Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Feeble defence by a Amway Feeble defender

This is perhaps the most feeble 'Amway' defence, put forward by the most feeble 'Amway' defender, : 'Without the Tool scam , there's nothing wrong with the Amway Business Model.'
Self-evidently, if the so-called 'Business Model' was economically viable for 'Amway' participants, then the so-called 'Tools' wouldn't be needed. The two frauds are, thus, inter-related, for neither could exist independently. How the twin 'Amway' frauds function, has been maliciously designed to be beyond the understanding of the victims. 'Amway' victims are subjected to coordinated, devious techniques, of social, psychological and physical persuasion. They are manipulated by their instinctual desire not be categorized as a 'Negative Loser' by the organization's closed-logic (totalitarian) controlling scenario. Victims are constantly shown ritual images of 'Positive Winners' the role-models of 'Amway Success ' complete with luxury cars, swimming pools, mansions, Rolex watches, etc. Victims are contantly told that they too can 'Achieve their Dreams and Goals in 2-5 years, if they too 'Exactly Duplicate the Plan' and 'Follow the 100% Positive Mental Attitude of their Admired and Respected Leaders.'
In this way, the worst-case 'Amway' victims are dissociated from external reality and reformed into de facto slaves recruiters in a closed-market swindle and related advanced fee fraud. Core-victims of the twin 'Amway' frauds are deceived into a totalitarian command-economy in microcosm, where not only the means of production, distribution and exchange are centrally controlled , but also the system of dispute resolution.
Thus, de facto 'Amway' slaves (who are falsely defined in their contracts as 'Independent Business Owners') become powerless pawns in a hermetic, money circulation game which, by the laws of economics, they can never win, but they are constantly told that failure to win in the 'Amway Business Model' is their fault and their fault alone. The whole closed-logic, closed-market 'Amway' system is designed to produce guilt and reduce victims to the level of naughty children in front of disapproving parental figures. The more guilty victims feel, the more their instinctual desire increases to escape from that guilt and to receive the love and approval of their 'Leaders.' however, the only path they are offered to escape comprises the purchase of materials which the most-deluded victims are led to believe will guarantee them entry to the secure 'Amway' Utopia -'Total Financial Freedom'.
David Brear

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