Monday, 21 September 2009

Scripted protestations of Amway apologists


One has to laugh sometimes at the scripted protestations of 'Amway' apologists.
Your naive young friend, Trivedi, squawks that billions of dollars are paid out annually to 'Amway Distributors' in 'bonuses', but, because he's been conditioned not to question the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth , he cannot use his critical faculties and see that the only cash which is present in the 'Amway' pot has mostly come from the participants themselves.
Sadly, Trivedi, all the quantifiable evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Amway' has always had virtually no external customers, because the price and quality of 'Amway' products are fixed in such a way as to render them (effectively) unsaleable on the open market. Participants are taught to purchase a regular quantity of products themselves and recruit their friends and relations to do the same. Therefore, no matter how you divide up the finite revenue in the (effectively) closed 'Amway' market, the overwhelming majority of contributing participants cannot hope to receive a profit. This is why 'MLM' is to economics what perpetual motion is to physics.
Money, like energy, cannot be miraculously produced.
'MLM' is an absurd, but nonetheless pernicious, fraud using some of the oldest tricks in the book. e.g. The grinning 'Diamonds' who are constantly portrayed by 'Amway' propaganda as being shining examples of 'MLM Success' are what are known in American criminal slang as: schills .
A schill, Trivedi, is an innocent-looking person who works with a psychologically dominant confidence trickster, but who pretends to be independent. In the famous three card confidence trick, there are always a couple of ordinary guys in the crowd who are seen to win. In reality, three card trick schills are there to lure victims into a loaded game which only the confidence trickster can win. 'Amway' schills are no different.

David Brear

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dtytrivedi said...

did u know how closed amway market is ? its as closed as 95 countries and territories which is earning more than yahoo is earning.

If u say amway has not external customers then i think u again missed what is direct selling and mlm. u again u are saying indirectly that $107 billion industry is nothing but fraud industry.