Friday, 25 September 2009

What's your title young apologist of Amway

Amway India confers different titles to its distributors. Depending upon the title, his earnings are decided. 1. Silver producer 2. Gold producer 3. Platinum 4. Ruby 5. Founder's platinum 6. Founder's Ruby 7. Sapphire 8. Founder's Sapphire 9. Emerald 10. Founder's Emerald 11. Diamond 12. Founder's Diamond 13. Executive Diamond 14. Founder's Executive Diamond 15. Double Diamond 16. Founder's Double Diamond 17 Triple Diamond 18. Founder's Tripe Diamond. 19 Crown Diamond 20. Founder's Crown 21. Crown Ambassador 22. Founder's Crown Ambassador.
Mr Trivedi what is your title and what is your earning as distributor? How many you have joined in the scheme and how many are still in the business. I would also like to know for academic interest how many friends and relatives you lost after joining them?

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dtytrivedi said...

well i am 6 percenter, i have mentioned u before, previously i and my mom were just using the products and shared the business or products to our relatives.

seriously many of relatives and family memher joined however due to their family and job responsibilities many of them are now just using the products. we have never forced any person to join the business.

and my business structure is not at all like 6-4-3!!!!

i do it after my job.