Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lord Haw Haw squawks misinformation again

I'm sure that your free-thinking readers have all noticed that the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw doesn't actually claim that there is anyone (other than 'Amway' adherents arbitrarily defined as 'retail consultants') buying 'Amway's (effectively) unsaleable products in the UK. Indeed, Steadson's weazle words are most revealing.
The 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw proudly squawks that 'Amway UK has over 16000 registered retail customers.' However, the source of this precisely-phrased mis-information is the 'Amway' HQ in Ada Michigan USA, via the corporate officers and lawyers of 'Amway UK' in Milton Keynes. Interestingly Shyam, Steadson made the mistake of jumping the gun, because he posted the same thought-stopping propaganda as a comment on your Blog almost a full day before it appeared for public consumption on the 'Amway UK' Website. One wonders what story Steadson will come up with to explain away how he managed that particular trick?
The fact that Bernie Madoff had thousands of fraud victims falsely 'registered' as 'investors' in his counterfeit 'multi-billion dollar hedge fund' demonstrates the truly feeble nature of Steadson's latest script.
David Brear


IBOFB said...
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dtytrivedi said...

shyam thanx for commenting on that,
let me share u a good news

one new guy recently joined in the business, although he is crossline of me but downline of mothers 4th depth of my mother's downline.

he is excited about the products, he and his family finds other traditional products costly and ineffective!!

As we showed him through demonstration how its cheaper cost per use!!!

IBOFB said...

Ahh, now we hve incontrevertible proof of the alternate reality that Brear lives in!

I posted the comment on November 9.

As it clearly states on the Amway UK website, the updated earnings disclosure was issued on November 2, fully a week before.

In Brear-lululand, November 9, 2009 occurs before November 2, 2009. What's that outside your window Brear, a pig flying backwards?

Tex said...

You can find a much better analysis of the UK Amway business here:

By the way, ibofb doesn't seem interested in responding to my latest posts on this thread:

IBOFB said...

no, I just don't usually bother reading the old threads.

Read the UK appeal. In my opinion, yours may be different, the UK judges who analysed the judgement better understand it than I did. Which is why in a later TTAA post I commented I'd misunderstood the judgement.

Tex said...

Look, ASSHOLE, if you're going to claim you don't look at old threads, at least go back and read the thread topic. My point is the ORIGINAL judgment CLEARLY stated the unilateral actions taken by Amway were key in not shutting down the UK Amway business. You're the biggest jerk I've ever met. Spin, twist, LIE, you LIAR.

IBOFB said...

The learned judges of the appeals court are apparently spinning twisting lying jerks also. I prefer to be in their company than yours.