Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Desperate to succeed Amway apologists waste more money


A classic red, white and blue 'Amway' herring has been produced by your naive young friend, Trivedi, and then seasoned by Scott Johnson (alias 'Tex'), which they expect your readers to swallow whole and then digest.
No matter what the flock of apologists continue to bleat, in the end, no one makes any money out of the 'Amway' fairy-tale, except the racketeers who push it. The so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' is like 'Nutrilite XX', it's an up-dated version of an age-old fiction, being peddled as fact.
'Nutrilite XX' has always been a random (but precisely measured) assemblage of cheaply-procured common substances, deliberately manufactured and packaged to look like a medicine and then sold for an unjustifiable price. If this was a simple poison, it would be banned immediately.
The 'Amway Business Opportunity ' has been deliberately designed so as to mimic an authentic enterprise, but the overwhelming majority of its (effectively) powerless participants are virtually guaranteed to lose money. No one, except 'Amway' adherents, seriously disputes that the quality of the banal 'Amway' products, and their prices, are centrally-controlled by a handful of billionaires in the USA. These commercially vital factors are maintained at such levels as to render the 'Amway' products (effectively) unsaleable on the open market .
Scott Johnson would have the world believe that somehow 50 years of proven economic unviability for the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' is just a mistake which those honest guys at 'Amway' are always struggling to correct.
The central 'Amway' mob work hand in glove with their fellow bosses who produce and push the so-called 'tools', but they steadfastly pretend that they don't.
It's downright obvious to anyone with fully-functioning critical faculties that the'Amway' myth ('Total Financial Freedom' in 2-5 years) is just the bait in an advanced fee fraud. The more money victims lose in the impossible 'Amway' closed-market: the more open they become to buying the books, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc. The whole trap is designed to draw in a certain type of vulnerable individual whose ego cannot withstand the accusation of failure being his/her fault. The more this type of victim's ego is challenged by the '100% Positive Amway' belief system: the more desperate they become to succeed, and the more money they will waste on what they falsely believe to be the exclusive 'tools for building success. '

David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

if u know so much about nutrilite, pls show the other health products available in the market and compare that with nutrilite

show ur friends how it is cheating the people.

if u don't find one i will give u one compare rambaxy product revital with nutrilite daily.

dtytrivedi said...

when ever u go to meeting, host or the person doing presentation will say that its a business project for 2-5 years, however its a business so we can't gurrantee you regarding the results, similarly in educations tools like Cd of successfull people, the smae thing is mentioned.

If u take some time to do ur personal research rather than listening other opinions u will get to know about this stuffs

dtytrivedi said...

you know, about 80 percent of ur comments and opinons i have faced many such queries and i have always asked the smae to my upline and thanx to them that i can handle all those queries now when i face such situations

Tex said...

Brear (aka ASSHOLE),

You should read my latest post before you say that I, "...would have the world believe that somehow 50 years of proven economic unviability for the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' is just a mistake which those honest guys at 'Amway' are always struggling to correct."

You must be looking to be an "Amhole" nominee. LOL

I am giving telephone interviews, let me know if you're not too scared to talk, wimp. LOL

IBOFB said...

Brear, the contents of Nutrilite products is nothing like "random" and never has been. Even the very first product contained Alfalfa because of research that had been published by the Carnation company showing it's health benefits. We now know that alfalfa is high in tocopherols and carotenes - extremely important nutrient classes. Indeed, the first California Vitamin Company product, vita-6, includes significant Vitamin E (one tocopherol) before it was ever synthesised and used elsewhere. Heck, it included Vitamin C before it was synthesised too.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Nutrilite is a world leader in nutritional research and product development, partnering with top universities around the world.

But of course, it wouldn't surprise me if you knew this already, you just choose to ignore it