Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Amway business model is illegal

Our learned friend Mr Trivedi is trying hard once again to hoodwink our readers. This youngman mentioned a number of blogs and all of them are the statements of Amway only. The headline is misleading which stated, "Here is the AP High Court judgement." But there is only the Statement of Amway. It is a classic example of how Amway apologists lie with ease.
Again, this young man conveniently misses to state what exactly is his annual income. Probably he doesn't want to lie once again to mention his income details. My dear young fellow! Do not get depressed when people said certain things about what you believe. Stick to truth.
As per the report of Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory, Nutrilite is an adulterated product. Prove it wrong, young man. While I am writing about the facts relying upon the scientific reports and court judgements, this youngman relies upon mere statements of thieves.
I don't have anything personal against Amway India or for that matter any other MLM or direct selling companies. Only thing I demand is kindly sell your 'quality' products in the regular market and see how much you could sell. My dear Friend, it is a closed market swindle out to cheat people. Just read the AP High Court judgement to understand how Amway India is cheating our fellow countrymen.


dtytrivedi said...

you are so predictable mate.

please go to this link

dtytrivedi said...

Well what do u think that what are three basic purposes does people use amway products or become distributor.

As far as my part is concerned I said that we are distributors (me and my mother) for product usage. If u don't understand this then I doubt that u understand this business

dtytrivedi said...

now please don't tell that those judgement were done by Amway

dtytrivedi said...

aother products are often no near to nutrilite products, nutrilite is having certified organic farms in California, Brazil, mexico, and washington state.

Now I know u want the proof take this

besides this there is also option of view certificate pls view that for the 4 places so that it makes it clear the nutrilte sells quality products.

And pls now don't tell that these certificates are bogus!!!!