Monday, 21 September 2009

Herbalife is operating a pyramid scheme

Once again, Herbalife is accused of operating a pyramid scheme, this time by insiders.
The charge of operating a pyramid scheme has dogged Herbalife from its beginning, and for good reasons.
Herbalife is structured as an endless chain;
Requires a large upfront investment of about $3,000 to gain a position on the chain and get payments from new recruits;
The pay plan sends nearly all the money to the top 1%;
Churns through "failures" at an 80% per year rate;
Causes a 99% loss rate year after year among all who sign up. Now, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the pyamid scheme charge is coming from those who actually "succeeded", top insiders who want to quit.


dtytrivedi said...

what intrigued me in this post is not what u mentioned for herbal life. I am not here to defend against all mlm companies.

you made ur point by mentioning the article of LOS ANGLES TIMES.

Now i think u are getting what i am saying? no...

ok let me clear this suspense
couple of days back on 13th septemeber sunday ur post "Don't allow crooks like Amway to loot your country"

U said very interesting statement against me "It seems Mr Trivedi is also no exception. I must confess that Mr Trivedi shared nothing with me so far. All he mentioned was some Press statements by a bunch of thieves who have been looting my country for the last one decade."

I also showed u press statements saying that amway business is legal.
(let me know if u have forgot just incase i have the link.)

what u are using now a press statement, now in this case the people will become well wishers and not theives in this case. why because it is against mlm companies and not because it is showing some real facts.

Now Mr shyam i know u will also tell that our press are corrupted u also have proof of that!!!!

am i right?

dtytrivedi said...

in case if u want some US or other developed countries statement favouring amway i also have in case if u say that as the press news of US which is more authentic then US.

dtytrivedi said...

I was just suggesting u that don't trust these press'theives' as per ur comment on ur blog because real source of information are not mentioned in news n form of press. they are in inform of comments and opinions in the blogs.

What u say .....?

dtytrivedi said...

hey last and not the least thing i am sure u have watched, even this press of Los Angles times is against u.

in case u have read the whole news at the end of its second page it mentions

Network marketing

"At issue is how Herbalife sells its products: Multilevel marketing is legal, as long as it doesn’t cross the line into a pyramid scheme"

I repeat multi-level marketing is legal,

I repeat again it says multi-level marketing is legal.

The press may be against of herballife but not mlm

dtytrivedi said...

even this news also makes distinction beween mlm and pyramid schemes, but our government will not understand this thing, it still believes mlm is same as pyramid schemes.

what are ur thoughts about it mr shyam? i think Los Angles times has made mistake in writing the statement.