Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Test of products proves how Amway swindle functions

Your little flock of reality-inverting 'Amway' apologists are at it, yet again.
We all know that the origins of the 'Amway' swindle lie in the activities of Carl F. Rehnborg and his absurd 'Nutrilite Double X' brand. Rehnborg, a narcissistic tooth-paste salesman turned pseudo-scientist and economic guru, instigated an outrageous, camouflaged money game in the USA back in the 1940s using a harmless placebo which cost a few cents a pack, but which was priced at almost $20 (the same as several hundred dollars today). In reality, for the purpose of the fraud, it didn't matter what Rehnborg's 'product' contained, provided it was (effectively) unsaleable to outsiders, but wasn't poisonous. Had Rehnborg just asked his victims to give him $20 per month and recruit others to do the same, then he would have swiftly found himself in prison. Instead, he got away with his crimes by arbitrarily defining illegal payments as 'sales' and handing his victims jars of pretty pills and capsules. Obviously, Rehnborg might well have been selling empty jars.
The 'Amway' swindle remains essentially the same. The products are promoted as top quality and good value, but they are generally just cheaply-produced and banal rather than dangerous. They are still priced at a level which renders them (effectively) unsaleable to outsiders (with fully-functioning critical faculties). Ultimately, the overwhelming majority of players in the camouflaged 'Amway' money game can never win, because there is insufficient external revenue. Those who persist, merely consume and try to recruit others who will duplicate the same economically unviable plan. The 'Amway' apologists steadfastly deny this simple reality and endeavour to introduce all manner of red herrings and sophistic arguments. No matter how many traumatized and destitute witnesses (like Eric Scheibeler) come forward, apologists always bleat that their own experience of 'Amway' is completely different and that critics and whistle-blowers are all 'liars', 'communists', 'idiots', etc.
Self-evidently, the findings of qualified Indian scientists fit perfectly into how the 'Amway' swindle functions.
David Brear


Tex said...

Here's where anyone can go to sign a petition against the Amway tool scam: http://www.petitiononline.com/amway/petition.html

P.S., Brear, you're STILL stupid. LOL

quixtarisacult said...

Products have always been meaningless 'props' in Amway's (originally Rehnborg's) swindle. Their generic and banal nature only creates a basis upon which people are lured into a 'money circulating' or 'closed market' scheme (all similar to Bernie Madoff's 'investment' Ponzi scheme or Jim and Tammy Bakker's 'advanced fee' swindle.) An endless chain of 'business opportunities' is what is really being offered by Amway (as well as other product based Amway 'clones' like Herbalife and Monavie.) The products (of questionable value) are merely a prop, just as a 'pea' is a prop in a shell game and a 'card' is a prop in a three card monte game.

Tex, you make Brear's point for him. You understand the nature of Amway's secondary swindle, the tool scam, while advocating the swindling of others in Rehnborg's original scheme. Your critical faculties have obviously been shut down. qiac

Tex said...


You haven't seen the recent price reductions. Your competent faculties have obviously been shut down. LOL

IBOFB said...

Brear just keeps emphasising his ignorance. In the original Nutrilite plan, sales to "outside" customers was a requirement before you could sponsor.

A similar situation exists today in the UK, where over 1000 people a month are joining Amway.

Yet Brear obstinately persists with the myth that Amway products are unsaleable. My fiancee just delivered products to five of these supposed fictional Amway customers today - all bar one (a family member) at full retail price - and we haven't had anything like the US price reductions in this part of the world.

Tex said...

It isn't the number of people joining that's important, it's the delta between those joining and those quitting. You're a statistics "expert", you know this, but you're so devoid of ethics and morals you don't care, you would rather mislead others.

Here's where anyone can go to sign a petition against the Amway tool scam: http://www.petitiononline.com/amway/petition.html

IBOFB said...

Tex, if people can only join if someone has qualifed to sponsor by generating customer volume, and there's lots of people joining, it's proof that at least one person, and probably many, have successfully found retail customers. The number of IBOs who may or may not quit is irrelevant with regards that conclusion.

quixtarisacult said...

...and a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.

Steadson, what percentage of your purchases are sold to actual retail, non-IBO customers then?

Tex said...


Or the ones that have customers are signing up folks who may/may not be able to sell to others.

dtytrivedi said...

when they say Double X is good for your health - they are not saying bluntly like whats shyam is saying.

Nutrilite has also done clinical research on Double X against placebo.

So when i show this to u ask the medical practitioner the value of this research to comment on it.


besides this if u are saying that it is priced too much high then pls show other products available in the market having same quality or ingredients in case u have the word quality!!!

Quixtariscult, legal scan, Tex have a look at this.

And shyam regarding ur statement

"Those who persist, merely consume and try to recruit others who will duplicate the same economically unviable plan"

I am sorry to say that u are saying without any evidence because i have it.

I have seen the latest euromonitor report on nutrilite october 2009.

To make make it clear .

I have read the report of the growth of OTC market Vs. Amway's nutrilite growth.

or to be precise it is among top 10 OTC Health care companies

#1 in Vitamins and dietary supplement among top 10 companies.

and a lot more....

but the reality is this that they are not doing hardwork as some of guys are doing. which is commenting posts on blogs and and i have seen ur source of information.

The bottom line is.... if amway is closed market swindle then what these figures are saying!!!!!

dtytrivedi said...

any comments regarding this latest information or criticisms regarding euromonitor is welcomed.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan what u have to say about this.

And yeah no to forget if u insists should i display the direct tax and indirect tax paid by the idsa companies including amway!!

Or u still want to comment on it.

dtytrivedi said...

now the latest news is dedicated to u Quixtariscult, Shyam and Legal scan my well wisher.

Latest news nagaland one of the small state having area of just 16,579 square kilometer, having population around 1.98 million.

amway over there posted Rs 7.5 crore
turnover or in dollar terms its around $1.56 million.

so its something like $0.78 or Rs 37 person.

and yeah legal scan for more details regarding tax payment u can go the link below.


dtytrivedi said...

ok i know population would be very odd.

but hey nagaland has 5300 amnway distributors so when u divide total turnover in nagaland which is $1562500 by its total distributor.

it generated roughly $294 or rs 14112 per person.

How is that!!!

dtytrivedi said...

And one last thing Shyam this closed market swindle besides having more than 450,000 distributors, gives employment to 450 full time employees and has generated indirect employment for 1, 650 persons at all the contract manufacture locations.

How amway's madoff scam it is working, isn't it.

and now i am damn sure u will see i huge post regarding my character - and the topic will be totally diverted to something else.

so i would request shyam and legal scan to stay with the topic.

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi, what you do not understand is for the employment of a handful people and unjust enrichment of a small group of crooks, several lakhs of people are losing their hard-earned money. You claim there are 4.5 lakh distributors but you have no idea how many crores of people burnt their figners in this scam and lost their hard-earned money and relationship with their friends and kind. You are a self-centred individual who think of getting rich quick at the cost of millions.

Tex said...


What you don't understand is there is a HUGE difference between starting out at zero and putting together business volume, over time, and the tool scam.