Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Amway adherents programmed not to listen

One requires the patience of a Saint when dealing with the likes of Trivedi and Scott Johnson (alias 'Tex'). It helps to think of them as 5 year old children to whom you are trying to explain the ego-destroying reality that 'Santa Claus' does not exist and that their parents are lying on the subject.
Sadly, many rational people end up losing their tempers and insulting cult adherents, which only drives them further into their ego-building beliefs.
No matter what quantifiable evidence, or perfect logical explanation, demonstrating that, in the (effectively) closed 'Amway' system, nothing is being retailed to outsiders and, therefore, contributing 'Amway' participants are obliged to recruit further contributing participants in the vain hope that they will eventually enter the 'Amway' Utopia ('Total Financial Freedom'), persons like Trivedi and Johnson sail on regardless. However, this relentless denial of the truth, and of truth tellers, and their insistence that it is they, and their group alone who are telling the truth and everyone else is 'deluded, stupid, corrupt,' etc., is typical of cult core-adherents. They have been dissociated from external reality by co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion, but given the illusion that they were making a free-choice.
At the end of the 1970s, when Federal Trade Commission economists finally worked out that any direct selling scheme which produces less than 70% retails sales is economically unviable and, therefore, fundamentally unlawful, the 'Amway' mob promised to introduce their very own '70% Rule', but only to avoid closure and a criminal investigation. However, the FTC failed to create any independent mechanism to verify what was actually occurring in 'Amway'. In simple terms, 30 years ago, the 'Amway' mob pretended affinity with the federal government in order to continue to commit fraud. The best available estimates are that less than 5% of 'Amway's' claimed 'multi-billion dollar annual sales' are authentic retail transactions. Typically, 'Amway' adherents point to 'Amway's' own book of rules and squawk that 'this is absolute proof that the organization is law-abiding.' However, this makes about as much sense as judging the 'Nazis' only by reading the code of conduct of the 'Hitler Youth Movement' (a laudable document which was largely copied from the Boy Scouts).
No matter what we say, persons like Johnson and Trivedi have been programmed not to listen.
Indeed, when the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob are finally hauled before the federal courts (hopefully in chains) and given stiff prison sentences (like Bernie Madoff), I'm sure that even then, an indignant claque drawn from their unquestioning flock will loudly protest that 'the Judges were wrong.'

David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

when madoff fraud stuff was caught and court examined it he was found guilty. what u call a company who has faced 2 trails, once by FTC and UK law in both the case its business model has proved to legal (to be precise). Its the distributors who are doing the business in the wring way and not the company.

dtytrivedi said...

tell me where in amway people are obliged to recruit other people, u will see many people who are just the distributor of the company for the sake of using the prooduct and getting discount

dtytrivedi said...

atleast i can say i read through what u said and i have response in return and i have given u news in proofs, i didnt showed the proof just by creating a website and then mentionin the name of it. Any damn can do it, i know that for u guys its the only source of income

Legal Scan said...

The comments of dtytrivedi itself indicates the power of cult and brainwash put in by the Amway.

Mr.Trivedi, if the business of Amway is so good, why cannot they sell in a open market. Because no prudent person except brainwashed person only purchase and use the Amway products.

If you have any access to the details and figures of sales of Amway, even a ordinary person can easily know that Amway is getting benefit only by the sponsoring i.e. so called purchases.

If you are not cult controlled, just ask Amway officials to expose the number of discontinued persons compated to sales, the truth will be exposed.

dtytrivedi said...

to legal scan:

i have attended more than 50 sales and marketing open meetings and i have analyzed the plan with those ones who are not into the business.

well i don't see something like closed market. If u say the amway products are available only through distributors then what in the case of Subway, Kentucky fried chicken, Mc donald and many other companies who are using franchise model are there products available in the market other than their outlets.

I would just say one thing to shyam and Legan scan, just go to the open meeting where they reveal how 6-4-3 plan is used. its totally different from what u guys u are saying.

Its fine if u think that i am brainwashed but hey just go to the open meeting u will get many of your doubts cleared. it takes only 20-25 Rs to attend the meeting.

the reason why i am saying this in not because i will get money if u go but there u can ask the host u makes arrangement of the meeting.

Even i would say just go with the cops and check what they are doing or record the stuff (if it is allowed).

dtytrivedi said...

And one more thing Mr. legal scan, if amway was closed market, i don't think north america is small market where it was 6 consecutive times #1 health and beauty section. (according to Internet retailer)

Let me know if u want the proof

Tex said...

The point that is well taken is most of the volume is consumed by IBOs, not outside customers. This is improving, but has a long way to go.