Monday, 7 September 2009

Be honest my Amway friend and reveal only truth nothing but truth

The Division Bench of Andhra Pradesh High Court pointed out that the business model of Amway India is nothing but cheating and attracts the provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. And now this wise guy Mr Trivedi says that the said enactment is outdated. Probably he thinks that the High Court justices are not intelligent enough to state that the enactment was outdated.
He also says that whether he is an IBO or not won't make any difference. But it makes a lot of difference my friend. The tall claims of getting quick rich in a short span of three to four years are nothing but to cheat people. Moreover, Mr Trivedi should tell us what exactly the quantity of Amway products is sold to people other than members. Kindly be honest and don't tell lies like all Amway members including IBOFB. And also what exactly are your monthly earnings. This should also be revealed sans lies.


dtytrivedi said...

I would request you to look back to the comment I made, I said i am having enough evidence.

You didn't even bothered to ask that proof I had. Ok fair enough, as I have mentioned before in that comment that whatever i will say, i will say with the proof.

Proof no. 1 go this link
this states that IDSA demanded to bring legislation

Proof no.2 stating that Government have not responded to bring legislation and it has been 5 to 6 yrs.

proof no.3,prtpage-1.cms
A analysis of indian regulatory system against protecting direct selling industry.

proof no. 4
India lacks proper legislation

I have seen your website, 6 to 7 cases were filed against Amway under that "he Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978" well I have shown enough evidence in the form of news (no of my own pocket) that clearly India needs to bring legislation.

And I tell one thing which make every thing clear that The current law needs amendment to identify legal mlm or direct selling companies. Because the companies which the website showed as mlm companies were infact pyramid or illegitimate companies hardly 2 or 3 were authentic according to IDSA.

proof no. 5 that IDSA should be trusted for identifying genuine direct selling companies.

check all the links carefully.

dtytrivedi said...

Well as far as products is concerned it they are selling good in Indian market. As the company is private they are not responsible for giving all the informations you want.

check this out
This states that the nutrilite is having #1 market share, protein powder having sales of Rs 330 crores.

Artistry is one of the leading in cosmetics in sun care range.

StepFree said...

How about this, in the month of August 2009 alone, in a single city in India, around 200 families have made an income ranging from Rs 65,000 to 1,50,000 plus, every member in their group have made their share in range of 4500 to 35,000. What an opportunity to help make others grow and in the process you also grow. And every Indian has the right and potential to accomplish this. This business works for those who understand and work for it. Its not a free lunch boss! You got to put in efforts, work ethics to achieve results. You want proof? You know where to come and see, if you don't want to come and don't want to see the achievers it doesn't mean its not TRUE. Success is contageous, if you dont want it then don't talk about it. A FACT is a FACT and remains as a FACT!

If its a SCAM, then why only 995rs for joining fee, why not in thousands? Why 90 days trial period and money back guaranteed? Why 30 days money back guarantee for products? Why yearly renewal fee? Why so many Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, MBAs, Engineers, Chartered accountant are building it? You can be a cat to fool yourself, you can fool some, but you cannot fool hundreds of thousands of people and in 90+ countries for the past 50 years!

Reality, 95% of people want to start their own business, only 25% start, and only 2% succeed! Why? why not change it? why not everyone realize their potential? If their is a way to become successful why not do so? Do you think you can stop me getting my paycheck that I earned, I worked for hours and days? Who are you to stop, to say no to it? If you can't digest it, go behind and hide in the bush, watch-out the rest of world grow!