Saturday, 26 September 2009

Just tell me what your earning is Trivedi

Amway distributors may not ask each other about their incomes. If you want anyone to join the scheme of Amway India one must be assured what lay ahead for him. Would anybody undertake any business venture without knowing what one is going to invest and how much one is going to earn. It is a very simple logic. But it goes above your head youngman Trivedi. I don't need all the blabbering. Just simply tell me how much you are earning and how much every month you are spending on purchasing products. Then I can decide to attend meetings as 'suggested' by you to learn 'deeply' about Amway wheel-dealing.

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dtytrivedi said...

As i said i am six percenter, tell me straight that u don't know what does it mean then i will explain u approximately what i am earning.

you know amway scheme very well, what u explain to them what they earn if they are 18 percenter or 6 percenter, thats right and i explain to them very clearly as that.

what do u explain to them if u don't know say no simply, ask to amway distributor what does it mean its simple its not a rocket science. so i am not blabbering, tell me straight do u know what does it mean if yes then tell me if know then i explain what i am earning very simple.

other wise read the sales and marketing plan again in a fraction u will easily to know what i am earning. its in the plan clearly stated pls ... take a minute more if u don't get it or send me private message if u want to know what it is.

the reason behind is nothing to torcher u, i just wanna say if u can post comments on ur blog regarding sales and marketing then, u would be knowing about this clearly.