Thursday, 19 November 2009

Lord Haw Haw now squawks about Amway leadership

I'm sure your free-thinking readers will agree that each time he squawks, the arrogant 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson, is merely confirming the validity of my analysis of 'Amway' as an exploitative totalitarian State in microcosm. Indeed the extensive, multi-lingual, Internet-based, mis-information dispersal system which he runs (behind his comic-book masks), and which he steadfastly pretends to be completely independent of the 'Amway' mob, is proof in itself.
Amazingly, Steadson now squawks about how anyone can become a 'Leader' in 'Amway' and how the various sub-groups comprising the main 'Amway' group have little or no contact with one another. Unfortunately for Steadson, the 'Nazi' party has been described as a wheel of radiating spokes all joined at the centre by a hub, but without a rim.
Nazism' was, in fact, based on the 'leader (führer in German) principle,' or 'führerprinzip,' where each autonomous sub-group within the main 'Nazi' group had its own hierarchy of 'leaders' who demanded absolute obedience from those below (or downline of) them in their group and who answered only to those above (or upline of) them. In theory, anyone could become a 'Nazi leader.'
In 'Nazi' Germany, only the 'Supreme Führer', Adolf Hitler, answered to no one (there was no one upline of him). The 'führerprinzip' was a form of para-military system. The 'Nazi's' justified its civil use by claiming that absolute obedience would bring 'order and future prosperity' which only the 'worthy' (i.e. those who obeyed without question) could share.
All this is frighteningly familiar when you know that Steadson (as a self-confessed 'Amway' adherent) is a heel-clicking lackey of essentially the same totalitarian mechanism instigated by billionaire criminals, isolated from liability and using exactly the same false justification for their actions as their 'Nazi' predecessors. Indeed, at the Nuremberg Trials, certain surviving 'Nazi' sub-leaders tried to defend themselves by citing the 'fuhrerprinzip' and claiming that they were only acting under orders from their 'Supreme Leader' who had been acting in the interests of his people.
Again, it is frightening familiar, in respect of the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw,Steadson, and his 'Nazi' predecessors, to learn that Wiliam Joyce was never introduced on 'Nazi' propaganda broadcasts by any name. Although he was a relatively young man, Joyce affected a fatherly, educated British accent and, thus, he pretended absolute moral and intellectual authority, treating his listeners like foolish children in an attempt to weaken their resolve to continue to fight. Joyce was christened 'Lord Haw Haw' (an existing comic name), by free-thinking British commentators, because of his arrogant squawking tone. The 'Nazi' leadership broadcast their demoralizing lies in multiple languages using non-German recruits, like Joyce, to make them seem more convincing. No matter how badly the war went for the 'Nazi's', their 100% positive propaganda steadfastly continued to invert reality. Laughably, Joyce was boasting of an 'impending Nazi victory' right up to the final weeks of WWII.
David Brear

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IBOFB said...

So who is the "Supreme Leader" of Amwayism, Brear?

And where exactly is all this "absolute obedience" you claim?

One can make anything look like anything else if you ascribe to it attributes it does not have.

Your car with 8 legs is just a spider Brear, why do you control a huge spider? Are you some kind of insect demigod?

See, I can do it too! Ahh, in fact it's kind of fun. Maybe that's why you do it ....