Monday, 21 September 2009

If you want hide something; make it as big as you possibly can


The meaningless technical-sounding term 'Multilevel Marketing' was coined in the 1950s to shield an updated, and combined, version of the Ponzi scheme and medicine show. The original 'MLM' fraud was operated behind two American-registered corporate structures known as 'The Nutrilite Products Company Inc.' and 'Mytinger and Casselberry Inc.' Throughout the 1950s, lawyers from the federal Food and Drug Administration Bureau of Enforcement tried (unsuccessfully) to close these counterfeit companies down on the grounds that they were producing and selling a counterfeit medicine labelled as a 'Health Tonic' (another meaningless technical-sounding term). The FDA knew that 'Nutrilite XX Supplement' comprised pills and capsules containing a random (but precisely measured) selection of cheaply-procured (harmless) common substances. The product's price was fixed at almost $20 a pack (the same as several hundred dollars today), but it cost just a few cents to make. The profit margin was at least 1000%. Amazingly, provided no specific therapeutic claims were put on the packaging, this absurd fake did not breach contemporary federal laws concerning the criminal misbranding of medicines.
The owner of 'Nutrilite Inc.' was Carl F. Rehnborg, a medical Alchemist whose absurd scam was tantamount to peddling a shiny amalgam of valueless base-metals for the price of pure gold. His criminal associates, Messrs. Mytinger and Casselberry, were economic Alchemists peddling the finite as infinite.
Because federal regulators failed to stop Rehnborg and his criminal associates before they acquired control over sufficient quantities of stolen capital to hire the best attorneys, several copy-cat 'MLM/Health Tonic ' frauds sprang up. When finally 'Nutrilite Inc.' looked like it would be closed under tougher federal legislation concerning the criminal misbranding of medicines rather than anti-pyramid scheme laws, 'The American Way Association' ('Amway') was created by two grinning, young 'Nutrilite' schills, Richard De Vos and Jay Van Andel. This time, they were peddling over-priced soap powder and household products (which were outside the scope of federal laws concerning medicines). Since 1960, hundreds of copy-cat 'MLM'/household product frauds have sprung up, but any (effectively) unsaleable product or service can be used to shield a closed-market swindle. This shifty edifice (built by criminals) is what is referred to as the hundred billion dollar 'MLM Industry.' The 'Nutrilite' name was brought back into 'Amway' in the 1970s. 'MLM' only spread outside the USA when 'Amway' faced investigation and possible closure.
To your naive young friend, Trivedi, it remains unthinkable that a global economic system comprising tens of billions of dollars can be a complete fraud without external revenue. However, there are numerous precedents. Not least Bernie Madoff, who managed to convince US regulators (for 20 years) that he was an investment guru who ran 'the world's largest hedge fund.' In reality, the only cash Madoff controlled came from the victims of a closed-market swindle.
The advertising industry has a maxim:
'If you want to hide something: make it as big as you possibly can.'
Madoff was another economic Alchemist peddling the finite as infinite. Yet, prior to his arrest, to his deluded victims this grim reality was totally unthinkable.

Wake Up Trivedi !

David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

ok fair enough,

ok say for e.g we are taking protein powder which has cost of Rs 1700 mrp.

so when u compare that with other protien products available in the market what would u compare.

1st anwser is price, tell me what are the others

dtytrivedi said...

very simple question to make my point, how old is nutrilite? U must be knowing more than me because u have much internal information through blogs!!!! the official source of info.

once again i m just asking u how old is nutrilite? it is just a word u have to mention. pls dont waste ur energy in posting another 100 lines in ur upcoming post for this.
tell me if u know that?