase or not (most do not), and which is cheaper than similar events by "independent" companues is "cheating people".

Truly you have a bizarre interpretation of "cheating people"!

Tex said...

First, I will admit BWW is the most open organization I know of regarding the tool profits.

However, this makes them only partially less abusive.

Until BWW shows the marketing plan accurately, with clear indications the emeralds and above make several times more from the tools than from Amway, we still have a scam. An Amway tool scam.


Very few people spend money on a weekly basis for those other activities, and they do NOT have the expectation of being helped to build an Amway business, while those promoting the Amway business pick their pockets and make several TIMES more from the tool scam than from Amway, so your analogies suck.

Amway is a scam because the tool scam is a scam.

quixtarisacult said...

The "tool and function" business is a secondary 'monopolistic' swindle which supports the overpriced, mundane Amway products (to the exclusion of others) in the closed market swindle that directly benefits the Amway coroporate criminals. These seminars 'push' enthusiasm for the very swindle all are asked to contribute to.

Who really makes money in Amway? Yes, the Devos-Van Andels and the 'top of the top of the pyramid' kingpin distributors selling their tool and function wares in what Tex lovingly calls the 'Tool Scam'.

Who pays in these wonderful systems making a mere hand full of others wealthy? Yes, those unfortunates believing that they also can grow wealthy by somehow clawing their way to the top. Who teaches these people to believe these lies? The 'kingpin' liars currently holding these positions: Network 21, BWW, WWDB and others (including the IBOAI) who reap their real profits selling their mixed bag of 'enthusiasm' one seminar ticket at a time, that's who!

New distributors in the AmScam 'bidnez' are asked to exhaust themselves spending on products and tools, and in the end they strive for unattainable dreams while being taught (by con artists) that failure is their own fault.

Amway apologists (like this masked wonder IBOFB--David Steadson) deny these simple truths and advocate that others allow themselves to be 'frauded' by a 'system' designed from the top down to victimize the dream believers and the unwary willing to believe in the Amway myths (i.e. the 2 to 5 year plan). Word to the wise. qiac

Unknown said...

I love it when people speak out of ignorance. Beautiful.

kveeresh2 said...

Hey dudes,
AMWAY is not about making a quick money.It's NOT A MONEY MULTIPLICATION SCHEME.
AMWAY provides a Good quality products with best possible price to the consumer.That's it!!
Anybody talking about making a easy money here are the people with lack of enough knowledge.
BWW seminar is all about group of business people under one roof, to just have fun for a while & enjoy others speeches on the stage. why it should be a free of cost??.
Don't you pay for the entry at clubs & pubs? why not here.

Shyam Sundar said...

Indian judiciary has conclusively proved that the business model of Amway India is illegal and it is an illegal money circulation scheme.
Just read the full text of Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement in the back posts.
This type of shameless apologists we find everywhere.

kveeresh2 said...

Dear Mr.Sham(eless),
I've gone through the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement in the back posts.
Your comments still based on the OLD issues shows that, you never studied the recent years developments in the AMWAY business & the Beauty/Quality of the Products AMWAY sells.(e.g; Re 2/- carry bag sold here is a Bio-Degradable)
I'd Suggest you to make some time(NEW BUSINESS MODEL OF THE AMWAY) before replying to this blog.
Gone is gone!!
Catch the NEW ball. NOW!

Shyam Sundar said...

Veeresh the coward, You are veer only in the name. Amway India only changed its coat. Inside it is the old cunning fox. Just go to the Amway India website. You would understand the business model, which was held illegal by Andhra Pradesh High Court, is still there offering unusual returns of Rs. 62,500 every month if one succeeds in recruiting 102 members downline. Isn't it cheating? Crooks and shameless fellows, like you, are the real threat to the economy of our country. Wake up from slumber Veeresh the coward, it is looting your own people and your own country.

kveeresh2 said...

Dear Mr. Sham(eless) & Coward(as you described yourself),
You are obsessed by many past experiences, as many do in this world.
I'm proud to be A TRUE INDIAN who believes in the FACTS & seriously FACTS ONLY.
As an Indian I believe in spreading the REAL TRUE NEWS about ANY ISSUES & seriously ANY ISSUES.
I'm proud to be a responsible TRUE INDIAN who doesn't ever under-estimate any other person/country/world/universe(blindly) to just gain the cheap popularity among the local society.
babe!,AMWAY is about DIRECT SELLING, without spending A MONEY on SCARY/FOOLISH ADVERTISEMENTS (which is definitely a waste and time consuming act for any business managers!). Instead,AMWAY believes in sharing this money, who really uses their products personally & off-course, genuinely offers the other person to buy it.
The real user is a SUPER STAR here, than, so called SUPER STAR appears on screen & tells you to buy the product, just because he is selected as the BRAND AMBASSADOR for that product for that year.In return he gets crore of Rupees.
Hey Babe!, grow up!, offering returns every month is not UNUSUAL here.
I do use the AMWAY products personally in my house. I know what they are worth of. The OBSESSED PEOPLE like you are not even fit to TALK about them.
I suggest, one of the SA8 product to wash you internally/externally.
Crooks and shameless fellows, like you, are the real threat to the economy of our country. Wake up from slumber dude!.
I think, you are already retired old age guy (may be over 60!) right?,and hence, you got few impressive words (e.g;judiciary,scheme,shameless apologists,coward,Crooks,changed its coat....)in your vocabulary to impress your colony kids.
For GOD SAKE, stop spreading these NONSENSE RUMORS and join some good spiritual house to get a peaceful life for the rest.(I bet, you start spreading nonsense about those too, if they ask for some donations! hhhh..., Then later, I will suggest you few ways to get a FREE LUNCH somewhere & seriously I know few)...
You are worth of it baby..!!

