Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mathematical impossibility is the crux behind Amway cheating

I have already mentioned that as per the Amway's affidavit in 2006, I am presenting the facts. Anyway Amway India has lined its pockets with illgotten wealth all these years and does it make any differenc that it is now charging only Rs. 995. And what about the annual renewal charges. Is it not outright looting the gullible? It may have changed its crooked plans to a sophisticated model, but it is still a crook.
As a Ruby i.e., that is six percenter, you must have a sizable number of downliners under you. Have you any idea how many of them dropped out of business. Have you ever thought why so many dropped out. Because it is not possible to find so many people on earth. That is what is called mathematical impossibility.


dtytrivedi said...

ok good sir u think Ruby is 6 percenter.......

dtytrivedi said...

renewal charges comes just once in a year and is also relatively the same, i tell u its a business.

when back in australia, when i was in the sales job, drop out rate was much more than this, however i would like to tell u that its not only about selling door to door, in a nut shell i tell u, we show our products through demonstrations and we show them practically over there how its cost effective when its dilluted, many products of amway are of similar nature.

If they interested in buying product we make them customers, if they are interested in doing business we show them business plan and if they are not interested at all thats fineee we are still friends.

dtytrivedi said...

Dear shyam if u don't know what is 6 percenter in amway business how can u say that u are knowing much bout the business.....

i would again tell u that go to open meeting and just analyze what its sayiny, don't u think that its not always reliable on the basis of opinions or the sayings of others about wat business is all about

Once again i m not telling or inducing u to join business, i am just telling u to analyze business urself if u go over there. u just can't anaylze business by seeing its 6-4-3 plan in brochure. if its is so then amway reps are not fools that they conduct open meeting once in every week in many places in india. India is not the only place, i have also seen that meetings in australia is conducted in a similar way.

here in the meeting a succesful people will show u calculations on the board or atleast he will give an idea that how income is distributed from top to bottom.

It took nearly 6 months to understant its business plan. i am not saying that it will take that much time for u to understand.

dtytrivedi said...

infact u will be shocked that income in this business is distributed from bottom to top, i am right downlines will get commisions according to their business and structure, and after that the uplines get the money.

u don't need to keep an account of it as amway has online systems that will handle that. any downline of ur team who purchases is reflected in ur business turnover.

Murthy said...

Why all these needless pros and cons argument about Amway India? With due respects to Hon'ble Andhra Pradesh High Court, I would say that Amway is not a pyramid scheme. Let us assume that the Government of India bans all sponsorship activities of MLMs this evening.Will the person who joined last still be benefited? Yes,the person last joined will still be benefited because he will buy products for himself at a concessional ABO price and also will buy and sell the products at a reasonable profit. Still he makes a profit and therefore the scheme is not a pyramid. I am an ABO and I enjoy using the products.My upline never insisted me to buy for 300 PV month after month. I describe my personal benefits from the products only after convincing myself. Thus I have created a small number of customers.I enjoy doing this. I am ever thankful to Amway for giving me this opportunity, big or small.

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Murthy, It is not the question of opinins here. Basing on the affidavit filed by Amway India itself, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has come to conclusion that it attracts the provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. The criminal case is still pending in the Nampally court, Hyd.
It is odd you think that people would be benefited because they buy products. Tjhat is what exactly people believed when they invested in GoldQuest International. All Amway products are over-priced and the claims of quality were proved wrong in tests conducted y Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratories.
You need not be told to buy certain amount of products everymonth. If you do not buy you will not be qualified for the commission. You will be compelled to buy at least Rs. 2,000 products every month.

dtytrivedi said...

Mr shyam sundar tell me which product u think its over priced.

i will show demo online that how its cost effective.

like just hearing opinions of others u just see product from the outside and haven't read its instructions.

if u insists shall i start with glister what u say !!!

dtytrivedi said...

and how i can i believe that u must be aware of products, because they guy who doesnt even know how much 6% can earn and just keeep on writing others opinion things will remain in that way only sir.