Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Trivedi is sure a robot programmed to defend Amway

We come across several types of nitwits across the web. Here is a classic example. I am once again driven to the statement issued by a bunch of thieves defending Amway India. This youngman Trivedi refuses to answer how much he is earning as an IBO. He claims to be a distributor and he must earn some commission as a distributor. He must also pay an annual fee to continue as distributor. In an innocent tone, he claims that he is only user of Amway products. Then also he must earn some points by purchasing the products.
I told him several times to read at least, forget about study, the judgement of AP High Court how the business model of Amway is illegal. Instead, he directs our readers to read the Amway India statements. He may be a nitwit or a programmed robot to defend Amway India.


dtytrivedi said...

u always stick to your point that amway business is illegal but hey i have the proof which says that outcome of the case filed against Amway.

And i bet u will still question the authenticity of it. Well feel free to find some faults in this news.

dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

Well if u think that i am a robot programmed to defend then similarlt it applies to u also that u are robot programmed to attack amway any how even if the proof is shown to u u will not quit.

I have shown u enough proof that nutrilite is not a fake stuff and also amway business is legal through the authentic websources. many of them were of news and some of them were market research type.

Well now try to proove those evidence wrong. (atleast not by posting ur own thoughts, because any damn person can do this)

and by the next time when u put comment in my blog please refer to the source which i will always mention when i write it.

Joecool said...

The difference is that Shyam has facts. Like the fact is that IBOs earn very little return on investment (ROI). IBOs on the system ususally lose money.

It's not attacking Amway, simply stating facts as a public service for information seekers.