Shyam Sundar said...

This fellow did not answer to the point. Instead he beats around the bush. He never mentions about the 6-4-3 scheme which is nothing but mathematical impossibility. He never mentions which way it is beneficial to the consumer. He never discusses how much money he is actually earning or saving by becoming the member or IBO of Amway.
He never discusses why Amway is selling Glister toothpaste for Rs. 100 while its actual cost Rs. 16 as per the statement issued by the Commercial tax department. If Amway do not advertise and saves money, why quarter page ads appeared all over country on 7-11-2011 spending millions of rupees. If Amway saves money by not advertising, it should pass on the profits to the consumer by selling products with nominal profits. But it sells all the products at exorbitant price and lining its own pockets just giving peanuts to the IBOs.
OK! How much you are spending every month by buying products and how much you are earning. Just prove your claims with income tax receipts.

kveeresh2 said...

Dear Sham,
Thanks for not using the UGLY VOCABULARY this time(so that, I could not COPY PASTE them here)
I wish to clear one thing;
I'm not with AMWAY to EARN THE MONEY. And,I'm not earning ANY MONEY here.
I'm buying/using ONLY THE ESSENTIAL PRODUCS(among 100s of products) at a very good price(after standard discounts offered on MRP).
I'm not spending any extra money on any other marketing products of the AMWAY(like you all discussing here about BWWs BIG(!?) earnings by paying few bucks for BBS, which is even less than a TEA treatout at BANGALORE).
it's not mandatory here.
AMWAY PRODUCTS are GENUINELY helping me to keep;
My & my family HEALTH fit,
My house/clothes a DIRT FREE at a very nominal end user cost.
Mathematical impossibility;
Quarter page ads,
Exorbitant price(oops!?),
Income tax receipts.....etc,
Sorry, Sham.Sorry,for any previous comments hurtful to you.
-I may not be available to answer any of your further queries. off course, I'm not paid for it..!!

Shyam Sundar said...

Veeresh means the courageous tucked his tail. First thing who asked you to respond to my post in the blog unless you have personal interest in it.
Secondly, no fool would go for expensive Amway products unless one is induced of easy and quick money if one joins Amway as IBO.
Thirdly, nobody would believe you that you are simply using Amway products for the sake of 'quality' (hahaha).
Fourthly, You are an IBO and IBOs are supposed to enroll more people all the time. That is why there is sizable number of dropouts every year.
Fifthly, If you are only buying products why did respond to the post which only highlighted the misdeeds of BWW groups. This showed your malintention to support your own 'cause'.
And Finally never come back to convince us with your 'great quality' goods purchas from the 'good business opportunity' racket.

Unknown said...

shyam sundar won!!!!!, i totally agree with shyam.
I experienced the same Amway's strategy to loose relationships..

Unknown said...

I totally agree with shyam

I experienced my important relationship lost bcz of Amway

Anonymous said...

You guys are such narrow minded dull heads. God save you..!

Unknown said...

Amway pays money only for two things

1)Product Sales
2)Helping people in the team to become platinum

BWW pays for Tool Sales( for Platinums & Above)

Its a open system - I dont see the scam here .

As far as BBS or any other training seminars ( or even tools for that matter) - they are optional .Successful people from different backgrounds share their expertise from their view point .
It's beneficial for people attending the session. For others who are not in the geographic location and also for training purposes , these sessions are recorded and published as CD's .
It's a business so everyone needs to be rewarded ( including the speakers) . If someone cannot fathom this - merely exposes their immaturity .
Just check out how much the CD's of Anthony Robbins or any other motivational speakers CD's sell for. Theese external motivational speakers dont care how you actually build your businesses .
But the BWW team leaders are personally accountable and help the people on the team , if they dont - people will quit and start scribbling on bathroom walls or in this case the internet :)
Enuf Said !

Shyam Sundar said...

This is how the reality is inverted.
The IBOs never admit that they never make money by retail selling of products. The real money is only in recruiting. Recruit more people under your downline under 6-4-3 scheme, you make loads of money. In reality, the new recruits keep on losing money. But they would be kept under illusion that they are going to make money soon. It is a mirage.

Unknown said...

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Gowri S Ramani said...

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