Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Let us root out this evil collectively Trivedi

Hi Mr. Trivedi
I am really amazed and feel bad to hear from a person from Ahmedabad, India defending these global crooks like Amway and others. In fact behind the name of Amway you should look at the motivational crooks like BWW, Winner Internationals, Network21 and a lot of crooks who are selling the motivational materials and never come into light or in news because its all hush..hush...
It's going big time in the very well developed countries like the USA, the UK and all. That does not approve their deed and make them legal or ethical. Two thirds of the money earned by top guns among Amway distribitors come from selling so called success systems in the name of seminars, CDs, Books, meetings and all such things.
By the way I am from Chicago, USA, originally from Gujarat, India. I was part of this crook for about 5 -6 yrs. And could see it’s a drain of money and time.
Amway could be 'legal' (Amway has proved it by manupulating a lot of FTC rules and it has money power.
But again I say strongly that main crooks are top guns/kingpins selling system to poor distributors in the name of hope, which is a real dope in the hope.
I sincerelly plead, wish and pray that consumers and general public should support the stand taken by people like Shyam.
I really do appreciate his efforts. If people like you and others support the move we really can root out this evil. Again not only Amway but the real root cause - the support systems like BWW and all.
D patel


dtytrivedi said...

oooh my god shyam is that right what i am now understanding that u taking help of those who were not successful due to some reasons. and trying to fight !!!

well if u want then let me know because i have come across hundreds of people who hate the word 'amway', i can give u their email details in case if u want some more help.

dtytrivedi said...

hey even i got this email toooo,

i respect his feeling against amway, but hey we are talking some different issue not the personal opinion right Mr. Shyam

see here was my reply to him

well, if it is so then u know that amway global would not have been #1 in online sales according to internet retialer in North America for the last 6 years. I am just staying by the facts. Nutrilie is $3.8 billion brand, artistry is fetching them more than $1 billion and the rest is other brands. its very simple.

I have seen two people from platinum to diamond, and many people who were still stucked in emerald pin, so i think that it essentially hard work that matters.

Atleast i would say that if it is selling books and all those stuffs then amway in india would have faced the same dilemma, infact it dietary and vitamins supplements it is even performing better than dabur which in the market for 125 yrs.

and i didn't these facts from any of the group, i did couple of research and i have many hard facts about amway brand their market share in some markets even through country wise. and to be precise they are not provided by amway!!!

and hey this one is additional for u, artistry is also among top 5 prestige brands in india, besides glister is among 4 multinationals having their presence in oral care.

again these data are not from amway!!!

Again i stayed with facts and not with opinions

dtytrivedi said...

i am stunned and annoyed that a guy just posted a comment or email u that he hate amway, and said the stuff which may or many not be factual or authentic.

That doesn't matter what the guy said and u shyam without checking the validity of it just copy and paste the stuff what he mentioned.

Is that how you collect the information?

Infact u were counter questioning me when i was defending amway, asking me various stuffs and questioned the validity of my sayings?

Why not in the case of that guy.

Now i am getting idea that how u are collecting information about amway.

If u want more such stuffs u can just roam around the streets and ask some one about amway, i bet u will get more negative hatredness about amway.

And this will be definitly good source of information for your blog.