Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Be truthful and say how much you're investing

Don't beat around bush youngman Trivedi. I asked you how much worth products you are purchasing every month. You may be content with Rs. 1000 profit as a starter. But let me know how much you are investing in purchasing products which is also very important. Then one can come to conclusion that you are really making money in the business. Let us be truthful.


dtytrivedi said...

i didnt know that u will be angry when i said about amway you ould be so furious .......

dtytrivedi said...

ok u want the clear picture u got it..

i buy product worth 60 pv. and i earn Rs 1000-1500

now i know shyam what are u thinking..

Before u write whole literatureon ur next post pls read this.

my household expense previosly, when i was not in amway was 2000 Rs per month.

and now when i joined amway it came to 60 pv or u can say 3000Rs. As a distributor i get 20% discount on it flat.

so products are now worth Rs 2400. and the rest of business is generated through my group business volume. which makes it around 15000 plus.

often i buy product worth Rs 2000 more for the purpose of retailing to my customers.

So i get Rs 700-800 from them. and i get extra income Rs 930 (6% of 15500 Rs) as my commision.

soo its simple in my case i just changed the market from where i am buying the product, i have some customers and i refered the about the product to some of my friends and relatives. now they are now purchasing from amway shop or through amway online.

In a nutshell i can say i just got money for changing my purchasing habits and i getting beniffited in form of cash.

Now make this scam shyam......
the big problem for u is my business struture not at all looks like 6-4-3.

Tex said...

Looks like you're fighting a losing battle when it comes to Amway. This is why it's important to focus on the REAL problem, the tool scam:



Tex said...

You indicated how much the products cost. What are your other overhead costs? Travel? Meetings? Books? Tapes/CDs? Voice mail? Web site? Etc?

dtytrivedi said...

my travel costs is around 100 Rs, i have unlimited access of web and i am not only using the web for amway, i am using the web for my foriegn languages course, social netowrkingm offical use and my younger sister is also using so i won't consider that a cost for me because if i was not in amway then also this would incur.

I purchase tapes, cds, and cassete worth 150-200.

thats all folks

Adarsh said...

Just checked your blog Trivedi. Sorry man!! I do live you know. I have other stuff to do.Anyway, your blog is sick. I have never seen so much advertising on any other blog in my life. Wow!! You are one greedy gentleman!! I won't disturb you anymore. Good luck with your money making though!!

Adarsh said...

Trivedi, just curious. You buy tapes and casettes?? I thought no one buys casettes and tapes anymore. Are they still selling them in India. Man what century is the country in??

dtytrivedi said...

Adarsh u are curious in pointing silly things, but thats fine i admire ur curiosity.

dear, Adarsh many parts of our country still don't have Cd players in the villages.

Well we try to tell them what this business is through Cassettes, however you are right now we use Cds for education stuff.

And by the way did u saw the links which i gave u adarsh.....

dtytrivedi said...

Adarsh what i didnt said that count the advertising stuffs on my blog.

i told u to see the information which u were questioning and arguing about.

please, focus on the point please. This has nothing to do with amway.