Friday, 25 September 2009

Amway is luring people to become its members to line its pocket

Our yongman Trivedi is a funny fellow. He maintains stony silence regarding the judgement of High Court of Andhra Pradesh which is a fact, only fact nothing but fact. He finds fault with the content of websites. He also says 9-6-3, or 6-4-3 are only network marketing and one need not take up those plans. He says that it is a business plan to earn money.
If anybody wants to use Amway products, he can become a member by paying a hefty amount. Let us look at what is hefty amount. The starter kit costs Rs.4,400 out of which Rs. 1800 goes directly to Amway. Have you any idea the Amway India has been minting money with such type of entry fee and this was pointed out by the AP High Court in the judgement. Have you any idea how hefty that amount is in a country like India, Trivedi?
Now if you want earn money and become rich you have to look for six persons and they in turn have to look for four persons each and those four persons have to find three persons each. Everyone is interested in earning money and they have to find persons as their downline. Where do they find so many?
This is exactly what is called mathematical impossibility and the Supreme Court in a recent case upheld that the organisers of such schemes know well that it is not going to work forever and still they induce people to become members. This is nothing but cheating.


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

thats for sure, if people like u are not updated with the information how could government officials be?

Now person only has to pay 995 Rs not 4400 Rs, man still stucked in 1998. If ur still judging the business according to 1998 then i don't think ur facts and info u have are also updated.

dtytrivedi said...

na dyeah i told u i don't have 6-4-3 business structure !!! and pls tell me the person who has 6-4-3 business structure.