Thursday, 17 September 2009

This is how mental manipulation functions Mr Trivedi


Your innocent young correspondent , Mr. Trivedi, misses some very important points.
It is decent people like you and Dahya Patel in Chicago who are actually on his side. He will find that, in life, it is only his real friends who continue to tell him the truth no matter how ugly and painful this might be. Enemies have a tendency to tell ego-building lies.
Notice also, Mr. Trivedi, that at no stage does the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth ever distinguish between genuine retail sales and purchases made by the de facto agents of the organization itself. It is, therefore, economic nonsense to repeat 'Amway's' own unqualified multi-billion dollar 'sales figures.' In reality, 'Amway' sells virtually nothing to outsiders, so it is a mathematical impossibility for the overwhelming majority of contributing participants to receive a profit. Where exactly would the miraculous money come from to pay them?
Mr. Trivedi I have the sad duty to tell that you have been sold an infinite share of what can only be a finite quantity of your own (and other victims') money. You should go straight to the police to complain, but right now your own ego will not allow you to face the reality that you have been deceived. This is how mental manipulation functions and how the absurd 'Amway' myth has survived.
The self-gratifying closed-logic 'Amway' belief system gradually conditions its adherents unconsciously to accept that they are 'Independent Business Owners' who must remove all critics of their 'Businesses' from their lives, because critics are a negative threat to future prosperity, freedom, happiness, etc. Obviously, this controlling scenario is a complete inversion of quantifiable reality.
I sincerely hope that Mr. Trivedi is still in contact with his truth-telling friends and relatives.
The United States government regulator is the Federal Trade Commission. During the 1970s, the bosses of the 'Amway' mob were first forced to move their mind-twisting racket overseas because the FTC was finally on the point of proving that 'MLM' is fundamentally unlawful. At that time, US investigators discovered that the price and quality of 'Amway' products was centrally-controlled and fixed in such a way as to render them (effectively) unsaleable on the open market. 'Amway' was heavily fined for price-fixing, but it avoided closure by introducing its own 'rule' which appeared to oblige participants to make 70% of sales to outsiders. However, the FTC foolishly failed to introduce any independent mechanism to verify that this rule was being enforced. Consequently it has been completely ignored for the past 30 years, whilst the grinning bosses of 'Amway' mob have continued to expand their closed-market swindle and associated advanced fee fraud all around the globe.

David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

it is very sad that u say what u like, thats fine whom am i to stop, it just ake a blog to show truth in ur case.

Can't u see reports which i have shown u among them famous are

Deloite - tax and auditing company
Reader's digest
internet retailer

and some others which clearly show how much market presence amway is having !!! man thats it

u can't argue these reports and many other proofs by just posting ur thoughts and refering to a website run by an individual Advocate Mastan Vali. and saying that all these things are dubious.

And yeah pls give me other source saying that amway business model is illegal in india other than this website of Advocate Mastan Vali , so that i can show it to amway senior officials.

quixtarisacult said...

Shyam, Mr. Brear...

This 'dtytrivedi' significantly points out how Amway Cult adherents are disconnected from reality and choose instead to follow the lies they are spoon fed and spew the 'tapespeak' which makes many appear to be robot like.

I am left to wonder how 'Euromonitor' and the like some how magically legitimizes this incredible 'closed market swindle,' now being played out in India and other emerging nations of the world?

Shyam, thanks for being a guiding light to your countrymen and women!

dtytrivedi said...

regarding ur statement "Notice also, Mr. Trivedi, that at no stage does the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth ever distinguish between genuine retail sales and purchases made by the de facto agents of the organization itself. It is, therefore, economic nonsense to repeat 'Amway's' own unqualified multi-billion dollar 'sales figures."

Hello pls see what are u saying, let me tell u this amway products are sold only through distributors, any new person if her or she wants to purchase the products he should purchase through licensed distributor or he should be distributor. thats it

dtytrivedi said...

infact u are right i have "truth telling friends and they are research and data bases like euromonitor, deloitte and so on.. infact now i have come to realised they one of my friend is getting info through

1. Desk research
2. Store checks
3. Trade surveys
4. Company analysis
5. Market analysis
6. Forecasts and
7. Data standardisation

I didn't knew that posting comments on blog is 10 times tougher then my my euromonitor who is doing such easy stepss. I agree u are really doing very hard work to spend couple of minutes or hours to post ur comment on ur blog. where all indepth-analysis is done through self-intution and great website of mastan vali the website which does more knowledge about the companies than other research data bases.

I didn't knew that euromonitor's Global Market Information Database (GMID) has been named “Best Business Information Product” by the international information industry is nothing compared to ur hardwork posting comments on ur blog.

besides this there are also couple of my friends who are doing silly work like this... so i think u are saying right.